Biography & Autobiography

Dinner With D. W. Griffith And Other Memories

Author: Joseph Woodson Oglesby

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 120

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Join writer Joseph Woodson Oglesby on a memorable trip through his boyhood years in the 1930s and 40s, when he: . Sits down to Sunday dinner with Cousin David (legendary film director D. W. Griffith) and other relatives and witnesses an unexpected confrontation. . Attends a seance where an uninvited guest "materializes" with a cryptic message for Madame Stone, the medium. . Narrowly escapes the raging waters of the Great Flood of 1937 to find refuge and adventure in the village of Peewee Valley. . Experiences the pleasures and pangs of first love as he and his best friend fall for the same girl. Accompanying these and many other memories are rare, previously unpublished photos of D. W. Griffith, classic photos by noted Kentucky photographer Kate Matthews, and black and whites from the author's collection."
Electronic book

Across the Plains

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson



Category: Electronic book

Page: 286

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Eternal Stones and Other Memories of Greece

Author: Paula Renee Burzawa

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Travel

Page: 148

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Eternal Stones and Other Memories of Greece is the third book by award-winning author Paula Renee Burzawa. Join her on the journey to a Mediterranean vacation home in southern Greece, where time stands still. Detailing vacationing in the village of Vassara and delicately balancing life as an American and native, Burzawa’s intertwined essays entertain as she brings readers on the trip of a lifetime, experiencing the ancient marbles of the Acropolis and walking the quiet cobblestone streets hidden away within the mountains of Parnonas. Sharing hilarious and poignant perspectives of her mother’s homeland, Eternal Stones and Other Memories of Greece chronicles time spent abroad with renewed reflection, including a quest to locate one of Greece’s secret schools and an account of what happens when a town’s water supply suddenly stops. From visiting Burzawa’s grandfather’s World War II memorial, to a day’s excursion in the charming seaside town of Nafplion, to an unforgettable stay at one of the most exquisite, world-famous hotels in Athens, readers are sure to feel they’ve stamped their passports as well, enjoying this modern-day visit to an ancient, magical destination. Told with Burzawa’s funny yet sensitive style, her detailed descriptions are real and true, making Eternal Stones and Other Memories of Greece an easily loved vacation treat!
Biography & Autobiography

Matzo Balls for Breakfast and Other Memories of Growing Up Jewish

Author: Alan King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Alan King -- the beloved comic, actor, producer, author, philanthropist, and storyteller extraordinaire -- has compiled a wonderfully readable book about growing up Jewish, with totally original contributions by famous people. Combining warmhearted humor with a prideful nostalgia, these essays discuss life in the Jewish family and neighborhood, being a Jew in a non-Jewish world, Jewish holidays, and discovering the essence of being Jewish.

Roses in December

Author: Nancy R. Edwards

Publisher: Paint Box Studio Press


Category: Art

Page: 74

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Confederate States of America

How Beauty was Saved

Author: Amanda Alcenia Strickland Washington



Category: Confederate States of America

Page: 75

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Beauty of Life

Author: James F. Cunningham

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 156

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Poetry to help you relax after a long hard day. From Romance to enjoying the great outdoors, a little bit of everything to lighten your heart whenever you need that little bit extra to brighten your day.

The House of Memories and Other Poems

Author: Joyce Ackley

Publisher: Xulon Press



Page: 128

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Joyce Ackley, author of Get Out of Heaven's Waiting Room, now has a book of poetry, House of Memories and other poems. The cover is her drawing of the house that was lived in by four generations of her family. Some of her poetry reflects the memories of people and events spent at that home, which has now been demolished. Her poems are simple memories or ah-ha moments when she discovered the beauty and mystery of nature.. She ends her book with a few little rhymes for the little ones who also enjoy poetry. Her sense of humor is found in such poems as There's Prejudice in the Church, or Confessions to my Third Grade Teacher.
Monterey (Calif.)

Across the Plains

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson



Category: Monterey (Calif.)

Page: 317

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Author: Margaret COX




Page: 114

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This book is full of fond memories and other emotions which projected themselves onto the pages... Please enjoy the read...

Iran Memories and Other Poems: an Iranian-American Woman's Journey

Author: Zahra Karimipour

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Poetry

Page: 78

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Zahra Karimipours poetry paints a nostalgic picture of life in 1950s Boroujerd, a small town in the west of Iran. The realities of life in Boroujerd reveal a picture of a preindustrialized society, where life had not been touched by advanced machinery; life was simple, but vibrant. Karimipours memories of other places in Iran such as Tehran and the Caspian Sea are emotional accounts of her reflections on endearing memories. Her poem Oh, Caspian, shows her longing for the times she visited the Caspian Sea; her poem Ah, Tehran, reveals her regret of losing a city to population explosion and urbanization.
Biography & Autobiography

Memories of Hurricane Katrina and Other Musings

Author: Jack O'Connor

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

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Jack O'Connor was a police officer at the University of Massachusetts for twenty-one years. After retiring from the police department, he moved to New Orleans and was employed as director of security for a New Orleans hotel chain. He was in the hotel where he was based in downtown New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck and devastated the city. O'Connor uses a blend of poetry and prose to describe what he saw, heard, and felt during the great disaster. He not only tells of the damage and horror, but he also shows the goodness of man that this tragedy brought out. He also describes how an event that brought so much pain and suffering to thousands also brought about some very major positive changes in his life. Home They say home is where the heart is. I dont doubt that this is all very true. Do you know what this really means? My home is really in New Orleans. While Katrina ravaged New Orleans And I watched in fascinated wonder, I only saw its power and wild fury As it played out in a very small scene. Over the following days and weeks, When I saw the devastation twas done, Bitter tears flowed down my cheeks As I saw the very soul torn from my home


Author: ʻAlī Muḥammadu Rāshdī

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: History

Page: 158

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The reader is given a lucid and colourful picture of the favorite pastime of Sindh: Shikar. It is an introduction to the country's renowned marksmen, manner of hunting, and weapons used, interspersed with adventures encountered in all its expert detail, and its importance in the socio-political fabric of the subcontinent.
Biography & Autobiography

The Rebecca Notebook

Author: Daphne Du Maurier

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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This book of occasional pieces from Daphne du Maurier's workshop is good to have: it is something of a continuation of her autobiography MYSELF WHEN YOUNG. The title piece is the remarkable Notebook she kept when REBECCA was forming itself in her mind -- the book that made her a worldwide bestseller and conquered both stage and films and ... television. The other pieces are mainly autobiographical but have no less variety than charm. 'Her devoted readers will not be disappointed' SPECTATOR
Biography & Autobiography

Old Soho Days and Other Memories

Author: Mother Kate

Publisher: Rene Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 228

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