Skeletons in the Closet & Other Creepy Stories

Author: Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Publisher: Imajin Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 178

View: 142

Thirteen creepy stories take you from one hold-your-breath chapter to the next Enter the closet… A Grave Error The Death of an Old Cow Maid of Dishonor Atrophy Picture Perfect Sweet Dreams Separation Anxiety The Car Deadly Reunion Remote Control Ouija Caller Unknown Skeletons in the Closet
Biography & Autobiography

Jacob's Cane

Author: Elisa New

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 341

Drawn to an image of her great-grandfather's ornately carved cane, scholar Elisa New embarked on a journey to discover the origins of her precious family heirloom. Treading back across the paths of her ancestors, she travels from Baltimore to the Baltic to London in order to find and understand an immigrant world profoundly affected by modern German culture, from the Enlightenment through the Holocaust. Deeply ambitious in its narrative sweep, Jacob's Cane captures the rich texture of life on several continents as New's family searches to establish itself in the tobacco trade. A fascinating history of one family's story of progress, innovation, and struggle, Jacob's Cane will change the way we think about the Jewish American experience.

Haunting Conclusions

Author: Phyllis Eickelberg

Publisher: Abbott Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 196

View: 631

Heather Samuelson has always loved puzzles, but her next one may be more challenging than the rest. Heather and her sisters have inherited a letter and a package full of cards from their recently deceased mother. The letter itself contains a rather creepy fairy tale, and the cards were all sent after their father died. What, exactly, was their mother trying to tell them? Heather also discovers a scrapbook with a collection of obituaries and details of a murder trial in her mother’s things, further deepening the puzzle. Does it have something to do with one of their father’s former clients? After all, as a witness, he helped put away some pretty hardened criminals. As Heather dives deeper into the mystery, the danger becomes all too real. Events in Heather’s neighborhood—a burglarized home, a mysterious neighbor, and her sister’s near-fatal run-in with a car—are seemingly unrelated to solving the riddle of her parents’ past. But it soon becomes all too clear that nothing is as it seems.
Literary Criticism

Murder in the Closet

Author: Curtis Evans

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

View: 903

Before the 1969 Stonewall Riots, LGBTQ life was dominated by the negative image of “the closet”—the metaphorical space where that which was deemed “queer” was hidden from a hostile public view. Literary studies of queer themes and characters in crime fiction have tended to focus on the more positive and explicit representations since the riots, while pre–Stonewall works are thought to reference queer only negatively or obliquely. This collection of new essays questions that view with an investigation of queer aspects in crime fiction published over eight decades, from the corseted Victorian era to the unbuttoned 1960s.

The Theatre of Tennessee Williams

Author: Tennessee Williams

Publisher: New Directions Publishing


Category: Drama

Page: 380

View: 955

Now available as a paperbook, Volume VIII adds to the series' four full-length plays written and produced during the last decade of Williams' life.
Body, Mind & Spirit

Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style

Author: Brad Klinge

Publisher: Macmillan


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

View: 819

Part high-adventure tale, part autobiography, this page-turner recounts the eerie experiences that convinced brothers Brad and Barry Klinge, founders of Everyday Paranormal and stars of the TV series Ghost Lab on Discovery Channel, that ghosts really do walk among us Brad and Barry Klinge have been investigating paranormal occurrences for the last twenty years, and in Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style, they divulge some of their most exciting ghost encounters and analyze the science behind their paranormal hunts. Each chapter of this fascinating book focuses on the Klinge brothers' investigations into the creepiest of places, and explains how they have been able to capture both audio and video of paranormal occurrences using their high tech tools, and a healthy dose of common sense. Even when faced with mysterious slamming doors and haunting pleas for help, these brothers never shy away from a bone-chilling encounter or another chance to investigate a centuries-old haunting. Whether they are simply looking for a frightening ghost story or are more interested in the science behind ghost hunting, readers will not be able to put this gripping book down. In fact, they may even be inspired to take up ghosthunting themselves.
Juvenile Fiction

Destiny's Closet

Author: Becky DeWitt

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 64

View: 470

THE Destiny’s Closet series is the adventure of children finding and talking to Jesus in a way that they have never experienced. Listening to adults they think that the only way to meet and talk with Jesus is in a prayer closet. What starts out as a simple fascination turns into a great journey for all. The third book in the Destiny's Closet series, Destiny's Closet - The Wonder School" is where the children are in the school that they prayed for.The author’s purpose is to introduce children to a relationship with Jesus on a more intimate level at an early age. It is the beginning of that relationship that will make a difference and awaken the destiny and purpose of the lives of our children.

