Rural Futures

Author: Gerardo Semprebon

Publisher: LetteraVentidue Edizioni


Category: Architecture

Page: 104

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The international debate on the modification of Chinese ruralities opens new theoretical and practical dimensions for architectural design. China’s rural lands, collectively owned by the peasantry, are under pressure. A dramatic socio-economic transition, an imponent political agenda, a land-use speculation process, an awakening of cultural values, and several other forces are reframing the conceptual and operative framework of the countryside’s transformation. Drawing on a fieldwork experience conducted in the Fujian Province, the book explores the Chinese countryside’s transient condition and its future implications.
Business & Economics

Rural and Regional Futures

Author: Anthony Hogan

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 364

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Agriculture, mining and related rural industries have been central to the development of Australia’s economy. This book details the role that the Australian Government has played in the making of rural and regional Australia, particularly since World War II. The book reviews these policies and evaluates them with regards the commitments undertaken by the Government to contribute towards vibrant, rural communities. Policy areas addressed include agriculture, water, education, welfare and population, natural resource management, resource extraction, Indigenous and affairs, localism, rural research and regional innovation, Youth Affairs and the devolution of regional governance. Overall two distinct policy strategies can be observed: one wherein the government saw its role as part of the entrepreneurial state and a sector wherein government has increasingly taken itself out of industry development, leaving this role to the market. Having considered these strategies and their impacts, the book concludes that policy over the past 40 years has not in fact contributed to a more vibrant, prosperous rural and regional Australia. Rural and Regional Futures concludes with several chapters looking to the future. One chapter explores what the role of the state can be within a social market economy while the final chapter gives consideration to the initial steps rural communities will need to take to begin the process of revitalisation. While these materials present as a case study of developments in Australia, the policy shift from the Government as entrepreneur to a focus on markets is an international one and as such, the insights offered by this book will have wide appeal.

The Future of Europe's Rural Peripheries

Author: Lois Labrianidis

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Science

Page: 334

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Bringing together case studies from Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal and the UK, this book examines the contribution of entrepreneurial ventures and new technology in stimulating economic development in rural locations. It looks at instances of 'good practice' in terms of both public and private initiatives, and develops a coherent combination of policy objectives facilitating the long-term economic development of the countryside. Firstly analyzing the key causes and effects of economic restructuring currently affecting Europe's rural areas, the book then explores the consequences that European integration and 'globalization' have had and will have in future. It identifies sources of entrepreneurship and examines their distribution between different gender, age and other social groupings. The book continues to evaluate the extent to which the existing institutional, social and technological environment and infrastructure encourages and facilitates entrepreneurship.
Social Science

The Future Of Rural America

Author: Kenneth Pigg

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 285

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It has been my pleasure to work with a distinguished, committed,and cooperative group of contributors to this volume. They have taught me how to perform the editing role and put up with innumerable and probably insufferable suggestions. I have been privileged to work with exceptionally fine individuals in this endeavor and will count that among my many blessings.

The Future of Rural Development

Author: Hans Gsanger

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Science

Page: 88

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This book gives a practitioner's account of international experiences with rural development seen from a German angle. It argues for a development co-operation for rural areas that actively supports popular participation, beneficiaries' self-organization, decentralization and, consequently, smaller self-managed (para)projects rather than large, top-down organized rural development projects.
Rural aged

Future of the Rural Elderly

Author: United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Aging



Category: Rural aged

Page: 88

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Technology & Engineering

E-Agriculture and Rural Development: Global Innovations and Future Prospects

Author: Maumbe, Blessing

Publisher: IGI Global


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 310

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"This book is a comprehensive collection of research on the emerging trends and advances in the global application of information and communication technology use in agriculture and rural development"--Provided by publisher.