Biography & Autobiography

Persistence of Light

Author: John Hoyte

Publisher: SCB Distributors


Category: Biography & Autobiography

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John Hoyte was a student at Cambridge University who realized one day that a grant he might get could provide an interesting and unusual summer vacation. And thus was born the idea of leading an elephant over the Alps via the trails, paths, and mountain passes taken by Hannibal with his army and war elephants in 218 B.C to do battle with the Roman empire. Hoyte’s successful mission, with an elephant named Jumbo on loan from the Turin zoo, became a media sensation, leading to international coverage and starting him on the way to a fifty-year career as an inventor and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Hoyte’s story is a fascinating one, beginning with the six years of his childhood spent in a Japanese internment camp in China during World War II. Throughout the years that followed, he has taken each surprising twist and turn of fate and used it to help build a life infused with purpose, creativity and fulfillment.

The Persistence of God's Endangered Promises

Author: Allan J. McNicol

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 248

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Using a thorough, integrated biblical theology to make sense of the 'master story' of Scripture, Allan J. McNicol explores the nature and importance of the Bible's abiding narrative of the persistence of God's promises to his people, and their hope of final triumph. Special attention is given to the often contentious claim that these early followers of Jesus presumed that they stood in full continuity with Israel, the historic people of God, and were claiming that many of God's promises were coming to fulfilment among them. McNicol presents a closer analysis of the texts as he shows how the theme of the people of God fits into the wider literary productions of these major New Testament writers.
Literary Criticism

The Persistence of Memory

Author: Philip Kuberski

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 145

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"Held together by a specific vision of memory, these essays put together sources that normally do not come into contact. I like this book a lot."--David B. Morris, author of "The Culture of Pain" "Thought-provoking and even moving. . . . Superior in terms of its poetic acuteness and its range."--Jonathan Boyarin, author of "Polish Jews in Paris: The Ethnography of Memory"
Social Science

Persistence of Race

Author: Nina G. Jablonski



Category: Social Science

Page: 196

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This is the third and final group of essays emerging from the discussions of the Effects of Race Project at the Stellenbosch Ins􀆟tute for Advanced Study (STIAS) that occurred in 2016 and 2017. The authors consider the biological and social understandings of race, and how new information from both the biological and social sciences is changing our perspec􀆟ve on the nature of the human condition, including the association of biological and social phenomena with “race”. They also look at global events or movements which influence these processes in South Africa and the costs of a racialised world order to humans and humanity. Phenomena are examined through the lenses of many disciplines: sociology, history, geography, anthropology and writing.
Political Science

The Persistence of Innovation in Government

Author: Sandford F. Borins

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 230

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Sandford Borins addresses the enduring significance of innovation in government as practiced by public servants, analyzed by scholars, discussed by media, documented by awards, and experienced by the public. In The Persistence of Innovation in Government, he maps the changing landscape of American public sector innovation in the twenty-first century, largely by addressing three key questions: • Who innovates? • When, why, and how do they do it? • What are the persistent obstacles and the proven methods for overcoming them? Probing both the process and the content of innovation in the public sector, Borins identifies major shifts and important continuities. His examination of public innovation combines several elements: his analysis of the Harvard Kennedy School's Innovations in American Government Awards program; significant new research on government performance; and a fresh look at the findings of his earlier, highly praised book Innovating with Integrity: How Local Heroes Are Transforming American Government. He also offers a thematic survey of the field's burgeoning literature, with a particular focus on international comparison.

Physics Demonstrations

Author: Julien C. Sprott

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press


Category: Education

Page: 290

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Sprott’s demonstrations will fascinate, amaze, and teach students the wonders of physics. A compilation of physics demonstrations performed at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and in the popular lecture series The Wonders of Physics, Physics Demonstrations includes demonstrations illustrating properties of motion, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, and light. All demonstrations include a brief description, a materials list, preparation procedures, a provocative discussion of the phenomena displayed and the principles illustrated, important information about potential hazards, and references. Suitable for performance outside the laboratory, Sprott’s demonstrations are an indispensable teaching tool.
Biography & Autobiography

A World of Light

Author: Floyd Skloot

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 199

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From the winner of the 2004 PEN Center USA Literary Award for Creative Nonfiction In his award-winning memoir "In the Shadow of Memory," Floyd Skloot told the hard story of coming to terms with a brain-ravaging virus. "A World of Light," written with the same insight, passion, and humor that distinguished the earlier volume, moves Skloot's story from the reassembly of a self after neurological calamity to the reconstruction of a shattered life. More than fifteen years after a viral attack compromised his memory and cognitive powers, Skloot now must do the vital work of recreating a cohesive life for himself even as he confronts the late stages of his mother's advancing dementia. With tenderness and candor, he finds surprising connection with her where it had long been missing, transforming the end of her life into a time of unexpected renewal. At the same time, Skloot and his wife are building a rich new life at the center of a small isolated forest on a hillside in rural Oregon, where a dwindling water supply and the bitter assaults of the weather bring an elemental perspective to his attempts to make himself once more at home in the world. By turns poignant, funny, and frightening, "A World of Light" balances the urgency to capture fragmented, fleeting memories with the necessity of living fully in the present.

Persistence and Change

Author: W. H. Warren, Jr.

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 392

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