The Devil's Tickets

Author: Gary M. Pomerantz

Publisher: Crown


Category: History

Page: 320

View: 854

Kansas City, 1929: Myrtle and Jack Bennett sit down with another couple for an evening of bridge. As the game intensifies, Myrtle complains that Jack is a “bum bridge player.” For such insubordination, he slaps her hard in front of their stunned guests and announces he is leaving. Moments later, sobbing, with a Colt .32 pistol in hand, Myrtle fires four shots, killing her husband. The Roaring 1920s inspired nationwide fads–flagpole sitting, marathon dancing, swimming-pool endurance floating. But of all the mad games that cheered Americans between the wars, the least likely was contract bridge. As the Barnum of the bridge craze, Ely Culbertson, a tuxedoed boulevardier with a Russian accent, used mystique, brilliance, and a certain madness to transform bridge from a social pastime into a cultural movement that made him rich and famous. In writings, in lectures, and on the radio, he used the Bennett killing to dramatize bridge as the battle of the sexes. Indeed, Myrtle Bennett’s murder trial became a sensation because it brought a beautiful housewife–and hints of her husband’s infidelity–from the bridge table into the national spotlight. James A. Reed, Myrtle’s high-powered lawyer and onetime Democratic presidential candidate, delivered soaring, tear-filled courtroom orations. As Reed waxed on about the sanctity of womanhood, he was secretly conducting an extramarital romance with a feminist trailblazer who lived next door. To the public, bridge symbolized tossing aside the ideals of the Puritans–who referred derisively to playing cards as “the Devil’s tickets”–and embracing the modern age. Ina time when such fearless women as Amelia Earhart, Dorothy Parker, and Marlene Dietrich were exalted for their boldness, Culbertson positioned his game as a challenge to all housebound women. At the bridge table, he insisted, a woman could be her husband’s equal, and more. In the gathering darkness of the Depression, Culbertson leveraged his own ballyhoo and naughty innuendo for all it was worth, maneuvering himself and his brilliant wife, Jo, his favorite bridge partner, into a media spectacle dubbed the Bridge Battle of the Century. Through these larger-than-life characters and the timeless partnership game they played, The Devil’s Tickets captures a uniquely colorful age and a tension in marriage that is eternal.

Myrtle Beach 1-7: Cherry Grove, Ocean View, Silhouette

Author: Jessica Caryn

Publisher: Tainted Sweetheart


Category: Fiction

Page: 616

View: 758

PRETTY CRUSH Hayden Buchanan had a crush on his neighbor, well, it was more than that, but Krista was shy, so it took months just to have random conversations with her. Hayden was surprised when Krista knocked on his door. She gave him a bold kiss. The timing was off. Krista avoided him after that. Hayden wanted to explain. Another kiss happened with a promise to talk things out. Krista had plans, but her night ended in a confusing situation. Hayden’s reaction will prove that Krista can trust him. HIS FOREVER Dex and Tammy’s relationship started with no-holds-barred sex that led to an intimate connection. It’s been romantic sunsets and cozy mornings until Dex’s work obligations caused strain on their quality time. Date nights were cancelled, and heartfelt apologies were made, but an unwanted guest comes to the beach resort. Tammy’s past will get tangled with Dex’s professional life. RENDEZVOUS Murphy Hayward was open to whatever the night would bring. A dark-haired beauty drew his attention. One provocative dance with Juliana De Araújo led to a night in bed. She left without leaving her number. Myrtle Beach Resort & Villas was Juliana’s last known location. Murphy’s work week went to hell and there were issues at the Corporate Residence. Murphy rented a suite at the resort in hopes that he and Juliana would reconnect. Luck was on his side. She was there. Will it be better the second time around? UNEXPECTED Flynn was surprised when Kimber asked if he was still looking to rent a place. He wanted her, so friends-with-benefits wasn't an option. They figured it out, and it was a win-win until he got off work early one night. Kimber will feel what it’s like to be with a man that takes her desires to heart. WORK WIFE Things never came easy for Desiree Leroux. She spent three years managing Silhouette with Keith while hiding her feelings for him. A woman in her right mind would keep making her cash, but her heart didn’t agree. Desiree wanted it all. Keith Fuller always put business first, but the tension with Desiree reached its breaking point. It happened at the worst time. There was a thin line between work and lust. Jealousy fuels the existing heat between them. Keith will prove his loyalty. HIS BRAT Ashley rented a studio apartment and was paying off her debt. She wasn’t in the holiday spirit and would’ve been okay with staying in Myrtle Beach for Christmas. Joey talked sense into her. Ashley went home to spend time with her family. Things were good until she found out that Joey was at a party with his ex-girlfriend. He ended the call without explaining. Ashley’s feelings were hurt. She went out to let off steam and ended the night in her ex-boyfriend’s bed. Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem, and earning Joey’s trust might be easier said than done. Maybe they weren’t meant to be. ALL FOR HER Everything was falling into place for Calista Montoya. She didn’t like being messy and was open and honest about dating. A last-minute cancellation had her ringing in the New Year with friends. Calista was ready for everything the night would bring but didn’t expect to meet Kildare Jackson. He was quiet one minute and passionate the next. Calista liked that and was determined to have all her heart desired. Kildare Jackson’s life was work, sex, repeat. He checked Calista out before she sent her number his way, but there’s trouble around the corner. Kildare didn’t think twice about protecting Calista. He knew that having her in his space could cause stress and expose issues he wanted to hide. Kildare will have to decide if she’s worth the risk. *Adult Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense, contains sexual content.
United States

After Taps

Author: Rachel Baker Gale



Category: United States

Page: 45

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Toys in the Closet

Author: Trent D. Pendley

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc


Category: Fiction

Page: 794

View: 582

Toys in the Closet, is a historical fiction set in the sensuous singing sands of the Indiana dunes on the southern shores of Lake Michigan. This is the journey of Nathan Franklin whose family participated in the most vicious confrontation between environmentalists and industrialist over the Hoosier coast. Nathan, a Jewish writer is out-of-season visiting his beach home, on Christmas Day ‘97 and exploring the story book rooms of Brighton House, a repository of so many works of art by artists who have painted the dunes and a treasury of family heirlooms each with vignettes of a landed past. Nathan though lonesome on Christmas in the aftermath of a winter blizzard realizes he isn’t alone at all surrounded by his treasures and a very protecting lost lover. A story full of Hoosier pride, social justice, as viewed through the eyes of an accomplished Jewish contemporary at the end of his family’s American Dream.