Biography & Autobiography

WHFSC Grandmaster's Council: a compendium of the world's leading Grandmasters

Author: Bram Frank



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This a compendium of the world's greatest council of Grandmasters. These Grandmasters both past and present represent an amazing history of the martial arts. It contains their bios told as they want it heard and seen along with pictures past and present of these Grandmasters. The WHFSC World Head of Family Sokeship Council brings together Grandmasters and Sokes from every style of martial arts to a yearly meeting, with an awards dinner, Hall of Fame and seminars sessions given by the Grandmasters themselves. Included in the book are some of the upcoming masters in the martial arts.

Compendium of documents on National Human Rights Institutions in eastern and southern Africa Edited by Charles M Fombad 2019

Author: Charles M Fombad

Publisher: Pretoria University Law Press


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Compendium of documents on National Human Rights Institutions in eastern and southern Africa Edited by Charles M Fombad 2019 ISBN: 978-1-920538-95-8 Pages: 898 Print version: Available Electronic version: Free PDF available About the publication Africa’s increasing recognition and protection of human rights have been accompanied by a surge in the number of NHRIs established with broad mandates to promote and protect human rights. The mandates and powers of the NHRIs vary from country to country, as does their ability to deliver on these mandates. Indeed, the rapid increase in the number of NHRIs in Africa has come with a variety of substantive and operational challenges. In the face of such challenges, those who work in NHRIs need to understand the broader regional and global context in which the institutions operate and the changing nature of human rights issues. This compendium provides an overview of NHRIs in eastern and southern Africa. It is guided to a large extent by the internationally agreed-upon Principles Relating to the Status of National Institutions, referred to as the Paris Principles. These Principles are broadly accepted as the benchmark against which the legitimacy and credibility of NHRIs can be assessed. Endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, the Paris Principles provide NHRIs with guidelines as to their competence and responsibilities, their composition and guarantees of independence and pluralism, and their methods of operation; additional principles relate to the status of commissions with quasi-jurisdictional competence. The generous financial support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Rule of Law for Sub-Saharan Africa, Nairobi, Kenya office, is gratefully acknowledged. Table of Contents PREFACE INTRODUCTION AN OVERVIEW OF NHRIS IN EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA THE OMBUDSMAN OF ANGOLA THE OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN IN BOTSWANA THE BURUNDIAN INDEPENDENT NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO’S NATIONAL COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 6 PART B THE SWAZILAND COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION INTEGRITY THE ETHIOPIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION THE KENYA NATIONAL COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS THE LESOTHO HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION THE LESOTHO HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION THE NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION OF MAURITIUS THE RWANDAN NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS THE SOUTH AFRICAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION THE TANZANIAN COMMISSION FORHUMAN RIGHTS AND GOOD GOVERNANCE THE ZAMBIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION THE ZIMBABWE HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS INSTITUTIONS IN EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA: LESSONS AND PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTURE

Funny You Should Say That

Author: Andrew Martin

Publisher: Penguin UK


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'A fool and his words are soon parted' wrote William Shenstone in 1764; one might add that 'A wit and his words are rarely collected'. Here is the antidote: a dazzling survey of the funniest remarks, quips and observations from Ancient Rome, the Bible and Chaucer right up to The Simpsons and Little Britain. Over 5,000 of the very funniest remarks to have appeared on paper since, well, paper was invented. The quotations are arranged thematically and cover all aspects of life: from the world we inhabit to the things we eat, smoke and drink; from the way we move around to what and how we learn - oh, and the pointlessness of football. There is a short biography of all of the authors in the book, a brief contextual note for each quotation and an index of keywords to help you find you chosen witticism quickly. But do not be over-hasty when you use this book: it is a browser's delight, and should be enjoyed at leisure.