Political Science

Managing Public Safety Technology

Author: Jeffrey A. Rose

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Political Science

Page: 374

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Divided into four sections—public safety agencies, key issues like interoperability and cybercrime, management skills, and emerging trends like the transfer of military technologies to civilian agencies, Managing Public Safety Technology illustrates how essential managing technology is to the success of any project. Based on the authors’ years of experience dealing with information systems and other tools, this book offers guidance for line personnel, supervisors, managers, and anyone dealing with public safety technology. Designed for current or future public safety personnel, especially those in management, Managing Public Safety Technology can also be used for undergraduate and graduate public safety management and leadership programs.
Business & Economics

Public Safety and Security Administration

Author: P.J. Ortmeier

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 196

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Public Safety and Security Administration addresses public safety and security from a holistic and visionary perspective. For the first time, safety and security organizations, as well as their administration, are brought together into an integrated work. The protection of persons and property involves many public agencies and priivate organizations. Entities from the criminal jutics system (law enforcement, courts, corrections) as well as the fire service, private security and hazardous materials all contribute to public safety and security. This book addresses these entities, as well as safety and security issues, from a holistic and visionary perspective. It addresses criminal and non-criminal safety and security concerns, provides an overview of each entity (component) of the system of public safety and security, presents an overview of the administration process involved in planning, organizing, managing and evaluating public safety and security organizations and describes collateral functions of investigations, documentation and report writing. Public safety and security organizations should not work in isolation. Rather, they should collaborate to protect persons and property. This book represents the first time all the public safety and security entities have been addressed in one text. Focuses on the theories, concepts, practices and problems related to the present and future of public safety and security Examines different strategies for problem solving which personnel working in the field may utilize Synthesizes college-level lectures prepared, presented, and updated by the author over the past twenty years
Business & Economics

Terrorism and Public Safety Policing

Author: James F. Pastor

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 480

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The trends, data, and battle-tested logic don't lie. A perfect storm of extremist ideologies is on the horizon that threatens to challenge the current state of public safety—forcing police chiefs, public administrators, and security professionals to rethink their approach to policing the streets of America. Professor James Pastor, a recognized authority on policing and security, draws on three decades of experience fighting on the front lines against domestic terrorism to identify key indicators that point to an increase in extremist violence and terrorist threats here at home. Merging public policy analysis with an understanding of human nature, Terrorism and Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency provides a unique and thorough examination of the current state of policing and reviews recent events to identify troublesome trends and potential vulnerabilities that must be addressed. This forward-looking guide introduces a new model of policing—Public Safety Policing—that accounts for the changes already underway and offers an organized and proactive response to the new breed of problems on the horizon. Complete with supporting statistics, graphics, and photos, this book provides a realistic look into the future of law enforcement, public safety, and private security. By providing a narrative of the important decisions that need to be made, the author guides policymakers, police administrators, and security professionals with the vision needed to anticipate predicaments on the horizon.
Business & Economics

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Author: Amy Hackney Blackwell

Publisher: Ferguson Publishing Company


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 144

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Reviews the history of law enforcement and public safety, and provides information for people interested in related careers, discussing wages, trends, and key jobs, and looking at how to establish a professional reputation and plan a career path. Includes directories of resources.

100 Questions and Answers About Police Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, Public Safety Officers and Tribal Police

Author: Michigan State University School of Journalism

Publisher: Front Edge Publishing


Category: Law

Page: 98

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Local police and sheriff’s deputies are in the news every day. They are under scrutiny like never before and stereotypes about them and the way the perform their duties abound. News coverage and the proliferation of tools such as cellphone and body cameras make their work more visible, even as police per capita is shrinking. This guide focuses on local policing. As police departments nationwide show renewed interest in growing trust, accountability and transparency, they are a good subject for the Bias Busters series, published by the Journalism School at Michigan State University.
Business & Economics

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Author: A. S. Forbes

Publisher: Infobase Publishing


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 134

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Public Safety and Law Enforcement guides readers to various career possibilities in this interesting field. Featuring invaluable tips and practical advice from professionals, this new book offers an overview of jobs in public safety and law enforcement as well as ways to map out career goals for the future. Careers profiled include: Antiterrorism consultant Building inspector Emergency medical technician Firefighter Forensic science technician Information security consultant Park ranger Police officer Private investigator.

