Comics & Graphic Novels

Escape From New York

Author: Sebela

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 112

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Continues the story that picks up where the classic 1981 film left off.

The Three "Only" Things (Volume 2 of 2) (EasyRead Super Large 24pt Edition)

Author: Robert Moss



Category: Self-Help

Page: 380

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Have you ever said something was only a dream, only a coincidence, or only your imagination? In this book you'll discover that these ''only'' things can be keys to finding and living your bigger story. You'll learn to tap into the nine powers of dreaming, the nine rules of coincidence, and the seven uses of imagination. You'll be inspired by stories of how innovators and world changers have used these gifts, and you'll learn wonderful games to help you access your intuition, heal yourself, and bring juice to your everyday life. When we claim the power of the Three Only Things, we reclaim tools that are profoundly simple yet have the power to remake our lives and the world. ''What Robert Moss does - again and again and with such clarity and greatness of heart - is remind us that magic is a breath away and that everyone has the capacity to tap into the heritage that is truly ours.'' - MANDA SCOTT, bestselling author of the Boudica novels

States at War, Volume 2

Author: Richard F. Miller

Publisher: University Press of New England


Category: History

Page: 506

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While many Civil War reference books exist, there is no single compendium that contains important details about the combatant states (and territories) that Civil War researchers can readily access for their work. People looking for information about the organizations, activities, economies, demographics, and prominent personalities of Civil War states and state governments must assemble data from a variety of sources, with many key sources remaining unavailable online. This volume provides a crucial reference book for Civil War scholars and historians, professional or amateur, seeking information about New York during the war. Its principal sources include the Official Records, state adjutant general reports, legislative journals, state and federal legislation, executive speeches and proclamations on the federal and state levels, and the general and special orders issued by the military authorities of both governments, North and South. Designed and organized for easy use, this book can be read in two ways: by individual state, with each chapter offering a stand-alone history of an individual state's war years; or across states, comparing reactions to the same event or solutions to the same problems.
Social Science

A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volume 2

Author: Patrick D. Bowen

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Social Science

Page: 732

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In A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volume 2: The African American Islamic Renaissance, 1920-1975 Patrick D. Bowen offers an account of the diverse roots and manifestations of African American Islam as it appeared between 1920 and 1975.
Social Science

Sex and Race, Volume 2

Author: J. A. Rogers

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 420

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In the Sex and Race series, first published in the 1940s, historian Joel Augustus Rogers questioned the concept of race, the origins of racial differentiation, and the root of the “color problem.” Rogers surmised that a large percentage of ethnic differences are the result of sociological factors and in these volumes he gathered what he called “the bran of history”—the uncollected, unexamined history of black people—in the hope that these neglected parts of history would become part of the mainstream body of Western history. Drawing on a vast amount of research, Rogers was attempting to point out the absurdity of racial divisions. Indeed his belief in one race—humanity—precluded the idea of several different ethnic races. The series marshals the data he had collected as evidence to prove his underlying humanistic thesis: that people were one large family without racial boundaries. Self-trained and self-published, Rogers and his work were immensely popular and influential during his day, even cited by Malcolm X. The books are presented here in their original editions.

American Congregations, Volume 2

Author: James P. Wind

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Category: Religion

Page: 302

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Continuing this two-part series on American religion, Volume 2 addresses three questions: Where is the congregation located on the broader map of American cultural and religious life? What are congregations' distinctive roles in American culture? And, what patterns of leadership characterize congregations in America?
Comics & Graphic Novels

Crime Does Not Pay Archives

Author: Dick Wood

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 180

View: 351

The celebrated pre-Code Crime Does Not Pay comics are finally collected into a series of unflinching and uncensored deluxe hardcovers! The infamous Crime Does Not Pay stories, focusing on criminal scum, nefarious mobsters, and urban legends, madeCrime Does Not Pay one of the most popular comics of the 1940s. This series was a favorite target of censors and is partially responsible for the creation of the stifling Comics Code Authority! Revered, influential, and very hard to find, Crime Does Not Pay issues #26 to #29 are collected for your enjoyment and education!

