Literary Criticism

Masqued Mysteries Unmasked

Author: Kristin Rygg

Publisher: Pendragon Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 267

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Annotation Exploring the English court masque as music theater, Rygg (musicology, Hedmark College, Norway) finds that particularly the Jonsonian masque of the first third of the 17th century carried within it a potential function as an early modern mystery with roots in the ancient Pythagorean school. It was a mystery, she says, in which poetry, music, and dance were prime vehicles of transcendence. No information is provided about the series the volumes seems to begin. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR
Performing Arts

Masking Unmasked

Author: E. Simon

Publisher: Springer


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 185

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Acting with masks is one of the most ancient stage techniques still in use today. Masking Unmasked is a basic guide to using this ancient art to develop character and movement in four sections that correspond to mask size: Full-Face Masks, Clowning, Bag Masks, and Half-Face Masks. Each section addresses fundamental acting principles and shows how the ancient technique can be applied to the contemporary stage. It is the perfect book to use as background to traditional, non-masked acting principles. For instance, mask acting provides a great way of strengthening core acting skills. Actors in masks experience the primary goal of acting because they are required to tap into profound physical, vocal, emotional, and psychological transformations in the course of creating a character. In addition, masking promotes honest, believable, and detailed work. Illustrated profusely throughout, the hands-on exercises developed by Simon teach actors to shift cleanly between beats, execute moment-to-moment specificity, unleash creative impulses, take risks and expand character range, power and vulnerability. Masking Unmasked is a book of ancient acting techniques that are indispensable for the actor of today.

Mystery unmasked, addressed to people of any religion, and those of none. Being a treatise tending to reconcile the most abstruse branches of Christianity to reason, etc. [With MS. corrections and additions for a second edition.]

Author: Aurelius CLEMENT (of Pembrokeshire, B.A., late a Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge, pseud.)




Page: 151

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Author: Seanan McGuire

Publisher: Wordfire Press



Page: 340

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When the mask comes off, can you handle what's underneath? When your secret identity is revealed ... When the monster is unleashed ... When the superhero's child has no power ... When Death himself is caught unawares ... Pull back the mask to reveal 21 tales from seasoned and award-winning authors, of magical masks, gas masks, death masks, superheroes, secret identities, disguised robots, alien symbionts, a Napoleonic thief, a swindling demon-even a hidden clown. Who will take the risk? Explore the masks we wear, the mysteries they conceal, and the price we pay when they're stripped away. Join us in our unmasquerade as we revel in-revelation!

Masking and Unmasking Ourselves

Author: Norman J. Cohen

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 196

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Whatever the context in which it is worn, our clothing is often our most powerful form of communication. As in any great literature, the language of putting on and taking off clothing in the Bible especially the narratives that turn on the symbolic use of clothes can provide us with a sense of the overarching worldview of the biblical writers. Yet, by immersing ourselves in the symbolic language and stories of the Bible, we can also gain insight into ourselves and our own lives. In this engaging look at interpretations of clothing in the Bible, renowned Torah scholar and midrashist Norman Cohen presents ten paradigmatic Bible stories that involve clothing in an essential way, as a means of learning about the text, its characters and their interactions. But he also shows us how these stories help us confront our own life dramas, our own stories. In doing so, he presents Torah as a mirror, reflecting back to us our own personalities, ambivalences, struggles and potential for growth.
Performing Arts

The Eloquent Body

Author: Jennifer Nevile

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 264

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"This book adds an entirely new dimension to the consideration of Humanism and Italian culture. It will make a welcome addition to the field of cultural studies by broadening the subject to consider an important source of information that has been previously overlooked." -- Timothy McGee The Eloquent Body offers a history and analysis of court dancing during the Renaissance, within the context of Italian Humanism. Each chapter addresses different philosophical, social, or intellectual aspects of dance during the 15th century. Some topics include issues of economic class, education, and power; relating dance treatises to the ideals of Humanism and the meaning of the arts; ideas of the body as they relate to elegance, nobility, and ethics; the intellectual history of dance based on contemporaneous readings of Pythagoras and Plato; and a comparison of geometric dance structures to geometric order in Humanist architecture.
Literary Criticism

Encountering Ephemera 1500-1800

Author: Joshua B. Fisher

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 250

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This volume addresses two key questions: 1) How can ephemera be understood as a critical category of literary and historical inquiry? and 2) How can ephemera serve pedagogical purposes in the classroom? Each of the essays in Encountering Ephemera 1550-1800: Scholarship, Performance, Classroom addresses these questions by exploring a diverse range of materials as well as periods. The essays collectively work to define ephemera as a complex and multi-faceted critical category in terms of its literary, cultural, and historical significance. Each contributor works to complicate the traditional binary opposition between the ephemeral/transitory and the canonical/enduring, in part by recognizing how attending to the material processes of textual production, transmission, and dissemination highlights the potential instability and mutability of texts (and textual relationships), whether discussing broadside ballads or coterie poetry. By shifting the focus to the processes by which texts are constructed and construed, the prospect of recognizing any text (regardless of its canonical status) as a static and fixed entity becomes difficult and, in turn, the ephemeral qualities that define and constitute the text’s materiality come more sharply into focus. Along these lines, the “ephemeral spaces” across and between discourses – what might be called the “ephemera of cultural poetics” – play a key role in shaping literary texts. Thus, early modern and eighteenth century ephemera constitute both the material (texts not intended to last or designed for limited cultural life) and the process (fleeting and transitory aspects of cultural production). Whether discussing the circulation of cheap print, the performative traces of music and gesture in Shakespeare’s plays, or the diffuse cultural influences that both surround and pervade literary texts, attending to ephemeral matters underscores the dynamic unfixity of early modern and eighteenth century cultural practices.

