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The Best of Olga Da Polga

Author: Michael Bond

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


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Now you have three times the fun and three times the adventures in this bumper edition of three hilarious Olga da Polga books in one volume. This book contains : The Tales of Olga da Polga, Olga Meets Her Match, and Olga Carries On.Each story has short chapters, each with their own plot, to build reading confidence
Juvenile Fiction

The Tales of Olga Da Polga

Author: Michael Bond

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children


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Olga da Polga has left the pet shop to start a new life with her owners. Her home is now a large and airy hutch and it's not long before she meets Noel the cat, Fangio the hedgehog, and Graham the tortoise. Her garden companions soon discover that Olga loves an audience and from the moment she arrives she tells them stories about her wild and exciting adventures. Although they are not always sure whether to believe everything Olga says, one thing is certain - since Olga moved in, life is never dull! Whether she's Olga the explorer, Olga the prizewinner, or Olga the storyteller, she is always Olga da Polga! Written by the beloved Michael Bond, with wonderful illustrations by Catherine Rayner, this is a gift edition for young readers to treasure.
Children's stories

Olga Takes a Bite

Author: Michael Bond

Publisher: Puffin


Category: Children's stories

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Biography & Autobiography

The Language of Baklava

Author: Diana Abu-Jaber

Publisher: Anchor


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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Diana Abu-Jaber’s vibrant, humorous memoir weaves together delicious food memories that illuminate the two cultures of her childhood—American and Jordanian. Here are stories of being raised by a food-obsessed Jordanian father and tales of Lake Ontario shish kabob cookouts and goat stew feasts under Bedouin tents in the desert. These sensuously evoked repasts, complete with recipes, paint a loving and complex portrait of Diana’s impractical, displaced immigrant father who, like many an immigrant before him, cooked to remember the place he came from and to pass that connection on to his children. The Language of Baklava irresistibly invites us to sit down at the table with Diana’s family, sharing unforgettable meals that turn out to be as much about “grace, difference, faith, love” as they are about food.

Druid of Locherbith

Author: Maggie Kelley and J P Ronan

Publisher: J P Ronan


Category: Fiction

Page: 214

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In ancient Celtic times, the land was filled with Druid and the ways of magic. The Banshee, and Pouka played a role in everyday life. The hills were alive with fairies and Leprechauns. The life of the Celt in those days is portrayed in the tales that are told by the country folk yet today. This novel binds together a collection of myths and legends that are held to be based in truth. The life of a Druidess is followed. Her family and their traditions are imparted to the reader as a young Druid comes of age. Her Celtic homeland is an island that faces the perils of those times.

Olga Takes a Bite

Author: Michael Bond




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The family cat's introduction to Olga the guinea pig proves to be painful.

The Killing of Olga Klimt

Author: R.T. Raichev

Publisher: The History Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 128

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Do plots involving exchanged murders still work and who exactly is the victim? Antonia Darcy never imagined that taking her young grandson to his first day at nursery school would embroil her in a most baffling case of mistaken identity and murder. Major Payne, on the other hand, believed that it was their destiny. Olga Klimt played a dangerous game with the affections of the men in love with her, though she knew perfectly well there might be a high price to pay ... Among the unlikely murder suspects is a rich young heir to a biscuit fortune, his Aconite-addicted mother, his manservant and the headmistress of a prestigious nursery school. In this, their ninth investigation, husband and wife sleuths, Antonia Darcy and Major Payne, search desperately for answers before the killer strikes again.
Young Adult Fiction

The Grief Keeper

Author: Alexandra Villasante

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 320

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This stunning YA debut is a timely and heartfelt speculative narrative about healing, faith, and freedom. Seventeen-year-old Marisol has always dreamed of being American, learning what Americans and the US are like from television and Mrs. Rosen, an elderly expat who had employed Marisol's mother as a maid. When she pictured an American life for herself, she dreamed of a life like Aimee and Amber's, the title characters of her favorite American TV show. She never pictured fleeing her home in El Salvador under threat of death and stealing across the US border as "an illegal", but after her brother is murdered and her younger sister, Gabi's, life is also placed in equal jeopardy, she has no choice, especially because she knows everything is her fault. If she had never fallen for the charms of a beautiful girl named Liliana, Pablo might still be alive, her mother wouldn't be in hiding and she and Gabi wouldn't have been caught crossing the border. But they have been caught and their asylum request will most certainly be denied. With truly no options remaining, Marisol jumps at an unusual opportunity to stay in the United States. She's asked to become a grief keeper, taking the grief of another into her own body to save a life. It's a risky, experimental study, but if it means Marisol can keep her sister safe, she will risk anything. She just never imagined one of the risks would be falling in love, a love that may even be powerful enough to finally help her face her own crushing grief. The Grief Keeper is a tender tale that explores the heartbreak and consequences of when both love and human beings are branded illegal.
Performing Arts

