Body, Mind & Spirit

Miracle Prayer

Author: Susan G. Shumsky

Publisher: Celestial Arts


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

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MIRACLE PRAYER proposes a systematic approach to focusing one's intention and formulating prayers that get results, based on the premise that your thoughts create your destiny. Using a prescribed prayer format that will heal and transform your mind, you will learn how to accept with full faith that the desired goal can be achieved. The powerful, field-proven system, which draws on the Religious Science tradition, has produced miracles in the lives of millions of people worldwide. A simple-to-learn nine-step technique for results-oriented prayer. Teaches readers to identify and overcome obstacles preventing them from achieving their desires. Shumsky studied under the founder of Trascendental Meditation, Maharishi Manesh Yogi, and her book speaks to a growing popular interest in intentional prayer. "I've never seen a better how-to guidebook for fulfilling goals through prayer and visualization. Not only does Dr. Shumsky help you get what you want—she also helps you figure out how to know what you want and how to remove the blockages to getting it. You will gain tremendous insight into the workings of your mind. Read it now!" —James Van Praagh, author of Talking to Heaven

The Miracle of Prayer

Author: Guideposts

Publisher: Testament Books


Category: Philosophy

Page: 192

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This moving collection of true stories about prayer will embolden the heart and inspire the spirit of any reader searching for a more meaningful prayer life. With contributions from Catherine Marshall, Sue Monk Kidd, Elaine St. Johns and many others that first appeared in Guideposts magazine, this is a celebration of the wonder and transforming power of prayer in our lives. This rich variety of stories and poems is an invitation to tap into all the miracles that God has to offer, renewing one's faith as the reader becomes closer to Him, Who hears our prayers and truly moves on our behalf.


Author: Hlompho Phamodi

Publisher: Hlompho Phamodi


Category: Religion

Page: 17

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Too many Christians have become beggers, the Bible says we shall lend to many nations and borrow from none. Miracles are all around us and we are the custodians of the supernatural power of God. We have to see ourselves the way God sees us. Miracle prayers are there to release what is yours in these case riches. Jesus became poor so that we might be made rich. There is nothing in the Word of God that says we supposed to be poor. There has been a lot of prosperity gospel as we call it in these last days and unfortunately, people have been abused and lied to concerning money. Pray these miracle prayers to make you rich, because you believe that is your inheritance and portion. Pray with faith and expectation. This book is not magic but it’s based on God’s word that brings the supernatural into the natural, for we live by faith and not by sight.

The Financial Miracle Prayer

Author: Francis Jonah




Page: 26

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The two prayers that gave me money for a car and gave someone else money for two years of house rent are shared in this short read.You will learn how to pray for financial miracles and what to do when the answer is not forthcoming.You must simply read this book to gain a better understanding of prayer for finances.


Author: Jody H. Cox

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 223

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This is an inspirational book written by a man who spent over thirty years of his life drinking and drugging, after two intense inpatient rehabs, twenty-eight arrests, nine felony convictions, and a five-year prison sentence. The only thing that changed was the amount of party money that was available, had increased, and the disease had gotten worse than ever. Then on the thirtieth day of a thirty-five-day jail sentence, God inspired him to write this book. His life has now changed forever. No more drinking and no more drugs, he is now high on life, happier than heÊs ever been, and for once in his life, totally stable. Dozens and dozens of unbelievable events have taken place, way too ironic to be coincidental. It is all miracles performed by God himself, a perfectly mapped-out plan, totally created by the Master, to change this manÊs life so that he could become a minister and show the world that there is a cure to addictions. Read it and you will be convinced, and you will become a true believer.

Miracle Prayer Journal

Author: Tribe TRIBE Creations




Page: 200

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6''x 9'' lined journal offers 200 pages for those who pray and like to keep a record. Includes a separate area for lists and notes. Prayer Journals have a proven track record for radically increasing discipline and improving prayer life. Revolutionize your daily prayer life by writing down what you experience and keep track of answers. This Journal also makes an exceptional Gift for others who may want to develop a miracle prayer life. Blessings!

The Miracle of Prayer

Author: Rosemary Ellen Guiley



Category: Healing

Page: 228

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The true stories of individuals who believe that their specific prayers have been answered describes the powerful factors that changed their lives while providing insight into how prayer has been observed throughout history. Original.

21 Keys to Miracle in Helpless Situations: How to Pray When You Can?t Pray

Author: Moses Omojola

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 146

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When you are down to nothing, God is up to something! Most people limit themselves to prayer using the gifts of the spirit. They see it as the only exercise that can take them out of every problem they find themselves in life, and are often disappointed. This is because even the most acclaimed saint pray amiss, while most times, people in helpless situations are often too physically and spiritually weak to pray their way to needed miracle. Many are concerned about behavioral health and often worried by symptoms of depression, symptoms of anxiety, all forms of life challenges and Severe Depression. Unknown to many, God, in His infinite mercy has equipped each person with other great miracle keys specially designed to take him out of any helpless situation when down to nothing. God is more than willing to answer your prayers for strength and miracles! 21 Keys to Miracle in Helpless Situations: How to pray when you can't pray carefully guides you into the 21 spiritual techniques of getting your miracles when in helpless situation, as it tells you how to: Harness God's hidden keys to miracles in time of need, receive instant healing when sick, solve all difficult life problems, eliminate further stress when sick and get healed, cope in all life situations, connect to your destiny during problems and get desired miracles. Whatever your needs are this moment, if you desire miracle prayer, prayer for healing, Prayers for strength, spiritual warfare, depression treatment and success in life, this book should be your companion.