Queen of the Sun

Author: Taggart Siegel



Category: Science

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In Autumn 2006 an unnerving phenomenon hit the United States: honeybees were mysteriously disappearing from hives across the nation, with beekeepers reporting losses of between 30 and 90 per cent of their entire colonies. The problem soon spread to parts of Europe and even Asia, earning the name Colony Collapse Disorder. To this day nobody is absolutely sure why it is happening and what the exact causes are. However, in 1923 Rudolf Steiner, a scientist, philosopher and social innovator, predicted that bees would die out within 100 years if they were to be reproduced using only artificial methods. Startlingly, and worryingly, his prediction appears to be coming true. Queen of The Sun, What Are the Bees Telling Us? is a companion book to the critically-acclaimed film of the same name. Compiled by the film’s director Taggart Siegel, it makes a profound examination of the global bee crisis through the eyes of biodynamic and organic beekeepers, scientists, farmers, philosophers and poets. Revealing the mysterious world of the beehive and the complex social community of bees, the book unveils millennia of beekeeping, highlighting our historic and sacred relationship with bees, and how this is being compromised by highly-mechanized and intensive agro-industrial practices. The bees are messengers and their disappearance is a resounding wake-up call for humanity! With full colour, stunning photography throughout, this engaging, alarming but ultimately uplifting anthology begins with an account of how Siegel’s film came to be made. It continues with a wealth of articles, interviews and poems that offer unique philosophical and spiritual insights. Besides investigating many contributory causes of Colony Collapse Disorder, the book offers remedies as well as hope for the future. Queen of the Sun features contributions from Taggart Siegel, Jon Betz, David Heath, Gunther Hauk, Horst Kornberger, Jennifer Kornberger, Jacqueline Freeman, Johannas Wirz, Kerry Grefig, Michael Thiele, Raj Patel, Vandana Shiva, Jeffery Smith and Matthew Barton. These compelling voices signal a growing movement striving to found a culture fully in balance with nature.
Body, Mind & Spirit

The Sun at Midnight: The Revealed Mysteries of the Ahlul Bayt Sufis

Author: Laurence Galian

Publisher: Kalki Mahavatar


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 800

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This Book contains an extensive collection of Sufi wisdom gathered from the greatest Sufi masters. These Sufi masters are known as the "Awliya" [saints]. They serve Allâh and his creation while they are here on earth and from heaven. The author traveled around the globe for ten years gathering these teaching stories ["wisdom teachings"] from the Friends of Allâh who are known to the public and those who choose to remain hidden. The book also contains profound explorations and examples of the lives of the Ahlul Bayt (the five "Companions of the Mantle"): Muhammad Mustafa - The Seal of the Prophets (s.a.w.s.), Imam Ali Haydar ('Alahi Assalam), Lady Fatima tul Zehra ('Alaiha Assalam), Imam Hassan ('Alaihi Assalam), and Imam Hussain ('Alaihi Assalam), and the sixth. And finally, weaving through the book is a "book within a book" . . . a teaching tale about the "Hidden Prophet" Khezr (a.s.) who is known as the "Green Man of Sufism," a truly mysterious being who appears in the Holy Qur'an as well as numerous sacred tales passed down orally through the centuries, and told to the author personally, by some of the most renowned Sheikhs in the world. This masterwork contains 778 pages, more than 800 footnotes, plus bibliography, endnotes, and index.

Everything Under the Sun

Author: Spencer Steeves

Publisher: Covenant Publishing


Category: Art

Page: 337

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Sun’s Reach is in dire peril. The last war between ancient enemies, Sun’s Reach, and Moonwatch was one hundred years ago. With the Eclipse blocking the two kingdoms from each other, it truly should have been the last. But fate has its own plans. Amaru Sunbrand, daughter of the primary goddess, and Emery Redwyn, princess of Sun’s Reach, are about to learn this. Amaru is swept into a trek across the Scorched Waste when her tribe is attacked, pushing the Fyroxi ever closer to extinction. As war looms, Emery is plagued by thoughts of her beloved knight, missing in action, her fool of a father, and the societal duty to marry, all of which may change the rest of her young life.

Stations of the Sun

Author: Ronald Hutton

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: History

Page: 560

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Comprehensive and engaging, this colourful study covers the whole sweep of ritual history from the earliest written records to the present day. From May Day revels and Midsummer fires, to Harvest Home and Hallowe'en, to the twelve days of Christmas, Ronald Hutton takes us on a fascinating journey through the ritual year in Britain. He challenges many common assumptions about the customs of the past, and debunks many myths surrounding festivals of the present, to illuminate the history of the calendar year we live by today.

Divine Comedy of Neophyte Corax and Goddess Morrigan

Author: Payam Nabarz



Category: Religion

Page: 63

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In this collection of plays, Nabarz uses the Greek teaching method of Socratic dialogue to take a down-to-earth look at contemporary spirituality. Corax, the neophyte, along with his initiator, the Celtic goddess Morrigan, embarks on a series of magical journeys and adventures.


Author: Sophus Helle

Publisher: Yale University Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A poem for the ages, freshly and accessibly translated by an international rising star, bringing together scholarly precision and poetic grace Gilgamesh is a Babylonian epic from three thousand years ago, which tells of King Gilgamesh’s deep love for the wild man Enkidu and his pursuit of immortality when Enkidu dies. It is a story about love between men, loss and grief, the confrontation with death, the destruction of nature, insomnia and restlessness, finding peace in one’s community, the voice of women, the folly of gods, heroes, and monsters—and more. Millennia after its composition, Gilgamesh continues to speak to us in myriad ways. Translating directly from the Akkadian, Sophus Helle offers a literary translation that reproduces the original epic’s poetic effects, including its succinct clarity and enchanting cadence. An introduction and five accompanying essays unpack the history and main themes of the epic, guiding readers to a deeper appreciation of this ancient masterpiece.

The Five Queendoms - Scorpica

Author: G. R. Macallister

Publisher: Titan Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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A page-turning feminist Game of Thrones, full of treachery, sex, magic and a cast of ruthless women. In an ancient matriarchal world of magic, gods and warriors, the last girl – unbeknownst to the five Queendoms – has just been born. As time marches on, the scribes of Bastian find no answers in their history books. The farmers of Sestia sacrifice their crops to the gods. Paxim, the empire of trade and dealings has nothing to barter but boys and more boys. Arcan magic has no spells to remedy the Drought of Girls, as it soon becomes known. And finally, Scorpia, where every woman is a fighter, their commander, their Queen, has no more warriors to train. The lines of these once-great empires soon to die. After centuries of peace, the ensuing struggle for dominance – and heirs – will bring the Five Queendoms to the eve of all-out war. But the mysterious curse is linked to one of the last-born children, an orphaned all-magic girl, on the run from the Seekers of Daybreak Palace, who is unaware she has a claim to the Arcan throne...

CMJ New Music Report





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CMJ New Music Report is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and college radio airplay and independent and trend-forward retail sales. CMJ's trade publication, compiles playlists for college and non-commercial stations; often a prelude to larger success.