Strange Times, My Dear

Author: Nahid Mozaffari

Publisher: Arcade Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 468

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A collection of work from modern Iranian writers--including short stories, novel excerpts, and poetry--offers an all-too-brief look at the literature and culture of a country whose cultural contributions have been forgotten and ignored since the Iranian revolution in 1979.
Authors, English

My Dearest Mouse

Author: Kenneth Grahame

Publisher: Michael Joseph


Category: Authors, English

Page: 190

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Reproduces letters written by Grahame to his four-year-old son, letters in which the author first introduced Toad, Mole, Ratty, and the other animal characters who later starred in "The Wind in the Willows"
American fiction

My Son is a Splendid Driver

Author: William Inge



Category: American fiction

Page: 224

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In his latest novel, My Son Is a Splendid Driver, Inge tells the story of a most respectable 62-year old woman, living in small town Kansas during the Depression, who has to her complete consternation, caught a sexually transmitted disease from her husband.

The Heinous Driver

Author: Vivian Anioke

Publisher: BookRix


Category: Fiction

Page: 31

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She struggles to survive in a society that neglects the girl-child. She is wrongly accused and banished, in the end; she became a pride and agent of change in her community.

There There My Dear

Author: Neil Mason

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Former Prime Minister, Harold Connor, has been waiting for twenty-five years to do the right thing. His life has been devastated by the consequences of his own actions – he has lost his wife and lived in the shadow of the biggest political secret in the world, and for all those years he has been looking for the opportunity to put things right. When media tycoon Kyle Andrews starts filming a talent show to find the next generation of politicians, Harold Connor finally sees his opportunity, conveniently concealed within a plan to derail a concept set to make a public mockery of the British political system. But the circumstances change and when Connor’s own son becomes the new Prime Minister, whose coalition government begins to implode, the talent context becomes a route to power for all players. As the end game approaches, Harold Connor sets out to control the situation to suit his own needs, determined not the let anybody stand in his way. In his bid to ‘do the right thing’, he manipulates the lives of all of those around him – the beautiful and unpredictable political student, the university professor, the ex-convict, even his own son – all those who had placed their trust in him. In a tale of secrets, lies and deception, the need for power and control can only lead to ultimate tragedy. Similar to works by Ben Elton, There There My Dear will appeal to fans of political satire, particularly fans of George Orwell’s 1984.

My Dear President

Author: Gerard W. Gawalt

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: History

Page: 352

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MY DEAR PRESIDENT is a historic, heartfelt collection of letters between first ladies and presidents--including many that have never been published-- that casts a warm, new light on our leaders at their most open-hearted and vulnerable. "I am very madly in love with you," wrote Lyndon Johnson to his future wife, Bird Taylor. James Madison sent off this plaintive line to his wife Dolley: "Every thing around and within reminds me that you are absent." In this inspiring collection of correspondence between U.S. presidents and their wives are hundreds of unguarded moments of affection, strain, grief, and triumph, revealing as never before the private thoughts and working partnerships of our most public figures. Culled from the holdings of the Library of Congress and various presidential libraries and private collections, it is the most comprehensive compilation of its kind ever put together. Gerard Gawalt, a curator of presidential papers at the Library of Congress for the past thirty years, has divided the book thematically into such topics as love, war, politics, travel, and sorrow. Each letter appears in its entirety, with the original spelling and grammar intact, and is set in historic context for a full sense of the moment that formed its backdrop. In most cases, exchanges are included, forming an enlightening dialogue between husband and wife. Throughout, historic photographs and artwork from the Library of Congress's collection enhance the text. Like its companion volume, First Daughters, My Dear President is bound to become a cherished gift for all those interested in American history for years to come.

Not a Chance My Dear, Not a Chance

Author: Paula Cytryn

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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The story opens in Auschwitz the extermination camp in Poland. A young girl named Esther is hidden by the other women in the bunker. She is found out by a Nazi named Kurt who drags her to his cottage far away from the camp and there repeatedly rapes her. After a while he becomes attached to her and in order to save her, endangers his own life. Esther gives birth to a girl named Helen. She is tormented with complex feelings towards the infant girl who is a constant reminder of the consequences of her existence. After the war, Esther and Helen are brought to America. Eventually Esther settles down in Jerusalem where she meets a man who has endured his own tragedies. There these two unhappy people bond together.

My Dear Driver

Author: Rm It Shop




Page: 102

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English wit and humor


Author: Mark Lemon



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