Romance fiction

Lost Mountain

Author: Abra Taylor

Publisher: Harlequin Books


Category: Romance fiction

Page: 190

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Lost Mountain by Abra Taylor released on Dec 25, 1979 is available now for purchase.

The Lost Mountain

Author: Captain Mayne Reid

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Reproduction of the original: The Lost Mountain by Captain Mayne Reid
Abbott, Montana (Fictitious character)

The Mine at Lost Mountain

Author: Al Cody

Publisher: Chivers North America


Category: Abbott, Montana (Fictitious character)

Page: 192

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Two partners driven off their mining claim had to fight back against impossible odds to retain their claim.

Pasha and the Lost Mountain

Author: Gary Webster

Publisher: Fullproof Publishing Inc



Page: 250

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When Tiffany and Peter adopted Pasha and Harold, they had no idea their lovable hounds had an inherited destiny to fulfill--a destiny that would see them become warriors for a magical group of inter-dimensional overseers looking out for the human race.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Lost Trail

Author: Donn Fendler

Publisher: Down East Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

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Donn Fendler's harrowing story of being lost in the Maine wilderness when he was just twelve, was made famous by the perennial best-seller, Lost on a Mountain in Maine. In Lost Trail, more than 70 years after the event, Donn tells the story of survival and rescue from his own perspective. Lost Trail is a masterfully illustrated graphic novel that tells the story of a twelve year old boyscout from a New York City suburb who climbs Maine,s mile-high Mt. Katahdin and in a sudden storm is separated from his friends and family. What follows is a nine-day adventure, in which Donn, lost and alone in the Maine wilderness with bugs, bears, and only a few berries to eat, struggles for survival.

Troll Mountain: Episode II

Author: Matthew Reilly

Publisher: Momentum


Category: Fiction

Page: 65

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From Australia's favourite novelist, author of the Scarecrow series and the Jack West Jr series with new novel The Three Secret Cities out now. A dauntless young hero. An army of brutal monsters. An impossible quest. Journey to the mountain ... The only unguarded entrance to Troll Mountain is the abandoned kingdom of the hobgoblins. With no other route available to them, Raf and his newfound friends, Ko and Düm, enter the dark, dank world of the hobgoblins. But is it truly abandoned? IN THIS, THE SECOND OF THREE SERIALIZED EPISODES, MATTHEW REILLY TAKES YOU ON HIS WILDEST RIDE YET: A HEADLONG QUEST TO THE DARK HEART OF THE KINGDOM OF THE TROLLS.

Broken Timelines - Book 2: Mesopotamia

Author: Jack Stornoway

Publisher: Digital Ink Productions


Category: History


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The current conventional Mesopotamian timeline of dynastic Mesopotamia is impossible. Believing in it means endorsing the idea the Egyptians lagged thousand years behind the Sumerians technologically during the Middle Kingdom. This timeline forces the bronze age Harappan civilization to have existed as recently as 1200 BC, even as an iron age civilization had existed on the Ganges since at least 1800 BC. It is also not what the ancient Sumerians actually recorded, so believing it means believing that modern Assyriologists know more about ancient Sumer than the ancient Sumerians themselves. Given that the ancient Sumerians lived through it, and all Assyriologists have to go on is random bits of clay-tablets and mostly ruined city-mounds, this seems like an incredible stretch of the imagination. The fact is Assyriologists cant' and don't need to explain the anachronisms, because the Mesopotamian timeline is synchronized with the Egyptian timeline, which Egyptologists insist on keeping as short as possible. The idea that the ancient Sumerians built their earliest cities in the marshlands of Southern Iraq using stone imported from other countries is entirely illogical, they would have simply built them using mud-bricks as they did in the later periods. As the stone had to have been locally quarried, the region could not have been a marshland when the earliest cities built, meaning that the oldest levels of Uruk and Eridu must date back to before the region began turning into a marshland circa 9,000 years ago. The fact that they switched to using mud-bricks simply proves that the water-levels rose during the course of Sumerian history, flooding their farmlands, and ultimately forcing the Mesopotamian cultures to migrate northward to Akkadia, Babylonia, and Assyria. The fact that Assyriologists ignore the ancient Sumerian records of the antediluvian era is probably for the best, as they cannot even accept that the 1st Kish Dynasty went back to 25,000 BC, even though it has been proven that grains was being farmed in the region at that time. Unfortunately, the timeline of Egypt and Sumer are the two pillars that ancient history is built around. As the early Sumerians were trading with the early Egyptians, Assyriologists have been forced to synchronize the Mesopotamian timeline with the preposterous timeline used by Egyptologists. While this means that most of Sumerian history is has to be ignored, is also effects the timelines of all other Eurasian cultures in contact with the Mesopotamian. The Harappan civilization of ancient India was trading with the Sumerians throughout its history and went into decline around the end of the Sumero-Akkadian dynastic period, which means the entire Harappan civilization is forced to correlate with the short Conventional Mesopotamian Timeline. This forced the entire Harappan timeline into a period of 2000 years, even though some of the archaeological sites in Pakistan and India have been carbon-dated back to over 8000 BC. These broken timelines then fan out further pulling the Minoans and Greeks, Iranians, and Chinese into this confusing mess.

A Year of Indiana History - Book 2

Author: Paul R. Wonning

Publisher: Mossy Feet Books


Category: History


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A Year of Indiana History Stories Book 2 includes three hundred and sixty-five stories of Indiana history. Hoosier history buffs will enjoy this journal of historic tales, some of which are obscure and little known. Others chronicle important benchmark historical Indiana events.
Confederate States of America

The War of the Rebellion

Author: United States. War Department



Category: Confederate States of America

Page: 1028

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American literature

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