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Planets in Houses

Author: Robert Pelletier

Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 366

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What Robert Pelletier does in Planets in Houses has never been done before in the history of astrology. He discusses the meaning of each planet in each house as derived by counting from each of the other eleven houses, and he discusses the meaning of each house position in relation to the other houses with which it forms trines, sextiles, squares and oppositions, inconjuncts and semi-sextiles. In each chapter, wheel symbols graphically show the seventeen different house relationships delineated for each planet. Finally, Pelletier delineates the Sun-Moon polarities in terms of the wheel of houses: for each house position of the Sun, he interprets each of the twelve possible related house positions of the Moon. Each chapter presents the traditional meaning of the house and explains how the derivative house system applies to it.

Depth Astrology

Author: Gargatholil

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 594

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This is part two of the fourth volume of Gargatholil's 4-volume work, Depth Astrology: An Astrological Handbook--the first comprehensive handbook interpreting the astrological symbol set in the tradition of such pioneers as Dane Rudhyar, Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo. In this volume, the meaning of each of the six major astrological aspects for each possible planetary aspect is interpreted using the psycho-transformative depth astrology approach. "Planets" include the 10 traditional astrological planets, the Ascendant and Midheaven, the Moon's Nodes and the Part of Fortune. Part two contains aspects for Mars through the Part of Fortune. Possible planetary aspects are limited to binary aspects and to those aspects occurring in the twentieth century and in the twenty-first century till 2013. Each interpretation contains: an explanation of the interaction between the two aspecting planets, the essential meaning and potential manifestations of each planetary aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition and, in most cases, quincunx), the transcendent potential of the planetary placement, and manifestations of the planetary placement from a place of insecurity. Planetary combinations are arranged factorially, so that planetary aspects are not repeated once interpreted. Depth Astrology - Planets in Aspect is a valuable tool for the novice just entering the field of depth astrology, for the astrological professional desiring a look-up of planetary interpretations that provide guidance to the unfolding potentialities of planetary placements, or for anyone seeking to use the astrological symbol-set as a tool for self-discovery and growth. Novices are encouraged to purchase Volume 1 - Introduction. Depth Astrology: An Astrological Handbook was reviewed in The Mountain Astrologer, Dec/Jan 2018 issue.
Hindu astrology

Yogas in Astrology

Author: Dr. K S Charak

Publisher: Institute of Vedic Astrology


Category: Hindu astrology

Page: 214

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Planets in the Signs and Houses

Author: Bepin Behari

Publisher: Lotus Press (WI)


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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This book follows up on the foundation provided in Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology and delves into questions such as impulses likely to be generated by the planets in different signs and houses of the natal chart. The author cuts through the obscurity of the centuries to present a clear and effective science with a deep psychological background and underpinning.
Hindu astrology

Sree Varaha Mihira's Bhirat Jataka

Author: Bangalore Suryanarain Rao

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.


Category: Hindu astrology

Page: 639

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Birhat Jatak from time immemorial has been considered as the standard textbook on Astrology. The English translation of Varahamihira`s Brihat Jataka is a monumental work in completing which the difficulties in translating a beautiful, technical and suggestive work in sanskrit had to surmounted by hard labour, profound research and want of adequate expressions. It is not mere a translation work; the ripe experience of Mr. Rao for over 60 years in the field of Astrology and his sound judgment on doubtful points have substantiated its value further.
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How to Read Cosmodynes

Author: Doris Doane

Publisher: American Federation of Astr


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 92

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How to Read Cosmodynes fills an important need in the astrological field. Many know of this method of measuring the relative power of the planets, signs and houses, but few know how to use it in their daily astrological practice. Yet it can be the key to seemingly inexplicable factors in an individual horoscope. Cosmodyne patterns indicate how delays, obstacles and confusion can be avoided. They point to where the energy-expenditure should be directed, how it should be channeled, and the associations which will enhance the demonstration of success. Once you experiment with the use of cosmodynes, you will never give them up. Probably you'll wonder how you managed to do without them for so long.

Planets in Transit

Author: Robert Hand

Publisher: Whitford Press


Category: Astrology

Page: 528

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Astrology Decoded

Author: Sue Merlyn Farebrother

Publisher: Random House


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

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Have you ever wondered what astrology is about, or whether there is more to astrology than the popular sun-sign columns in the media? Are you fascinated by the idea of being able to interpret your own or other people's personal horoscopes? If so, this is the book for you. Accessible, entertaining and informative, Astrology Decoded explains, step by step, how astrology works, when to use it and ways to take it further. In this fascinating guide, expert astrologer Sue Merlyn Farebrother offers a practical and comprehensive course that will take you through the colourful ingredients that make up a birth chart, from the 12 zodiac signs to subtle astrological combinations and aspects, and the ways in which these express themselves through a person's character. Whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge of this fascinating subject, Astrology Decoded will deepen your understanding, and show you how to use astrology to enchance your life and the lives of others. Discover how the heavenly bodies really do influence us all and, in the process, learn more about yourself and those you care about...
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The House Book

Author: Stephanie Camilleri

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 247

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Get a fresh, insightful look into the meaning of each planet in every astrological house, when you get The House Book by Stephanie Camilleri. The system of houses divides the circle that forms the horoscope chart into twelve even section, each having their own meaning and value. The House Book helps you understand the specific areas of your life that the houses represent—health, family, relationships, emotions, change, career, and more—based on your birth chart. The House Book may be the best introduction (and the simplest to use) to the subject ever. Simply look up any planet and read the specific description for the house it falls into in your chart. The author bases each description in The House Book on an average of 125 actual birth charts with that same location to give you a real-world grasp of what the house placements in your chart mean. ·Contains 120 concise descriptions for each planet in every house ·Based on actual natal charts ·Provides an overview of basic principles for beginning astrologers ·Includes a new rectification method for pros The author has been a student and practitioner of astrology for over 35 years. During that time, she was unable to find a book that definitively clarified the meanings of the astrological houses. She studied the similarities among 1,500 different natal charts to write this book. That's why no astrological reference shelf is complete without The House Book. If you are new to astrology, The House Book will literally save you hours of work. It has all of the information you need to interpret the meaning of every planet in each house—no more searching through dozens of books for information. If you are a pro, you can use this as the basis for your work with houses, allowing you to add even more accuracy to your readings . . . and get them done faster, too. No matter your level of astrological experience, you must get The House Book.