Behind the Patch

Author: Karen Katz

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


Category: Transportation

Page: 328

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The emergence of Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs which allegedly closely resemble Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in their style of dress has created controversies within the law enforcement and outlaw biker communities. Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs represent a social response to the breakdown of the police subculture, specifically, the erosion of brotherhood, internal solidarity, and camaraderie within police departments. Police officers who shared a passion for riding motorcycles created their own unique hybrid subculture in order to restore a sense of brotherhood and belonging among themselves. The salient features of the subculture are brotherhood, the wearing of colours with the 3-piece back patch, and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles in group formation. These features hold symbolic meanings for the club members and serve important functions within the subculture. Through motorcycling, Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs provide their members with meaningful social participation and interpersonal relations, which re-establishes meaning and a sense of purpose in their lives. This book will make a significant contribution to knowledge because it is the only book written of its kind. Few, if any, researchers have ever been able to obtain access to the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club subculture and no other scholar has systematically observed and interviewed members of these clubs. This book may have important implications for law enforcement officials who do not understand these officers and their choice of membership in such clubs. Additionally, this book will be beneficial to club members because they have been given a voice and an opportunity to tell their stories to the public. Police officers, academics, bikers, and the general public will also find this book to be a rare and valuable glimpse into a subculture that most people know very little about.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Careers in Law Enforcement

Author: Corona Brezina

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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This book introduces readers to the variety of jobs in law enforcement. The book covers FBI, INS, DEA, ATF agents as well as the lesser-known park services ranger, polygraph examiners, and postal inspectors.
Commercial vehicles

Public Safety and Law Enforcement Standing Committee

Author: Missouri. General Assembly. House of Representatives. Public Safety and Law Enforcement Standing Committee



Category: Commercial vehicles

Page: 23

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Cantonese dialects

Cantonese for Law Enforcement

Author: John M. (John Miles) Cameron

Publisher: Trafford


Category: Cantonese dialects

Page: 221

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CANTONESE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT A Practical Guide to Cantonese for Law Enforcement, Immigration, Customs, Corrections and Security Professionals Immigrants from Asian countries now make up the largest proportion of new immigrants to North America. Cantonese Chinese is currently the most common Asian dialect encountered by law enforcement officers and public safety officials working in fields such as policing, security, customs, immigration and corrections. Cantonese for Law Enforcement is a new, original reference guide which accomplishes two goals: It helps enforcement officers who already speak some Cantonese to communicate more effectively by providing the specific terms and phrases needed in law enforcement; and It provides the student or teacher of Cantonese with the first phrasebook and vocabulary specifically designed for law enforcement. Developed by a western police officer influenced by his own experiences working in a North American Chinese community for over ten years, Cantonese for Law Enforcement provides practical vocabulary for the types of real-life situations commonly encountered in law enforcement. Cantonese for Law Enforcement has been field tested by police officers in agencies including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and recognized as a valuable new law enforcement resource.

Introduction to Security

Author: P. J. Ortmeier

Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed


Category: Law

Page: 432

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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. The updated fourth edition of Introduction to Security: Operations and Management provides a single, comprehensive text that balances introductory protection concepts with security management principles and practices. It presents a global view of security along with the practical application of security principles. Unmatched coverage of management topics such as planning, budgeting, and dealing with decision-makers make this an outstanding text for security management courses. The accessible and concise writing style makes it a top choice for students, while Ortmeier’s focus on career preparation makes this edition an excellent prep tool for the ASIS International Certified Protection Professional (CPP) exam.

Campus Safety and Law Enforcement

Author: University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Department of Public Safety and Police




Page: 9

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Criminal justice, Administration of

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Author: Alyson Forbes

Publisher: Checkmark Books


Category: Criminal justice, Administration of

Page: 160

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A comprehensive look at a wide range of jobs for brave readers--from patrolling the streets to fighting fires.