Literary Criticism

Who's Afraid of Jane Austen? How to Really Talk About Books You Haven't Read

Author: Henry Hitchings

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Literary Criticism

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Ever wondered how some people seem to have an opinion on every book ever published? Nowadays, there are so many books: how can anyone be well read anymore? Well, help is at hand. Let Henry Hitchings educate you in the invaluable skill of literary bluffing in this survivor's guide to talking about books you haven't read. With tips on how to bluff with confidence using quotable insights and invaluable trivia, Henry Hitchings covers all the great books you ought to have read but haven't got round to yet. If you want to be able to hold your own in a debate about Stephen Hawking or Philip Roth or perhaps you find Shakespeare or Dostoevsky intimidating, then look no further. Including literary heavyweights such as Ulysses, Bleak House and War and Peace this guide will equip you with all the bookish information you need to bluff your way through any scenario, be it a vital exam, an in-depth conversation at the pub or chatting up the potential love of your life. Contents includes, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Henry James, James Joyce, Proust, Homer, Virgil, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Dickens, various contemporary writers, the Bible, the Koran, fairy tales, select bestsellers and some poetry.
Horticultural societies

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Author: Maryland State Horticultural Society



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Flynn's Log 2: Thorn's Lair

Author: Stone Marshall

Publisher: Stone Marshall Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 206

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STUCK IN A VIDEO GAME and facing certain death, Flynn takes his only option. He steps through a portal. . . The second book in the series, Flynn's Log 2: Thorn's Lair, finds Flynn on the other side of the portal. Flynn and friends travel into a terrifying place and face never before seen masses of mobs! Flynn discovers why he is in the game and learns how to exit, but it will not be easy. To fulfill his destiny he must make a dangerous journey. With the help of his friends both digital and physical, will Flynn get out? About the Flynn's Log series: In the near future, video games begin to change and evolve. Random bits of data create a virtual intelligence that takes over the digital world. A digital crisis is born, bringing the real world to a halt. The only person who can save the world is Flynn, but he needs help from his friends, the Hackers. “Very thrilling idea and plot.” -Michelle Au “One of the best books since the 'The Lost Hero'. With one-liners, cliff hangers, and a super-intelligent ultra spider” -Tayo Fafunwa “My son really enjoys this series so far, keeps him reading every day! After he finished this book he was even interested in reading other subjects because he felt more confident to read a chapter book.” -Montana Mom

Real Talk About Classroom Management

Author: Serena Pariser

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 209

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This guide offers 50 proven best practices for managing today’s classroom, complete with just-in-time tools and relatable teacher-to-teacher anecdotes and advice. Culled from years of real-world classroom experience, this book will give you the tips and tricks you need to succeed all school year long, including Making the pivotal first weeks of school count Forming positive relationships with your students Inspiring creativity and maintaining discipline through curriculum and instruction Utilizing other adults (parents, teachers, and administrators) as resources Wowing your students with “spins” and making a lasting emotional impact Keeping yourself sane, from maintaining work-life balance to managing professional relationships

Jesus Christ the Counterfeit Christian Messiah - Incorporating "What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden" and God, Genes and Evil

Author: Lionel Attwell



Category: Religion

Page: 320

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Lionel Attwell, a former highly successful national newspaper reporter, spent seven years investigating the Christian Church and discovered that it was built on a premeditated perversion of the original Hebrew/Greek Scriptures ingeniously mutated to fit its warped agenda and erroneous doctrines. In the process it created a pagan counterfeit Christianized Messiah. His research also reveals the incredible events which actually occured in the Garden of Eden: the forbidden fruit was a narcotic and aphrodisiac; when "high" Eve was seduced by Satan and gave birth to a child with mutated genes subsequently inherited by the whole of mankind. He also explains the causes of human disasters and suffering. This book will change your life.

The Octave Displacement

Author: Matthew Marullo

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 306

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When music makes the laws of physics malfunction, then history is at the mercy of. THE OCTAVE DISPLACEMENT Mike Chessel is a musical genius who has discovered the Cosmic Notes, a musical composition whose notes vibrate sympathetically with microscopic structures called "strings," opening up a passage to Antiearth, Earth's cosmic twin. Now humans from forty-two thousand years into the future want those Cosmic Notes. They know the Notes can be used to detonate a weapon far more terrible than ever conceived. To make matters worse, Mike Chessel had played one wrong note making the trip to Antiearth. The physical world around him is now beginning to twist and warp. Anything could happen. Anything. THE OCTAVE DISPLACEMENT reaches beyond the fringes of imagination in a tale interweaving suspense, science fiction, humor, romance, mystery.and a chilling surprise ending. "The Octave Displacement is a highly imaginative work that merges the worlds of science and music so cleverly that one wrong note can mean the difference between life and death." -Vaughn Fritts, published poet.