Technology & Engineering

Arid Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture and Trade (Vol. 2)

Author: A. Henry

Publisher: Scientific Publishers


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 242

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The volume contents aspects as crops i.e. Clusterbean, Mothbean, Cowpea, Horsegram, Mungbean, Rice bean, Indian bean, Winged bean and other minor pulses grown in arid and semi-arid regions.
Business & Economics

Sustainable Business Practices for Rural Development

Author: Hardeep Chahal

Publisher: Springer Nature


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 214

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The book includes empirical research papers and case studies embracing human capital, relational capital and structural capital in context to services and manufacturing sectors. It will highlight on the sustainable business practices manifested in the work culture, values and beliefs in context to rural regions. From a learning and managerial perspective, the book will identify effective business practices in varied service and manufacturing sectors significant for sustaining business performance and competitive advantage.
Child care workers

Integrated Child Development Services: A Study Of Job Performance Of Supervisors

Author: P. Usha Rani

Publisher: Discovery Publishing House


Category: Child care workers

Page: 196

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The Book Integrated Child Development Services A Study of Job Performance of Supervisors gives an insight in to the various factors influencing the job performance and job expectations of Supervisors working in urban, rural and tribal ICDS projects. The results of the study are presented under the heads like; distribution of supervisors based on their personal, socioeconomic, organisational and psychological factors, level of job performance and job expectations and their relationship with independent variables, predicting the contribution of independent variables to job performance of Supervisors, problems expressed and suggestions given by Supervisors to improve the functioning of ICDS Scheme etc. The research findings described in this book are highly useful to policy makers and top level executives of the scheme in analysing the factors associated with job performance and job expectations of Supervisors and to take appropriate action for improving the functions of their Supervisors who are the back bone of this welfare programme
Technology & Engineering

Farm women and their role in rice based farming system

Author: Sujit Kumar Nath

Publisher: Walnut Publication


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 224

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The book deals with the farm women who contributes immensely in the rice based farming system for the livelihood of their family.
South Asia

Accessions List, South Asia

Author: Library of Congress. Library of Congress Office, New Delhi



Category: South Asia


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Rural women

Rural Women

Author: C.A.B. International

Publisher: North Amer Cab International


Category: Rural women

Page: 271

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This annotated bibliography contains nearly 1900 records taken from over 500 serial publications. It provides extensive coverage of the literature relating to women and rural development in the Third World, including many issues and topics currently receiving increased attention.
Social Science

Family Measurement in India

Author: Shalini Bharat

Publisher: SAGE Publications Pvt. Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 319

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This comprehensive handbook examines the status of, and major issues related to, family measurement in India. To this end, the contributors critically review the existing standardised measures and the literature on the family and related topics, and present an overview of current approaches to family measurement within various social science disciplines. The second section of the book comprises abstracts of 94 indigenous tools to measure and assess variables related to family and marriage in India. This pioneering and truly cross-disciplinary examination of measurement issues in family research in India will be an essential reference for scholars and professionals in a large number of fields including sociology, psychology, psychiatry, demography, human development and family studies, social work, and social science methodology.
Indic newspapers

Press in India




Category: Indic newspapers


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Reports for 1958-1970 include catalogues of newspapers published in each state and Union Territory.