No BS (Bad Stats)

Author: Ivory A. Toldson

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Education

Page: 194

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What if everything you thought you knew about Black people generally, and educating Black children specifically, was based on BS (bad stats)? No BS uses robust analysis, meaningful anecdotes, and powerful commentary to dispel myths and challenge conventional beliefs about educating Black children.

About Centering Possibility in Black Education

Author: Chezare A. Warren

Publisher: Teachers College Press


Category: Education

Page: 160

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Improving education outcomes for Black students begins with resisting racist characterizations of blackness. Chezare A. Warren, a nationally recognized scholar of race and education equity, emphasizes the imperative that possibility drive efforts aimed at transforming education for Black learners. Inspired by the "freedom dreaming" of activists in the Black radical tradition, the book is comprised of nine principles that clarify how centeringpossibility actively refuses limitations for what Black people can create, accomplish, and achieve. This interdisciplinary volume also features over 30 original images, poems, and lyrics by Black artists from around the United States, each helping to breathe new life into the concept of possibility and its relevance to remaking Black children's experience of school. Warren draws on research in history, cultural studies, and sociology to cast a vision of Black education futures unencumbered by antiblackness and White supremacy. This justice-oriented text will inspire innovative solutions to eliminating harm and generating education alternatives that Black students desire and deserve. Book Features: Describes practical, antideficit approaches to educating Black children, youth, and young adults. Focuses on productively reorienting visions, philosophies, and rationales guiding contemporary Black education transformation work. Includes relatable stories and anecdotes written in a conversational style. Filled with provocative pieces of original art by Black artists, such as paintings, drawings, photographs, mixed media, spoken word, poems, and song lyrics.
FORTRAN (Computer program language)





Category: FORTRAN (Computer program language)


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We've Got Issues

Author: Meredith Bagby

Publisher: PublicAffairs


Category: History

Page: 336

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They're Gen Xers, twenty and thirtysomethings, recent college graduates on their own for the first time, newlyweds, or brand-new parents. And whether they're slackers or strivers, many are clueless about politics, politicians, and the issues that truly matter to their generation. Maybe they just don't care. Or maybe no one is speaking to their issues. Meredith Bagby knows what that's like and has put together a survival manual to show them the ropes to the 2000 Election. Bagby, herself only twenty-six, reaches young readers by speaking their language. She's perfectly atuned to her generation and to the frustration, confusion, and apathy they feel toward Washington. Do politicians care about Generation X? Does Gen-X care about politics? In We've Got Issues Bagby tackles the political issues that should truly matter to young voters. She asks the important questions: How is the government spending your tax money? Whatever happened to welfare? What did you get from your public education? Is your neighborhood safe? Should you worry about retirement? And most importantly, who are you going to VOTE for? While rock-solid on the facts and stats (budget issues, crime rates, social security reform, etc.), Bagby presents readers with a no-nonsense account of the issues that matter to young people today and that will affect their not-so-distant futures.

No bullshit guide to math and physics

Author: Ivan Savov

Publisher: Minireference Co.


Category: Mathematics

Page: 445

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Often calculus and mechanics are taught as separate subjects. It shouldn't be like that. Learning calculus without mechanics is incredibly boring. Learning mechanics without calculus is missing the point. This textbook integrates both subjects and highlights the profound connections between them. This is the deal. Give me 350 pages of your attention, and I'll teach you everything you need to know about functions, limits, derivatives, integrals, vectors, forces, and accelerations. This book is the only math book you'll need for the first semester of undergraduate studies in science. With concise, jargon-free lessons on topics in math and physics, each section covers one concept at the level required for a first-year university course. Anyone can pick up this book and become proficient in calculus and mechanics, regardless of their mathematical background.

Joint Directory of Members

Author: Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability



Category: Statisticians


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Author: Ivy Lee

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Statistics.

Page: 550

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Integrates substantive, methodological, and statistical concerns in the social sciences, and ties varying perspectives together through a central fictional character named Anne, a researcher in the social science tradition who uses statistics to help her understand the world around her. Covers descr


Author: Lawrence L. Lapin

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt P


Category: Statistics

Page: 591

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Frequency distributions and summary measures. The statistical sampling study. Probability. Probability distributions and expected value. The normal distribution. Statistical estimation. Hypothesis testing. Regression and correlation analysis. Multiple regression and correlation. Inferences using two samples. Chi-square applications. Analysis of variance and related topics. Nonparametric statistics.

Gambling for Winners

Author: Ward Wilson



Category: Games


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This book is for you only if you gamble to make money. If your idea of "fun" and "entertainment" includes giving away your hard-earned money to casinos, I can't help you. If you enjoy sitting in a mindless, bright lights/dinging trance while you drop quarters down a slot, this book is not for you. If you think casinos are built and run by stupid people, you better stay out of them. If you think you can beat a blackjack dealer by wild-assed guessing, think again. If you play poker just because it's now so popular . . . you don't need my book. If you believe you can just happen to be "lucky" enough to beat the odds, you live in a fantasy world and you'd hate this book for destroying your illusions. But if you're hard-headed, serious, willing to work, and tired of the mainstream gambling books that simply teach you how to lose less rather than win . . . If you understand casinos don't stay in business by giving out more money than they take in . . . This is an extensive examination of the most popular forms of gambling. If you can find any positive expectation bets, and how. Some of the material is controversial. Some of it is unique. It's not for beginners. If you don't already know how to play blackjack or craps, buy and read the basic books first. This one assumes you know and understand the rules of play. If you have emotional or psychological issues around money -- my strong advice is, don't gamble. If you want to believe casinos are playgrounds built for your amusement, this is not the book for you. I use statistical concepts and common sense to strip away the bright lights and glamor to reveal the mathematical realities of gambling. For the most part, it's not pretty. Not if you want to make money instead of lose it. But there are opportunities there for people willing to work hard and understand the obstacles so they can surmount them. If you're still an emotional child needing the adrenaline rush and excitement of "winning" money, this is not for you. And not only the casinos want to take your money -- hordes of online scammers selling bogus systems online also are after the money belonging to would-be pro gamblers. Until you can enter a casino and remain blind to the red carpeting, the flashing lights, dinging slots and the entire aura of glamorous partying -- you'll remain a loser. If you have enough money to pay for a mirage, that's up to you. Most people don't.
New Zealand

Progress in Official Statistics, 1840-1957

Author: Sir George Wood



Category: New Zealand

Page: 203

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"This history of the Department of Statistics from the earliest beginnings of official statistical work in this country up to the end of 1957 has been written primarily for the instruction -- and maybe amusement -- of the younger members of the staff of the department -- though some of it at least may be of interest to a wider audience. Since it has been written by an "old hand" it is to some extent at least autobiographical -- though I hope not too obtrusively so. Again, it is heavily biased towards the writer's own special interests -- the Consumer's Price Index, and family budget studies. However, in present circumstances the "inside story" of our past efforts in these fields is worth reviewing. The rather detailed examination of our relationship with the Court of Arbitration may be regarded as something of a tribute to a defunct institution which served New Zealand very well in the post-war period. Its influence on official statistics was wholly beneficial ..." -- Preface.

Statistics Done Wrong

Author: Alex Reinhart

Publisher: No Starch Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 152

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Statistics Done Wrong describes how researchers often go wrong and teaches you the best practices for avoiding their mistakes.