Family & Relationships

Mom, I Hate My Life!

Author: Sharon Hersh

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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“I don’t know why my daughter is so angry. She yells at me all the time!” “Our daughter comes home, goes straight to her room, turns on her CD player and won’t talk to anyone– especially me.” “The emotional ups and downs of our daughter’s life make us all feel like we’re on a roller coaster.” Navigating an adolescent daughter’s emotional life is one of a mom’s toughest challenges. A teenage girl’s volatile emotions can seemingly toss her–and you–like a hurricane. When a scary external world and a turbulent internal world collide, the result is sometimes overwhelming and confusing. What can you do to protect your relationship with your daughter, guide her through this chaotic time, and assure her you are truly on her side? Your Adolescent Daughter’ s Struggles Can Help Her–and You–to Grow and Thrive. The good news is you are equipped with the most powerful resource available for maintaining and developing connection with your daughter: a mother’s heart. Learn how you can use hand-in-hand mothering skills to become the ally your daughter needs–parenting out of love, not fear–and find out how you both can experience dramatic, life-changing growth in the process.

Hitler Saved My Life

Author: Jim Riswold

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Art

Page: 224

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In Hitler Saved My Life, advertising legend Jim Riswold brilliantly combines incisive and funny essays with gorgeous and hilarious visuals to chronicle his battle with cancer and details how a post-diagnosis career transformation into a 'fake artist' helped stave off death. And that fake art, inhabited by tyrants like Mao, Hitler and Mussolini, has provoked a great deal of controversy. But as one critic noted, Riswold's work 'teaches us how to deal with monsters, be it a Hitler or a deadly disease.'
Family & Relationships

Mom, Everyone Else Does!

Author: Sharon A. Hersh

Publisher: Shaw Books


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 238

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A licensed professional counselor--and mother of two teenagers herself--offers this third book in her Hand-in-Hand series, targeting mothers who want to protect their daughters from the dangers of drug and alcohol use. This guide helps mothers to connect with and influence their daughters.

Old and New Evidence on the Meaning of Life: The dynamics of spiritual development

Author: Joseph Hilary Michael Whiteman

Publisher: Colin Smythe Limited


Category: Religion

Page: 624

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This volume follows up Volume 1 of The Meaning of Life - 'An Introduction to Scientific Mysticism' - with a comprehensive study of individual character-development at all levels from the most mentally disordered to the most spiritually illuminated and fulfilling, always on a basis of first-hand experience. The evidence is by no means limited to this-world observations and behaviour, but extends to states of consciousness in which personality-structure and non-physical beings in non-physical 'worlds' are known with high rating in a Scale of Reality. Attention is given especially to 'ultimate' and 'near-ultimate' contests and habitual practices, leading eventually to the mystical transformation. The explanatory system presented involves, in particular, the fourfold 'creative' or 'learning' cycle (extended to sixteen on occasion) and the mystical view of personality structure (individual in charge, and contributory minds). These and other principles throw a flood of light on problems of psychological and mystical development, including those of sexuality at all levels up to that of the unitive life at supra-physical levels.
Family & Relationships

Temperament Tools

Author: Helen Neville



Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 124

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Identifies common behavior clusters in children and offers advice on dealing with specific temperament types effectively