Good Country Canad

Author: John Ferth

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 176

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The Stage is our world. We play our part in it, within the time allotted to us. When the time is up - down goes the curtain. Fate distributes the parts we play, we have no hand in the choosing. We are lucky sometimes. Olga believes she was destined to be a bag-lady, living in doorways. On her hospital bed, anorexic Tina is convinced that nothing is wrong with her. If people would just mind their own business. The Three Buddies, living on skid row, try to survive the best they can. There are good moments. And to hope costs nothing. One learns to accept the things one cannot change. Mister Alister and Mister Pedro realize that sometimes there are Happy Endings, after all.
Literary Criticism

Fantasy Literature for Children and Young Adults

Author: Ruth Nadelman Lynn

Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1092

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Offers brief descriptions of more than 3,000 works of fantasy arranged by themes, including ghosts, heroes, magic, time travel, toys, and witchcraft
Best books

Fantasy for Children

Author: Ruth Nadelman Lynn

Publisher: New York : R.R. Bowker Company


Category: Best books

Page: 444

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Author: Kirsten E.A. Borg

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 526

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Rodina - in Russian, "the Motherland" - is about a Russian family and the tumultuous times through which they live. It tells the story of Evgenia, a Russian woman who endures the upheavals of her beleaguered homeland and personifies Rodina's strength. It is also about Evgenia's courageous daughters, the dedicated men they love, and the passions which propel all of their eventful lives. The saga opens in 1861, the year of the Great Emancipation - and Evgenia's birth. Her life unfolds in Derevnia, a village on the Volga, among people whose life is hard but also filled with beauty and joy. Amid the contradictions of her peasant environment, Evgenia grows up within a warm community of strong individuals: Babushka, the wise woman who teaches her the lore of the forest; Ekaterina, the village midwife who trains her as a healer; Mikhail, the chanter whose booming voice inspires her to sing; Ivan, the dedicated village priest whom she marries. When Evgenia's children grow up, they go off to Petersburg. Lisya, the eldest, plays violin in the orchestra of the glittering Maryinsky theatre. Tatiana, the youngest, dances in the elegant Imperial Ballet. Vladimir, their brother, leaves his Orthodox seminary to become a zealous Bolshevik. Against the dramatic and violent backdrop of the Russian Revolution, they experience war and terror, idealism and inspiration. Evgenia herself eventually joins her children in Petersburg - now Leningrad - where her granddaughter, Katya, works at the great Hermitage Art Museum. When the Nazis invade, Katya's husband, Alexei, goes off to fight at Stalingrad. Katya and her children are caught in the 900-day siege of Leningrad, as are Evgenia and Lisya. Together, all four generations join the heroic battle to defend their Motherland.
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Fantasy for Children, an Annotated Checklist

Author: Ruth Nadelman Lynn

Publisher: New York : Bowker


Category: Best books

Page: 288

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Geannoteerde lijst van kinderboeken die tussen 1900 en 1978 in Amerika en Engeland verschenen; ingedeeld naar dertien fantasiegenres


Author: Michael P. Murphy

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 380

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Paul Murdock is back! The Vietnam War took away Murdock's ability to walk, but did nothing to diminish his intellect, street smarts, or his win-at-all-costs attitude toward his work as a high-priced private investigator. Bored and divorced (again), Murdock accepts a job tracking down a runaway girl whose idealism has taken her to the rugged plains of Afghanistan. Murdock knows the dangers of operating in that war-torn country, but never expects the case to take him even further from home: to the streets of Moscow. This is not the grim, oppressive capitol of the former Soviet Union, however, but a reborn metropolis awash in new money and old vendettas. One of the forces behind the New Russia turns out to be Ivan Dubrynin; once a major player in the Russian underworld, but now a marked man for betraying his sacred oath to the "Thieves World." Dubrynin offers to help Murdock with his case if, in turn, Murdock agrees to escort Dubrynin and his two granddaughters safely out of the country. No easy task, since Dubrynin is targeted by the Russian Mob, embittered business rivals, and a corrupt police force. The only thing working in Murdock's favor is the assistance of Svetlana Iosha, a former Moscow cop-turned bodyguard, as deadly as she is beautiful. Danger and death lurk around every corner and down every alley, but Murdock prefers risk over boredom.

Black on White

Author: Howard Losness

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Drama

Page: 358

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Walter Wentworth, CEO and President of Wentworth Steel has just married a gorgeous, intelligent, successful business woman, a person he knew nothing about her background. A check into her past by his attorney reveals the same woman, by another name, an escaped felon, wanted in Germany to face charges of homicide!