Pulse Diagnosis

Author: 李時珍

Publisher: Paradigm Publications


Category: Medical

Page: 140

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Paradigm Publications brings the medicine and healing of the Oriental tradition to English-speaking readers. Our work is based on the premise that the West will successfully absorb Oriental traditional healing arts only by honoring the respect for language, tradition, and nature on which they were founded. Seeking to accurately transmit an Asian expertise that is rooted in bedside skills and highly trained sensory observations, our books for clinical professionals are produced by cooperative teams of Asian and Western clinical experts, scholars, and linguists. By adhering to voluntary, multi-author, multi-publisher standards, these works become part of a valuable library that is not limited by the interests of any one author or publisher. Based on similar principles, our books for discriminating readers offer the simple utility people need to apply these arts to their lives.The only English language ed. of the 16th-c. classic available.

Pulse Diagnosis E-Book

Author: Sean Walsh

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


Category: Medical

Page: 248

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This exciting new book, Pulse Diagnosis: A Clinical Guide describes a reliable method of pulse assessment. The authors' style and approach to pulse diagnosis provides a unique insight into this often ambiguous system of diagnosis drawing upon the traditions of Chinese medicine, the knowledge of biomedical constructs and the relationship of each to contemporary TCM clinical practice. Subjects covered include exploration of the concept of ‘pulse' and establishment of it within the context of health, current limitations of current pulse literature in relation to clinical practice, pulse diagnosis within contemporary TCM clinical practice and pulse taking procedures.

Pulse Diagnosis in Early Chinese Medicine

Author: Elisabeth Hsu

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 404

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A study of the earliest extensive account of Chinese pulse diagnosis, focusing on a biography of Chunyu Yi.

Essential Pulse Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

Author: Jamie Hamilton

Publisher: Singing Dragon


Category: Medical

Page: 256

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Pulse diagnosis is a notoriously complicated area in Chinese medicine with very few practical or accessible resources available to practitioners to improve their skillset. This clear, didactic manual provides detailed yet user-friendly instructions for a pulse diagnosis method the author has developed called Mai Jing A-B-C, allowing for clinical competency and confidence in pulse diagnosis. Jamie Hamilton draws on pulse methods and techniques found primarily in the 3rd century classic of Chinese medicine, Mai Jing, that have often been overlooked in later centuries. He uses his teaching background to reassess these methods and breaks down incredibly complex concepts into simpler forms to enable learning and immediate application into practice. The method has been honed into six simple steps, each accompanied by detailed case studies to further aid clarity.

Modern Pulse Diagnosis: Mobile ECG Based

Author: Galina V. Roofener




Page: 66

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This textbook is intended for individuals familiar with the theory and clinical practice of East Asian medicine and Illustrates a modern perspective on describing the TCM pulse through the interpretation of mobile ECG data. Recent developments in mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) devices provide an excellent resource for practitioners to have a convenient and affordable tool for an objective pulse measure. Qi is an electric impulse that commands the heart chambers to contract that subsequently generates the pulse. An ECG is an accepted scientific test to detect the electrical activity of the heart. It can also be used to measure and interpret the state of Qi in the human body. We can determine the strength of Qi by measuring the strength of the electric impulse that is clearly visible as the height of the R wave spike on an ECG, etc. This book is a major break through in the development of East Asian Medicine.
Medicine, Chinese

Pocket Atlas of Pulse Diagnosis

Author: Cheng-Hong Lin

Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers


Category: Medicine, Chinese

Page: 254

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The Pocket Atlas of Pulse Diagnosis unravels the mystery of pulse diagnosis. Detailed explanations of the 28 individual pulses are presented, along with simple diagrams that vividly illustrate how the different pulses should feel like under the fingers at each level of palpation.

Pulse Diagnosis

Author: Lu Yubin

Publisher: Redwing Book Company


Category: Diagnosis

Page: 181

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