Osaka Spa Murders

Author: Jack E. Hunter

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 198

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"I was lying in bed when Ms. May entered my bedroom and shot me in the chest...I fell to the floor. Someone picked me up, and cut my throat" This young woman survived a brutal and slashing attack to identify and help to prosecute and convict her attackers. "Hunter" tells this compelling story from his unique, first-hand perspective an honest, fascinating insight into the complex, often startling, legal processes involved in a brutal murder case...
True Crime

Unsolved Western American Murders and Extended Cold Case Resolutions

Author: Marques Vickers

Publisher: Marquis Publishing


Category: True Crime

Page: 266

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This edition profiles 75 illustrated murder cases committed within California, Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho and Montana. Accompanying photography returns the reader to the scene of the crime with precise listed locations. The most daunting dilemma of a murder investigation is typically uncovering proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a perpetrator committed a killing. The evolution of forensic technology has enabled investigators to match DNA profiles from evidence obtained at a crime scene with specific individual samplings. This development has resulted in several high profile cases ultimately achieving resolution. Some of the accompanying profiles have developed promising suspects and probable perpetrators, but lacked the tangible evidence or persuasive courtroom presentation to convict. In a few instances, due to the notoriety of the trial, the court of popular opinion did convict the defendant, yet they remain free of incarceration. Other cases have simply lacked accompanying evidence from the outset and subsequent clues or confessions have never materialized. For a victim’s immediate circle of family, acquaintances and even society in general, a lack of closure becomes an accompanying torment. Stolen lives deserve accountability and one cannot fully understand the enormity of loss without concrete explanations of motive. Given time, some of these cases may one day find closure. Some murderers do have a conscience and scientific advancements may one day piece together the fractured incoherency of inconclusive evidence. CALIFORNIA Unsolved Murders: The Zodiac Serial Killer, Black Dahlia, Rapper Notorious B.I.G>, Gangster Bugsy Siegel, Bonnie Lee Bakley, Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Joseph The Animal Barboza, Kevin Collins, Actress Virginia Rapp, Gangster Fung Little Pete Jing Toy, Film Director William Desmond Taylor, Actor Ted Healy, Sleepy Lagoon Killing, Geneva Elroy, Vic Weiss, Crib Founder Raymond Washington, Wonderland Murders, Karen Mitchell Disappearance, Susan Berman, Kristin Smart, Eastside Salinas Gang Killings, Santa Rose Hitchhiker Murders, Bob Domingos and Linda Edwards, Kym Morgan and Ramona Irene Price. Extended Cold Cases Resolved: Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen, Mickey and Trudy Thompson and Golden State Serial Killer OREGON State Prison Director Michael Francke, Diane Hank, Roma Ollison, Anne Jeanne Tingry-Le-Coz, Old Town Pizza Phantom, Alice Wells, Frank Akin, 1946 Willamette River Murder, Larry Peyton and Beverly Allan and Kyron Horman Extended Cold Cases Resolved: Federal Public defender Nancy Bergeson WASHINGTON Ann Marie Burr, Edwin Pratt, Judge Tom Wales, Chalisa Lewis, Louis Bellessa, Labor activist Laura Law, Charles Mattson, Nathan Trigger Gilstrap, Marsha Weatter and Katherine Allen, Tacoma’s Puyallup Avenue Prostitutes, Oleg Babichenko, Roseanne Pleasant, Susette Werner, Timothy Alioth and Donna Plew, Tia Hicks, Fred Cohen and James Jimmy Smith Extended Cold Cases Resolved: Barbara Hickey, Brian Cole, Michella Welch, Jennifer Bastian and Serial Killer Donna Perry NORTHERN IDAHO Remains of Fatty Carroll’s Murder Victims MONTANA Union agitator Frank Little, John Bozeman, Marjorie and Nancy McQuiston, Julianne Stallman, Florence Beauty Salon Massacre, Paul Maclean, Sheila Fallang-Jordan, Bobby Kelly, Mrs. John Dougherty, Nyleen Kay Marshall, Dr. Henry Cayley and Eva Hart Extended Cold Cases Resolved: Verna Joy Kvale and Donna Meagher
True Crime

The World's Most Bizarre Murders

Author: James Marrison

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing


Category: True Crime

Page: 304

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This is no ordinary true crime book. If you think you've got the stomach for the most blood-curdling, sickening and downright strangest murders you will ever come across, then look no further than these pages. You have been warned...Take, for example, Enriqueta Marti who kidnapped children from the streets of Barcelona, then boiled away their flesh and crushed their bones for ingredients for her coveted 'magic potions'. Or take Randy Kraft, known as The Scorecard Killer, a computer genius by day and a a deranged psychopath by night. Finally arrested with a corpse slumped in the passenger seat of his car, it emerged that Kraft had spent over a decade cutting up and disposing of his numerous victims along the California highways. In this stomach-churning collection, all the stories have one thing in common - a unique bizarre twist. True crime writer James Marrison draws upon the material that has featured in the hugely successful column The Murder File in cult magazine Bizarre in order to disclose the kind of sickening deeds that are perpetrated more often than you might think, but which sometimes go largely unreported by the media. Welcome to The World's Most bizarre Murders - the most shocking true crime book you will ever read.
Social Science