The Mystery of Anabaptism Unmask'd; Being a Full Vindication of Infant Baptism in the Church of England, in Answer to the Fallacious Arguments, and Pernicious Errors of Mr. Morgan, Mr. Stennet, and Other the Principal Leaders of the Anabaptists. To which are Added, Discourses ... Upon the Christian Sabbath ... The History of the Anabaptists from Their First Appearance in the World in Foreign Parts, and in England

Author: Marius D'ASSIGNY




Page: 408

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Curiosities and wonders

Great Mysteries of History

Author: Kenneth B. Platnick

Publisher: Hippocrene Books


Category: Curiosities and wonders

Page: 224

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Challenges the reader's imagination with a collection of unsolved, mysterious events involving celebrated persons in history
Literary Criticism

Masks and Masking in Medieval and Early Tudor England

Author: Meg Twycross

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 432

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Drawing on broad research, this study explores the different social and theatrical masking activities in England during the Middle Ages and the early 16th century. The authors present a coherent explanation of the many functions of masking, emphasizing the important links among festive practice, specialized ceremonial, and drama. They elucidate the intellectual, moral and social contexts for masking, and they examine the purposes and rewards for participants in the activity. The authors' insight into the masking games and performances of England's medieval and early Tudor periods illuminates many aspects of the thinking and culture of the times: issues of identity and community; performance and role-play; conceptions of the psyche and of the individual's position in social and spiritual structures. Masks and Masking in Medieval and Early Tudor England presents a broad overview of masking practices, demonstrating how active and prominent an element of medieval and pre-modern culture masking was. It has obvious interest for drama and literature critics of the medieval and early modern periods; but is also useful for historians of culture, theatre and anthropology. Through its analysis of masked play this study engages both with the history of theatre and performance, and with broader cultural and historical questions of social organization, identity and the self, the performance of power, and shifting spiritual understanding.
Literary Criticism

Masking and Unmasking the Female Mind

Author: Mary Anne Schofield

Publisher: University of Delaware Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 217

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This work concentrates on how eighteenth-century feminine novelists articulate the concerns important to women's lives and fates, and argues that these novelists used their romances to combat the controlling ideologies of the age.

UnMasking Alzheimer's: The Memories Behind the Masks

Author: Cynthia Huling Hummel



Category: Art

Page: 86

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"UnMasking Alzheimer's: The Memories Behind the Masks" is a a collection of photographs of the thirty masks created by Alzheimer's advocate and artist, Cynthia Huling Hummel along with her reflections on the challenges and hopes of living well with an AD diagnosis.

Petersburg Fin de Siècle

Author: Mark D. Steinberg

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: History

Page: 416

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The final decade of the old order in imperial Russia was a time of both crisis and possibility, an uncertain time that inspired an often desperate search for meaning. This book explores how journalists and other writers in St. Petersburg described and interpreted the troubled years between the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917.Mark Steinberg, distinguished historian of Russia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, examines the work of writers of all kinds, from anonymous journalists to well-known public intellectuals, from secular liberals to religious conservatives. Though diverse in their perspectives, these urban writers were remarkably consistent in the worries they expressed. They grappled with the impact of technological and material progress on the one hand, and with an ever-deepening anxiety and pessimism on the other. Steinberg reveals a new, darker perspective on the history of St. Petersburg on the eve of revolution and presents a fresh view of Russia's experience of modernity.
Performing Arts

Silent Mystery and Detective Movies

Author: Ken Wlaschin

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 291

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The silent film era was known in part for its cliffhanger serials and air of suspense that kept audiences returning to theaters week after week. Icons such as Douglas Fairbanks, Laurel and Hardy, Lon Chaney and Harry Houdini were among those who graced the dark and shadowy screen. This reference guide to silent films with mystery and detective content lists more than 1,500 titles in one of entertainment's most popular and enduring genres. While most of the films examined are from North America, mystery films from around the world are included.
Juvenile Fiction

The Mixed-up Mask Mystery

Author: Elizabeth Levy

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 64

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Someone's trying to sabotage the masked ball for pets that's celebrating the opening of the new park in town, but in spite of evidence pointing to a young park ranger, Fletcher refuses to believe she's the culprit. Simultaneous.

A Fearful Responsibility

Author: William Dean Howells

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand


Category: Fiction

Page: 120

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Reproduction of the original: A Fearful Responsibility by William Dean Howells