I Hate My Life 6

Author: Kenton Edward Emmanuel Connor




Page: 176

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I had no false illusions that there would be no further complications for us, but seeing Josh next to my mother took me completely by surprise.Her head swung around to look at Max and her hair flew after her.I leaned forward and whispered to her: "Don't worry, I'll be right here.Had I been further away, I wouldn't have been able to hear her answer: "Okay.I nodded to Max and forced him to smile tightly before he reached out his arm to Sharon and directed her to a group of tables on the opposite side of the room where our friends and family were.I rubbed my eyes and squeezed the bridge of my nose. Damn it! Max didn't know any better. All he knew was that Sharon and Josh had a relationship and played together for even longer, which then suddenly ended and affected the music program.I reached out my arm to the door and tried to encourage her to go back in. She looked at me with a blank stare, but she went back. We had only been gone a few minutes.Sharon was standing next to Max with a group of people. She turned her head to the side and our eyes met. She tried hard to keep a smile, but I smiled at her as broadly as possible and said "I love you", which made her noticeably relaxed.I went and sat down next to Jeff and Mia, opposite Mom and Josh. Josh had moved most of his chair away from the table and turned it towards Mum. I could see him watching Sharon as she moved across the room. Mom regularly leaned over and whispered something to him, but I couldn't make out what she was saying. Jeff, Mia, Maria and I made small talk, being aware of how uncomfortable the situation was.I watched as Sharon finally came to our table. Even in her somewhat delicate emotional state she was absolutely stunning, perfect in every way.I wanted to ask her what had happened, but it was her choice if or when she was gonna tell me. I knew her well enough to know that the only thing she needed right now was for me to be there for her. I put my cheek on her head and closed my eyes.I smiled at her and pushed the door open. We went in together.Every eye in the room turned to see her when she walked in. Her forced smile from early evening was replaced by her perfect smile that I loved so much.In the middle of the room, surrounded by tables on all sides, she stopped and I stood beside her. She looked up at me and stood on her toes. Even with all these people around me she was all I could see when I looked at her.She kissed me.It was a light and tender kiss, but her lips pressed against mine and with it she had announced our relationship with the world. When she withdrew from me, her eyes glittered in the lights with the slightest hint of tears, but tears of joy. With her actions she told me that there was nothing that would ever come between us. Everything we would ever do would be together.Max took a step towards us from where he had been standing beside our table, with an expression of complete shock on his face. Sharon reached out her left hand to him and clearly showed him her ring. He froze in his tracks.All the tables in the room except one erupted in applause. All they knew was that Savannah, the incredibly talented and beautiful violinist who had captivated the University of Maryland beyond the normal music scene, had effectively announced her engagement, especially on the evening of her solo performance, Valentine's Day.At one table there was only stunned silence.
Juvenile Nonfiction

My Crazy Life

Author: Allen Flaming



Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 127

View: 358

Teens describe what it is like to grow up in a dysfunctional family where the teenagers have to take on a disproportionate amount of responsibility to maintain stability in their lives and in their family relationships. Simultaneous.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Teens Speak, Boys Ages 13 to 15

Author: Kristen Dabrowski

Publisher: Smith & Kraus Books for Kids


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 71

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Offers a collection of monologues on topics of interest to teenage boys, including school, family, and friends.
Social Science

Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun

Author: Karen Wind Hughes

Publisher: Gabriola Island, B.C. : New Society Publishers


Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 123

Twenty-one young women share life lessons, coming-of-age stories, and interviews with the remarkable women who influenced their growth
Family & Relationships

After Your Child Divorces

Author: Marjorie Lee Chandler

Publisher: Zondervan Publishing Company


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 206

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Drawing insight from Scripture and Christian psychologists, this book guides your recovery from one of life's toughest blows, the divorce of one of your children.
College students' writings, American





Category: College students' writings, American


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By the Seat of My Pants

Author: Buddy Killen



Category: Music

Page: 316

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One of Nashville's biggest star-makers describes his career in country music, including his relationships with Elvis, Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, the Allman Brothers, and other stars
Creative ability

The Creative Experience

Author: Clark C. Abt

Publisher: Penguin Adult HC/TR


Category: Creative ability

Page: 399

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Collection of interviews with outstanding men, in which they recall their experience prior to and during their creative pursuits.
Church work with prisoners





Category: Church work with prisoners


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A Parisian from Kansas

Author: Philippe Tapon

Publisher: Plume Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 326

View: 286

Unconventional, uncompromising, and unblinkingly honest, "A Parisian from Kansas" is the spellbinding, engaging story-within-a-story of the friendship between two Americans in Paris: a disaffected, world-weary HIV-positive man who believes his life is worthy of a novel; and the sensitive, poetic young man who attempts to create that novel.