A Guide to Irish Fiction, 1650-1900

Author: Rolf Loeber

Publisher: Four Courts PressLtd


Category: History

Page: 1489

View: 691

Most Irish fiction published between 1650 and 1900 has fallen into virtual oblivion. Research by the Loebers for their Guide to Irish fiction has led to the identification of hundreds of unknown or forgotten Irish authors and their works, and provides thousands of summaries of novels and anthologies. Carefully documented, A guide to Irish fiction presents details of the publication of Irish fiction in Ireland, England, and North America, as well as several other European countries. Written for literary scholars and students, this book constitutes an essential tool for historians, librarians and antiquarian booksellers.

The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology - Volume 2

Author: Richard Walters

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation


Category: Music

Page: 224

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(Vocal Collection). 40 songs, including: This Can't Be Love * Bye, Bye Baby * I Won't Send Roses * The Surrey With The Fringe On Top * Once In Love With Amy.
Political Science

Supreme Decisions, Volume 2

Author: Melvin I. Urofsky

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 272

View: 777

Supreme Decisions: Great Constitutional Cases and Their Impact, covers twenty-four Supreme Court cases (twelve per volume) that have shaped American constitutional law. Interpretive chapters shed light on the nuances of each case, the individuals involved, and the social, political, and cultural context at that particular moment in history. Discussing cases from nearly every decade in a two-hundred-year span, Melvin I. Urofsky expounds on the political climate of the United States from the country's infancy through the new millennium. Featuring Marbury v. Madison, Dred Scott v. Sandford, Miranda v. Arizona, Brown v. Board of Education, and many more, this text covers foundational rulings and more recent decisions. Written with students in mind, Melvin I. Urofsky's voice offers compelling and fascinating accounts of American legal milestones.

A History of Wine in America, Volume 2

Author: Thomas Pinney

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Cooking

Page: 548

View: 312

Wine-making in the United States as it was carried out under Prohibition and then as it developed and spread to all fifty states after the repeal of Prohibition is described in this account of the American vintner's art as it has evolved into a successful enterprise.

Global Connections: Volume 2, Since 1500

Author: John Coatsworth

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History


View: 482

The first textbook to present world history via social history, drawing on social science methods and research. This interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and comparative textbook is authored by distinguished scholars and experienced teachers, and offers expert scholarship on global history that is ideal for undergraduate students. Volume 2 takes us from the early modern period to speculation about the world in 2050, visiting diverse civilizations, nation-states, ecologies, and people along the journey through time and place. The book pays particular attention to the ways in which ordinary people lived through the great changes of their times, and how everyday experience connects to great political events and the commercial exchanges of an interconnected world. With 75 maps, 65 illustrations, timelines, boxes, and primary source extracts, the book enables students to use historical material and social science methodologies to analyze the events of the past, present, and future.

The Case for Mars VI

Author: University of Colorado, Boulder

Publisher: Amer Astronautical Society


Category: Science

Page: 560

View: 267

With the cold war over, advocates of colonizing the red planet argue that overpopulation is the direst threat to our home planet and that we an additional one for the overflow. The 54 papers cover building support for low-cost missions, essential technology and proposed infrastructure, scientific and engineering measures for reducing the cost of precursor missions, and designing a habitable planet. Working groups report on such topics as programmatics and philosophy and non-government approaches. There is no subject index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Research and Innovation on the Road to Modern Child Psychiatry: Volume 2

Author: Eric Taylor

Publisher: RCPsych Publications


Category: Medical

Page: 352

View: 305

Professor Sir Michael Rutter has been, without question, the most influential and renowned child and adolescent psychiatrist of his era, both nationally and internationally. His innovative thinking and research practice has been at the forefront of research into both biological and psychosocial factors influencing child mental health and has established a developmental approach to integrating these different variables within child psychopathology. Rutter's work has also been marked by its collaborative quality with disciplines other than medicine. A remarkable number of his ideas and findings over the years have stood the test of time. This collection of some of Michael Rutter's most influential and important publications has been made with his collaboration. It includes a number of widely quoted papers from early in his career that are not otherwise easy to access, and covers papers representing the whole range of his research activities from psychiatric classification, psychosocial influences and genetic mechanisms through to the myth of adolescent turmoil. The collection contains a complete bibliography of Michael Rutter's publications to date.