The Satanism Scare

Author: James T. Richardson

Publisher: Transaction Publishers


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Although there is growing concern over Satanism as a threat to American life, the topic has received surprisingly little serious attention. Recognizing this, the editors of this volume have selected papers from a wide variety of disciplines, broadly covering contemporary aspects of Satanism from the vantage points of studies in folklore, cults, religion, deviance, rock music, rumor, and the mass media. All contributors are skeptical of claims that a large, powerful satanic conspiracy can be substantiated. Their research focuses instead on claims about Satanism and on the question of whose interests are served by such claims. Several papers consider the impact of anti-Satanism campaigns on public opinion, law enforcement and civil litigation, child protection services, and other sectors of American society. The constructionist perspective adopted by the editors does not deny the existence of some activities by “real” Satanists, and two papers describe the workins of satanic groups. Whatever the basis of the claims examined and analyzed, there is growing evidence that belief in the satanic menace will have real social consequences in the years ahead.

Serial Killer ... by the book

Author: Justin Maxwell



Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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"Reality and fiction intertwine in this exciting new thriller from Justin Maxwell—" - H.L. Osterman, Short Changed Mark Daniels is a retired newspaper reporter who spent his career specializing in murder. In retirement his avocation is now his hobby. From the tranquility of his cottage in Michigan's Upper Peninsula he reads newspapers online looking for interesting murders. In his search he discovers murders that seem familiar; murders that have already occurred. The retired journalist uncovers a serial killer who is traveling the country murdering people in the same manor that infamous serial killers did in the past. He finds the killer is copying the gruesome deaths that were written about in a book about serial killers. Daniels discovers copycat murders that occurred throughout the country; in the Florida Keys, Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks, Wisconsin, Montana, Michigan and Idaho. He pursues the serial killer from a distance until the murderer gets too close.

Murder in America

Author: Ronald M. Holmes

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Psychology

Page: 204

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Analyzes motivations behind common and unusual acts of homicide, and addresses such modern issues as female and juvenile killers, workplace homicides, and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

Montana Vigilantes, 1863–1870

Author: Mark C. Dillon

Publisher: University Press of Colorado


Category: History

Page: 716

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A history and legal analysis of vigilantism in Montana in the 1860s, from a state Supreme Court justice and legal historian. Historians and novelists alike have described the vigilantism that took root in the gold-mining communities of Montana in the mid-1860s, but Mark C. Dillon is the first to examine the subject through the prism of American legal history, considering the state of criminal justice and law enforcement in the western territories and also trial procedures, gubernatorial politics, legislative enactments, and constitutional rights. Using newspaper articles, diaries, letters, biographies, invoices, and books that speak to the compelling history of Montana’s vigilantism in the 1860s, Dillon examines the conduct of the vigilantes in the context of the due process norms of the time. He implicates the influence of lawyers and judges who, like their non-lawyer counterparts, shaped history during the rush to earn fortunes in gold. Dillon’s perspective as a state Supreme Court justice and legal historian uniquely illuminates the intersection of territorial politics, constitutional issues, corrupt law enforcement, and the basic need of citizenry for social order. This readable and well-directed analysis of the social and legal context that contributed to the rise of Montana vigilante groups will be of interest to scholars and general readers interested in Western history, law, and criminal justice for years to come. “[Justice Dillon’s] book reads like a Western. Dillon masterfully sets the stage for the rise of the Montana vigilantes by bringing alive the people who created and lived in [mining] towns. There are heroes, villains, shady characters, and more than a few politicians, businessmen, lawyers and judges. What sets Dillon’s book apart from historical texts and fictional tales is that he provides legal analyses and explanations of the trials, sentences, due process and procedures of the day . . . And shed[s] grisly light on the details of the hangings. Dillon’s unique background as an attorney and judge and his downright dogged research are what makes this complex story so engaging. The prose is clear, crisp and gets to the point. . . . The book is satisfying because it answers contemporary nagging questions about the law regarding the vigilantes and the hangings.” —Gregory Zenon, Brooklyn Barrister “Dillon’s analysis of the vigilantes of Bannack, Alder Gulch, and Helena in Montana Territory is the most detailed, insightful, and legally nuanced yet produced. . . . This book is a model for historians to follow when dealing with 19th-century criminal proceedings. Establishing historical context includes examining the laws in books as well as the law in action.” —Gordon Morris Bakken, Great Plains Research