Nonequilibrium Physics at Short Time Scales

Author: Klaus Morawetz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Science

Page: 501

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This introductory level text addresses the broad range of nonequilibrium phenomena observed at short time scales. It focuses on the important questions of correlations and memory effects in dense interacting systems. Experiments on very short time scales are characterized, in particular, by strong correlations far from equilibrium, by nonlinear dynamics, and by the related phenomena of turbulence and chaos. The impressive successes of experiments using pulsed lasers to study the properties of matter and of the new methods of analysis of the early phases of heavy ion reactions have necessitated a review of the available many-body theoretical methods. The aim of this book is thus to provide an introduction to the experimental and theoretical methods that help us to understand the behaviour of such systems when disturbed on very short time scales.

Progress in Nonequilibrium Green's Functions

Author: Michael Bonitz

Publisher: World Scientific


Category: Science

Page: 564

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Equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties of correlated many-body systems are of growing interest in many fields of physics, including condensed matter, dense plasmas, nuclear matter and particles. The most powerful and general method which applies equally to all these areas is given by quantum field theory.Written by the leading experts and understandable to non-specialists, this book provides an overview on the basic ideas and concepts of the method of nonequilibrium Green's functions. It is complemented by modern applications of the method to a variety of topics, such as optics and transport in dense plasmas and semiconductors; correlations, bound states and coherence; strong field effects and short-pulse lasers; nuclear matter and QCD.Authors include: Gordon Bayan, Pawel Danielewicz, Don DuBois, Hartmut Haug, Klaus Henneberger, Antti-Pekka Jauho, J”rn Kuoll, Dietrich Kremp, Pavel Lipavsky and Paul C Martin.

Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics

Author: Noëlle Pottier

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 491

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This book presents a united approach to the statistical physics of systems near equilibrium: it brings out the profound unity of the laws which govern them and gathers together results usually fragmented in the literature. It will be useful both as a textbook about irreversible phenomena and as a reference book for researchers.

Fifteenth Conference on Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Nonlinear Physics

Author: Orazio Descalzi

Publisher: Amer Inst of Physics


Category: Science

Page: 224

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Statistical mechanics and nonlinear physics are research areas that have developed a multidisciplinary character with many applications. The scientific problems discussed in this volume include biological applications of statistical physics, econophysics and sociologically related problems, chaos and nonlinear dynamics, pattern formation and spatio-temporal complexity, fluids and granular media, q-thermostatistics, stochastic processes, lasers and nonlinear optics, synchronization, wavelets and nonlinear time series analysis.

Statistical Mechanics of Nonequilibrium Processes, Volume 1 (See 3527400834)

Author: Dmitrii N. Zubarev

Publisher: Wiley-VCH


Category: Science

Page: 375

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A unified approach to the modern statistical theory of nonequilibrium processes. This book explores applications of this unified approach to classical and quantum kinetic theory of nonideal gases, to plasmas, and to solid state physics.

Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Author: Gabor L. Hornyak

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Science

Page: 1593

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PerspectivesIntroductionNanoscience and Nanotechnology-The DistinctionHistorical PerspectivesAdvanced MaterialsTools of NanoNature's Take on Nano and the Advent of Molecular BiologyThe Nano PerspectiveSocietal Implications of NanoIntroduction to Societal IssuesEthical ImplicationsLegal ImplicationsEnvironmental ImplicationsPublic PerceptionFuture of Nanotechnology NanotoolsCharacterization MethodsCharacterization of NanomaterialsElectron Probe MethodsScanning Probe Microscopy MethodsSpectroscopic MethodsNonradiative and Nonelectron Characterization MethodsFabrication MethodsFabrication of Nano.
Technology & Engineering

Mechanical Spectroscopy III

Author: B. M. Darinskiĭ

Publisher: Trans Tech Publication


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 323

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This work bridges the gaps between mechanical spectroscopy, internal friction, relaxation phenomena in solids and the spectroscopic approach to the dissipation of mechanical energy in solids. A limited number of papers are selected from different fields in order to compare the analysis of similar relaxation phenomena occurring in various materials.

Handbook of Heat Transfer

Author: Warren M. Rohsenow

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Pub


Category: Science

Page: 1520

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This wholly revised edition of a classic handbook reference, written by some of the most eminent practitioners in the field, is designed to be your all-in-one source book on heat transfer issues and problem-solving. It includes the latest advances in the field, as well as covering subjects from microscale heat transfer to thermophysical properties of new refrigerants. An invaluable guide to this most crucial factor in virtually every industrial and environmental process.