The Redstone Inkblot Test


Publisher: Chronicle Books Llc


Category: Art

Page: 26

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A modern twist on the classic inkblot personality test, this kit includes 12 beautiful inkblots to analyze and interpret. Any interpretation can be a jumping-off point for self-discovery, or maybe just a good laugh! A 32-page handbook features a full personality profile for each blot, a short history of inkblots, and tips on how to use the test. Perfect for individual use or for sharing with family and friends. This playful personality test is as amusing as it is revealing!

The Redstone Inkblot Test

Author: Redstone




Page: 44

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Inkblots have long proved irresistible to the imagination. Open to endless interpretation, they satisfy an innate delight in the art of seeing. The Redstone Inkblot Test harks back to an old tradition of speculation, where personality is an aspect of the human condition. This set comes with 12 beautiful inkblots and playful interpretations and speculative diagnoses.
House & Home

The Surrealist Home

Author: Will Hobson

Publisher: Shambhala Redstone Editions


Category: House & Home

Page: 61

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A quirky compendium of questionnaires, tests, and games that explore the psychology of home and domestic relationships, from the creators of Mind Games and Psychobox. How do your personality and your home reflect each other? What about your relationships with your spouse, children, and guests? The Surrealist Home answers these questions and more. You'll never see your home life in the same way again. The box includes •Questionnaires and tests to help you understand and avoid domestic ruts •Notices and mood boards to help you tell other people how you're feeling •Notes-to-Self cards to help you get a different perspective on things •Plans to help you transform your home into a Buddhist cave, a retail environment, and more •A Household Manual to guide you on everything from the mundane drudgery to the pleasing harmony that make up domestic life

Marilyn's Last Sessions

Author: Michel Schneider

Publisher: Canongate Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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4.25 am, 5 August 1962, West Los Angeles Police Department ‘Marilyn Monroe has died of an overdose’, a man’s voice says dully. And when the stunned policeman asked ‘What?’, the same voice struggled to repeat ‘Marilyn Monroe has died. She has committed suicide.’ If life were scripted like the movies, this extraordinary phone call would have been made by the most important man in Marilyn Monroe’s life – Dr Ralph Greenson, her final psychoanalyst. During her last years Marilyn had come to rely on Greenson more and more. She met with him almost every day. He was her analyst, her friend and her confessor. He was the last person to see her alive, and the first to see her dead. In this highly acclaimed novel, Marilyn’s last years – and her last sessions on Dr Greenson’s couch – are brilliantly recreated. This is the story of the world’s most famous and elusive actress, and the world she inhabited, surrounded by such figures as Arthur Miller, Truman Capote and John Huston. It is a remarkable piece of storytelling that illuminates one of the greatest icons of the twentieth century.


Author: Julian Rothenstein

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Category: Psychology

Page: 192

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Who knew a trip to the therapist could be so much fun, even aesthetically rewarding? Beyond sharing feelings or complaining about your mother, Psychobook reveals the rich history of psychological testing in a fascinating sideways look at classic testing methods, from word-association games to inkblots to personality tests. Psychobook includes never-before-seen content from long-hidden archives, as well as reimagined tests from contemporary artists and writers, to try out yourself, at home or at parties. A great ebook for the therapist in your life and the therapist in you, for anyone interested in the history of psychology and psychological paraphernalia, or for anyone who enjoys games and quizzes. Psychobook will brighten your day and outlook.

Priority mail

Author: Mark Winne

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing


Category: Law

Page: 317

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The true story of the 1989 mail bombings targeting federal courts and the NAACP in Southern cities reveals behind-the-scenes investigative work, a chillingly brilliant criminal, a battered wife who turns on her husband, and an appealing hero. 17,500 first printing.