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Mediumship Within

Author: Chris Ratter

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

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In this book Chris Ratter combines practical advice with personal experience to inform and guide the reader on the development of mediumship and healing. Each person who undertakes to develop their mediumship will experience occasional concerns and doubts. Chris Ratter illustrates how, with dedication, trust and by maintaining an open mind, these hurdles may be overcome to make it a wonderful and fulfilling journey.
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Discovering the Medium Within

Author: Anysia Kiel

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 229

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Anysia Kiel invites us to witness the wondrous, dramatic, and truly beautiful moments that have shaped her life as a psychic medium. Her powerful life story-communicating with deceased family members and friends to bring comfort, healing, and peace to the living-will inspire you to embark on your own journey of psychic awakening. Seeing spirits everywhere - in her bedroom at night, on buses and streets, and in graveyards - was terrifying for young Anysia. Then one day her own grandmother in spirit reached out to her, giving Anysia the strength and courage to begin a journey of self discovery that forever changed her life. Discover how she learns, with help from her spirit guides, how to develop and control her profound gift for spirit communication and energy healing. Her touching story, filled with miraculous spiritual encounters, concludes with Anysia's personal techniques for psychic development to help you reunite with your own loved ones in spirit.

In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship

Author: Robin Foy

Publisher: Janus Publishing Company Lim



Page: 330

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Contains eye-witness accounts of seance phenomena and communications from several people from the spirit world. This book gives insight and understanding while providing encouragement and information to those working at developing physical phenomena themselves.

A Brief Course in Mediumship

Author: Khei

Publisher: Health Research Books



Page: 79

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Chapter Headings: Psychometry; clairvoyance & Clairaudience; Trance - Conscious & Unconscious; Inspiration - Entering the Silence; Physical Mediumship. Assuredly, at the commencement of things it was given to all to know alike the mysteries of the k.
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Mediumship Spirit portraits and the gift within you

Author: Mark Rothwell

Publisher: Mark Rothwell


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 84

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This book shows you how i started out, how i learned to read and my experiences.In it i give you as many topics as i can on what you can expect if you are a new learner. And to show you anyone nomatter what thier background or circumstances can learn to become a medium and receive messages from spirit.

Spirit Possession and Spirit Mediumship in Africa and Afro-America

Author: Irving I. Zaretsky

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Religion

Page: 466

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Originally published in 1978 Spirit Possession and Spirit Mediumship in Africa and Afro-America is an incredibly diverse and comprehensive bibliography on published works containing ethnographic data on, and analysis of, spirit possession and spirit mediumship in North and Sub-Saharan Africa and in some Afro-American communities in the Western Hemisphere. The sources on Western Afro-American communities were chosen to shed light on the African continent and the Americas. The bibliography, while not exhaustive, provides extensive research on the area of research in spiritualism in Africa and Afro-America. The bibliography also provides unique sources on spirit cults, ritual or ethnic groups and will be of especial interest to researchers. Although published in the late 70s, this book will still provide an incredibly useful research tool for academics in the area of religion, with a focus on spiritualism and non-western religions.

The Bible As Psychic History: Mediumship in the Bible

Author: Sidney Schwartz

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


Category: Religion

Page: 76

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The great majority of Bible personalities were mediums. They heard the voice of God and experienced divine visions. The study the mediumship and psychic phenomena within the text of the Holy Bible is a major task. It is not the purpose of this book to examine every mediumistic event found in the Bible; but to provide the reader a basic understanding of this vast subject. Although many books have been written about mediumship in the Bible, this book is unique. The Bible as Psychic History begins to unearth additional layers of psychic information embedded in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament. Most Bible translators ignored this layer because they were not educated in psychic science. They do not understand nor recognize the significance of this evidence, which proves the theory –– the Bible is indeed a book of psychic history.





Category: Parapsychology


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Poetry - with Psychic Medium Poet and Writer Kirsty Taylor

Author: Kirsty Taylor

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 120

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A collection of Poems both Spiritual and based on the life of Kirsty Taylor, who is a young psychic medium, poet and writer. Enjoy the many poems that can bring you a different way of viewing the Spiritual World and this world. Each poem has a different message within that may inspire, give comfort and much more. You can take your own meanings and enjoy this collection in your own way and gives an insight of how Kirsty sees this world and beyond.
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Are You Psychic?

Author: Hans Holzer

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 170

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Explores the various forms of the psychic experience, including foretelling the future, interpreting psychic feelings, thought transference, and past-life memories