War, Liberty, and Caesar

Author: Edward Paleit

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 351

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In War, Liberty, and Caesar, Edward Paleit discusses how readers and writers of the English Renaissance read and understood Lucan's epic poem on the Roman civil wars. Looking at engagements with Lucan across a wide variety of literary forms, Paleit questions what made this Latin author so relevant during this period.

Between Scholarship and Church Politics

Author: John Maddicott

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 240

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Between Scholarship and Church Politics describes the life and career of John Prideaux, rector of Exeter College, Oxford, 1612-1642, regius professor of divinity, 1615-1642, and bishop of Worcester, 1641-1646. Prideaux was the leading representative of the 'old guard' in the Church of England - Calvinist believers in the doctrines of grace and predestination, who set themselves against the growing power of the Arminian modernisers within the Church, largely the followers of Archbishop Laud. But Prideaux was also an outstandingly successful head of his Oxford college and made it a home for foreign scholars and students. Devoted to teaching, the writers of numerous books for undergraduates and theology students, and thoroughly involved in his College's everyday affairs, he was a model rector. In this study, John Maddicott addresses at length both with Prideaux's political and ecclesiastical career and his role in the College, while also paying particular attention to his personality, his family life (he was twice married and had nine children), and to his wide circle of relatives, colleagues, and allies. Born the son of a Devonshire yeoman and brought up on a farm on the edge of Dartmoor, he rose to occupy some of the highest offices in the university of Oxford and in the church: a result of his intellectual power, his ambition, his learning and scholarship, and his capacity for hard work. Between Scholarship and Church Politics is as much a study of character as a contribution to the political and church history of early Stuart England.
Biography & Autobiography

The Earl of Essex and Late Elizabethan Political Culture

Author: Alexandra Gajda

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 308

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Analyses the attitudes of Essex and his followers towards war, religion, and domestic politics; examines Essex's impact on Elizabethan political culture

Richard ‘Dutch’ Thomson, c. 1569-1613

Author: Paul Botley

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Science

Page: 401

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Richard ‘Dutch’ Thomson, best known today as a Bible translator and one of the earliest English Arminians, was admired by his contemporaries for his learning. This book provides the first biography of Thomson, and edits his surviving correspondence, seventy-eight letters.