Inside the Now

Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

Publisher: Parallax Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 160

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This beautifully designed book will be cherished for generations. Written in the summer of 2013, Inside the Now contains the most recent, never before published commentaries and reflections of Thich Nhat Hanh on living in stillness and timelessness. The book begins with an autobiographical reflection in which we hear the voice of the young monk, poet, and community-builder struggling in war-torn Vietnam to develop a Buddhism relevant to the suffering of his time. These early experiences lay the groundwork for Thich Nhat Hanh's insights into the nature of time and interbeing. In part two, we hear the clear, direct voice of the Zen Master challenging us to open our hearts, seize the moment, and touch the now. The book is interspersed with poetry from other Zen masters as well as the author's own verse and calligraphy.

Mindfulness Meditations for the Frantic Parent

Author: Elisha Goldstein

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Self-Help

Page: 112

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A short eBook designed to quiet your mind and settle your body. You have what it takes to be an excellent parent. You have all the answers within you; all you need to do is tap into that space and trust your instincts. Learn to listen to your intuition and break free from the tendencies that lead you to become a frantic, stressed-out parent. A leader in mindfulness psychology, Dr. Elisha Goldstein demonstrates how to use the space between stimulus and response to break free from habitual beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve you in becoming the best parent you can be. These techniques will allow you to connect to the present moment to make deep, permanent life changes. In essence, this book teaches the foundation for how the now—this very moment—can change the rest of your life.

Meditations on the Human Condition in an Imperial Age

Author: Irina V. Boca

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Philosophy

Page: 378

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The concept of empire contains features that are both irreducibly spectral and terrifyingly real. With much of both aspects prevailing at subliminal levels, it is nearly impossible for the casual observer to think through the maze of contradictions and constitutive forces inherent in the imperial system. In her latest work of nonfiction, Meditations on the Human Condition in an Imperial Age, author and political philosopher Irina V. Boca uses her expertise and research to help readers analyze the presence of empire as an indelible contemporary political force. This intricate work unravels the Gordian knot of imperial politics and allows the reader to consider overlapping concepts from multiple perspectives, finally making it possible for the general audience to get all the facts. From post-Hegelian philosophy to political science and popular culture, the author has identified the intricately woven forces of imperial politics and invites readers to reconsider any easy location of power and any clear-cut path to resistance or liberation.

SONGS OF ETERNITY ~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God!






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DISCOVER HOW DIVINE LOVE IS THE KEY SOLUTION TO EVERY SINGLE ISSUE THAT EXISTS! A Treasure Trove for the Spirit, "SONGS OF ETERNITY" ~ Contemplations, Treatments, and Meditations on the Word of God" contains 52 timeless instructions, followed by meditations for incorporating the particular Sacred Principle involved. All inclusive of every subject from Divine Creation to Divine Manifestation to Divine Fulfillment, Prosperity, Immortality, Healing and will find the glorious manifesting KEY for your success, in the Highest and most enduring Soul-Uplifting way! PART I ~ THE PRINCIPLE, "DECLARATIONS OF THE IMMORTAL SOUL OF GOD!" PART II ~ THE APPLICATION, "BRINGING HEAVEN TO EARTH!" Rich in Mysticism and soaring in the exquisite rhythms, metaphors and poetic majesty of the Eternal Soul, “SONGS OF ETERNITY” is a Master Book of Highest Principle and Law. Written for the benefit of the evolving Soul ~ ever advancing into the Eternal Light of Perfection, “Songs of Eternity” gives birth to stunning illuminations, and brings about a grounding of the Divine Self in every way. Part I ~ “The Principle” ~ “Declarations of the Immortal Soul of God”, incorporates radiant Divine instruction for successful accomplishment in every phase of life. Each instruction is followed by an accompanying Meditation/Treatment for raising of Spiritual Consciousness to highest levels, which may be read silently or spoken out loud to stimulate the Divine Power of the Immortal I am Self ~ within. Part II ~ “The Application” ~ “Bringing Heaven to Earth,” comprises deep Contemplations for the practical application of ultra- Divine Principles, Patterns and the Word of God, in daily life. Luminous stories by the Master teacher illustrate how living in the transcendent state of superior Principle and applying the Higher Ways of Divine Knowing always serves to bring Heaven (highest circumstances) to earth (everyday conditions)...and stir Divine victory in every situation. Each jewel of Contemplation in Part II of “Songs Of Eternity” finishes with a lustrous meditation to seal consciousness in the perfect pearl of radiance, and uplift the reader into the transcendent domain of the peace, power and invincible glory of the Divine Self A Treasure Trove for living in the Kingdom of utmost God Consciousness, all of the time, “SONGS OF ETERNITY” floods the Soul with rapturous delight ~ bestowing sublime awareness of the Royal Realm, within ~ empowering, emancipating and delivering joy in every way. “SONGS OF ETERNITY” is dedicated in Love to our emerging Civilization of Light and the Christ Race ~ the most precious jewel of humanity, brought forth! * 'This is one of the most exquisite books I have ever read!” ~ ALICE CHURCH, Literary Agent "Soon we shall discover that the temple of all humanity is nothing less than the Temple of the Living God." ~ Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

