Absolute Beginner's Guide to Multimedia

Author: Ron Wodaski

Publisher: Sams


Category: Computers

Page: 390

View: 416

This book teaches how to add sound, music, images and vide to your computer and master all the elements of multimedia from hardware to accessoroes and create your own multimedia. The CD-ROM includes multimedia software including: Compel Personal Edition, Sound Choice Lite, Super Show 'n Tell Lite. Also includes sample multimedia clips.

The Pocket Guide to the Internet

Author: Gary Gach



Category: Computers

Page: 347

View: 230

With concise explanations and practical examples, this book gives advice on what the Internet is, how to connect to it and how to surf the web.
Business & Economics

The Vest Pocket Guide to Information Technology

Author: Jae K. Shim

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

View: 336

The only IT guide you need You're busy-very busy. You need reliable, practical answers to yourIT questions, and you need them now. The Vest Pocket Guide toInformation Technology, Second Edition is a handy pocketproblem-solver designed to provide you with the quickest route to asolution. Practical, reader-friendly, and thoroughly illustrated,this updated handbook provides complete guidance for the complex,ever-changing world of IT to help you quickly pinpoint what youneed to look for, what to watch out for, what to do, and how to doit. Written by two all-time bestselling accounting and finance authors,Jae Shim and Joel Siegel, this thoroughly updated Second Editionincludes tables, forms, checklists, questionnaires, practical tips,and sample reports to help you avoid and resolve any and all ITdilemmas. A must-read for business professionals, financialmanagers and consultants, production and operation managers,accountants, COOs, CFOs, and CEOs, this handy guide helpsyou: * Select the best hardware for particular applicationneedsStrategically use IT systems * Use the best software in planning and control * Select Sarbanes-Oxley compliance software * Prevent fraud through computerized security * Effectively apply Management Information Systems (MIS) * Use online databases to make business decisions * Use a decision support system (DSS) and an executive informationsystem (EIS) to improve the quality of analysis, evaluation, anddecision making * Understand emerging trends and developments in informationtechnology * Harness marketing information systems to improve sales planning,sales forecasting, market research, and advertising * Evaluate and manage an IT project Your professional success depends on keeping abreast of the latestthinking and applications in information technology. The VestPocket Guide to Information Technology, Second Edition gives youall the information you need to make optimum decisions now and planahead for later.

Multimedia Developer's Guide

Author: Paul J. Perry

Publisher: Sams


Category: Computers

Page: 1114

View: 715

Quickly enter the rapidly expanding field of multimedia with this programmer's guide that shows readers the way to bring more graphics, sound, and animation to applications and provides in-depth programming techniques and example programs. Original. (Intermediate).
Technology & Engineering

Pocket Guide to Telecommunications, Electronic Communications, and Information Technology

Author: A'isha Ajayi

Publisher: Delmar Pub


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 194

View: 484

The Pocket Guide to Telecommunications, Electronic Communications and Information Technology is designed to be a portable reference to the technical aspects of electronic communications. Topics in each section are presented in alphabetical order and examples and appropriateness to the printing and publishing industries are highlighted. The modular design of the sections will allow the instructor to be flexible in his/her curriculum structure. (Keywords: Electronic Communication)

Instant Multimedia for Windows? 3.1 (W/Two 3.5 Inch Disks)

Author: Kris Jamsa

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


Category: Computers

Page: 390

View: 754

You don't need a lot of expensive equipment and special software to use multimedia. With Instant Multimedia all you need is Windows 3.1. Two powerful disks feature multimedia applications that you can use on your computer immediately. Simply pop the disk into your computer and go. The application on the disks include: The Windows 3.1 Sound Driver, a full-motion animation, special effects sounds, a hypermedia demonstration, and a multimedia screensaver.

Copyright Law in the Digital Society

Author: Tanya Aplin

Publisher: Hart Publishing


Category: Law

Page: 288

View: 158

This book examines in detail the extent to which copyright law protects multimedia works in various countries and jurisdictions.

Computer Graphics for Architects, Engineers, and Environmental Designers

Author: D. Dayton Reuter

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications


Category: Architecture

Page: 246

View: 564

This valuable sourcebook provides the concepts and specific details requiredor using digital technology without being tied to any single softwareroduct. Readers will find a wealth of information on such topics as workingith bit map and vector digital media; data storage and archiving; dataompression; scanning resolution; rasterizing vector content; file and folderaming conventions; fonts and printing systems; channels, paths, texture maps;nd much more. With nearly 400 illustrations, and a CD-ROM contairing thentire book plus dozens of hyperlinks to valuable resources, here is aust-have book for anyone working in environmental design!

An Examination of Children's Privacy

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Insurance



Category: Children

Page: 134

View: 405

Broadband communication systems

Distributed Multimedia Through Broadband Communications

Author: Daniel Minoli

Publisher: Artech House Publishers


Category: Broadband communication systems

Page: 311

View: 454

Here's a book that offers a pragmatic view of the multimedia field -- enabling you to sort out the real, commercially viable applications from all the hype surrounding multimedia. It is the first book to focus on the networked aspects and requirements of multimedia -- multimedia experts take you from today's desktop to tomorrow's client-server applications and remotely distributed systems. It is specifically written to address the business opportunities and challenges that may exist for today's corporate manager.

Digital Photography Pocket Guide

Author: Derrick Story

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."


Category: Computers

Page: 172

View: 430

Even film diehards have a tough time resisting the instant gratification of the digital camera. Today's digital cameras are more affordable then ever before, and they deliver high quality images that are a snap to share. Plus, you can take risks with a digital camera you never would with a film camera. You waste nothing; there's no film required, and because you only print the pictures you need, digital photography is cost effective and environmentally friendly. But to take full advantage of a digital camera, you need to be an experienced photographer and an expert at digital photography too. With more than 15 years of experience as a photojournalist, author Derrick Story brings you Digital Photography Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition. For everyone who owns or will own a digital camera (and that pretty much means everyone!), this is the perfect on-the-go guide for taking top-notch digital photos. In this third edition of the bestselling pocket guide, Story expands on the basic photography techniques that he introduced in earlier editions, including an explanation of each camera component and what it does, tips for choosing just the right settings for your needs, and much more. This indispensable guide covers everything from how to shoot sports action, close ups, and night shots, to dealing with image resolution, archiving, and memory cards. Affordable and portable, Digital Photography Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition offers full-color photographs, screen shots, and line art illustrating all the topics in the guide's three main sections ("Digital Camera Components," "Standard Camera Functions," and "How Do I?"). Contents are labeled A to Z for quick reference. There's also a comprehensive table of contents and index so you'll waste no time flipping to the specific information you need--whether you want to transfer images, make a QuickTime movie, or just figure out what purpose that mystery setting on your camera serves. There's even a section of easy-to-read reference tables for quick look-up of white balance settings, exposure compensation, camera mode explanations, and plenty more.

Que's Macintosh Multimedia Handbook

Author: Tony Bove

Publisher: Que Pub


Category: Computers

Page: 432

View: 253

Written by noted authorities Bove and Rhodes, this handbook introduces desktop multimedia presentations: graphics, video, sound, and animation.

Writing for Multimedia

Author: Michael Korolenko

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


Category: Computers

Page: 272

View: 625

This is a comprehensive book detailing writing for entertainment, children, science fiction thrillers, documentaries, and assessment programs. It teaches the user to develop non-linear writing skills, instructs them in a variety of techniques, and describes a variety of tools and methods (such as storyboards, flip-books and computer prototypes).