Meditations on According to John

Author: Herold Weiss

Publisher: Energion Publications


Category: Religion

Page: 239

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The gospel of John, titled simply "According to John" in ancient manuscripts, contains some of the simplest language in the New Testament. The Greek of this book is so simple that it is often used in teaching beginning students to read New Testament Greek. Pastors and teachers often recommend the book as a good starting point for new Chrustians reading the Bible for the first time. But the simple vocabulary and structure belies an extraordinary spiritual depth. While there are lessons to be learned from an initial surface reading, diligent seekers will find incredible depths. Understanding these deeper lessons requires one to see the book as a whole and understand the intricate pattern of connections between the various parts. Verse by verse and even passage by passage study can be misleading. New Testament scholar Herold Weiss spent a considerable amount of time searching for the best way to open up the treasures of this gospel to non-scholars and settled on a series of meditations on various phrases or events related in the book. In each meditation he ties the specific theme to related passages and imagery throughout the gospel. His masterful presentation will open your eyes and mind to new insights into the fourth gospel, early Christianity, and its application to 21st century Christianity.

Here and Now

Author: Chiara Lubich

Publisher: New City Press


Category: Religion

Page: 69

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What is time? We measure it and we use it to measure an infinite number of things. We try to save it. We live in it. (Can we live without it?) Paul told us to redeem it but we have to admit that we do not perfectly understand what it means. Has it real existence of its own? Or is it something man has made up as an aid to measuring the sequence and duration of events or to describing historical incidents in relation to each other? Even for the greatest scientists it is hard to define, it remains to some extent a mystery—one of the most fascinating. In a series of inspiring meditations, Chiara Lubich shows us that living the present moment is our way to be connected with what is unlimited: eternity. It puts us in touch, already here on earth, with heaven. “In the light of her Christian faith and a lifetime of experience with her friends, Chiara Lubich gives us advice on how to use well the `here and now.' If we focus on the present moment, we are planting a seed in eternity, to be enjoyed forever.” Julian Stead, O.S.B. Author of Saint Benedict: A Rule for Beginners

In Port - Meditations on the Psalms: Volume 2

Author: Edward A. Vinson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 601

View: 991

This is the second volume of poetic meditations based on the Psalms, written as prayers for the Peace of Jerusalem and all Israel. The fi rst meditations in this volume were written in the port of Ashkelon, Israel on board the authors small vessel that he sailed to Israel from America in 2010on a Modern Odyssey, leaving her there to be used by modern warriors suffering from PTSD. The rest of the meditations were written next to the stained glass pictured on the cover, overlooking battlefi elds where the United States of America won her liberty.

Meditating on the Word

Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Religion

Page: 136

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Now back in print, this collection of Bonhoeffer's writings, sermons, and letters on meditation reveals his deep love for the Bible as a focus for his prayer life and a support in his courageous political life.