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Sailing Uphill

Author: Gerald W. Mills

Publisher: Paladin Timeless


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 270

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Think of "sailing," the word, and all the idyllic images it evokes about visiting new and exciting places while enjoying sunny skies, refreshing free winds, crystal waters, aquatic life and gentle moonlight peeking between scudding clouds on balmy evenings. Imagine relaxing with a refreshing drink after each satisfying few hours of delight on the water, perhaps sharing experiences with other boaters and planning your next day's exciting, sun-blessed experience. Do these images tell a true story? Are they not similar to those seen on TV advertising far-away locations and water parks and perfect people, perfectly dressed for their perfect fun and the enjoyment promised? Do these images represent reality part of the time? Practically none of the time? Choose the last answer, and you'll be knocking on Truth's door. Could this true story be about a happily married, late middle-aged couple with limited finances, romantically cruising aboard a beautiful ocean-sailing yacht after years of nose-to-the-grindstone work, sacrifice, irony and setbacks? Sorry, no dice. Wrong story! The "adventures" unfolding in the following pages are not only at odds with armchair-reader myths about cruising under sail in general, but examine the subject of odds-that ratio of numbers expressing the probability of an event happening to the probability of its not happening. In a typical lottery with numbers ranging from one to fifty-two, the odds of success are billions to one. We should have chosen the lottery. Sailing was the easy part. Getting the darned boat to go uphill was the problem.

Sailing Uphill

Author: Sam McKinney

Publisher: TouchWood Editions


Category: Travel

Page: 163

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Sam McKinney has spent many of the best parts of his life on the water -- sailing a dory along Canada's west coast, crewing on the deck of a river steamer, shipping out deep-sea in freighters across the Atlantic. In the middle of his life, when he sold the hull of an ocean-going sailboat which had absorbed two years of his love and labour, he looked at his boat-building shed and thought, "Hmm. With all this lumber, I could build a boat and go across the continent, instead". So he did. In the Gander he travelled up the Columbia and Snake rivers, down the Missouri, up the Mississippi and Illinois and on, ever eastward, to New York City. It took him four summers and three Ganders, one of which had to be abandoned in the mud of the upper Missouri, but he made it. This is a lovely and evocative memoir by a perceptive and thoughtful writer.
Biography & Autobiography

Sailing with Vancouver

Author: Sam McKinney

Publisher: Touchwood Editions


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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An updated edition of a classic travelogue of one man retracing the voyages of Captain Vancouver.

Physics of Sailing

Author: John Kimball

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Science

Page: 296

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Breaking down the complicated concepts of speed, acceleration, torque, fluid mechanics, and surface physics, Physics of Sailing provides a lively, easily accessible introduction to the basic science underlying the sport of sailing. It illustrates the many ways physics can be used to understand the principles of sailboat propulsion and how a scienti

Higher Performance Sailing

Author: Frank Bethwaite

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Transportation

Page: 448

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'Monumental!' - Bob Ross, Australian Sailing High Performance Sailing is now regarded as the bible of racing sailors and carries a string of endorsements from high achievers. Since its publication in 1984, racing yachts and dinghies have developed out of all recognition - a new high-tech breed of 'apparent wind' fast racers has claimed the water and so far no-one has applied themselves seriously to analysing what makes these boats sail fast (and what will make them faster). This is Frank Bethwaite's ground-breaking achievement in Higher Performance Sailing. By means of extensive research, and working with sailors of different racing calibre, Bethwaite analyses how to harness the apparent wind for increased speed and better position on your rivals. Higher Performance Sailing will provide the key to racing sailors' dreams. Praise for Bethwaite's High Performance Sailing: 'It represents a breakthrough...It is a book that my Olympic squad will benefit from.' Rod Carr, former British Olympic Sailing Team Manager 'Allowed only one "if only" in yacht racing, it would have been to have read Higher Performance Sailing years ago.' Bob Fisher, journalist, broadcaster and international championship winner
Literary Criticism

The Sea in the Literary Imagination

Author: Ben P. Robertson

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 404

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This collection explores nautical themes in a variety of literary contexts from multiple cultures. Including contributors from five continents, it emphasizes the universality of human experience with the sea, while focusing on literature that spans a millennium, stretching from medieval romance to the twenty-first-century reimagining of classic literary texts in film. These fresh essays engage in discussions of literature from the UK, the USA, India, Chile, Turkey, Spain, Japan, Colombia, and the Caribbean. Scholars of maritime literature will find the collection interesting for the unique insights it offers on individual literary texts, while general readers will be intrigued by the interconnectedness that it reveals in human experience with the sea.
Sports & Recreation

Something Always Happens When You Go Sailing

Author: denis lawrence



Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

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This book is a candid and humourous account of the author's adventures in sailing. It begins with his first experiences as a teenager with rowing boats in the North East of England. Later he describes the joys of sailing dinghies and cruisers in the South West of England. These adventures range from smooth idylic sails in good weather to a full on ship wreck in storm conditions. His tales of learning to sail expand to yacht racing on the Swan River in Perth and in the Indian Ocean, Western Australia. His lively and candid descriptions of fellow yachtsmen and women he met while sailing add wit and pathos to his abiding love of the sea. The book should appeal not only to experienced yachtsmen but also to the 'arm-chair sailor' who likes to read about sailing. The title of the book is in reference to a comment made by his wife, Anne, when their sailing dinghy sprung a leak during their sail together.

Getting Back Into Place

Author: Edward S. Casey

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 403

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Offers a philosophical exploration of the pervasiveness of place. Presenting an account of the role of place in human experience, this book points to place's indispensability in navigation and orientation. The role of the lived body in matters of place isconsidered, and the characteristics of built places are explored.
Juvenile Nonfiction

Discoverers and Explorers

Author: Edward Shaw

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 104

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In diesem Buch finden sich alle bedeutenden Entdecker und Entdeckungsreisen des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts wieder. Dazu zählen unter anderem die Fahrten von Columbus, Marco Polo und Amerigo Verpucci. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine englischsprachige Ausgabe.

Discoverers and Explorers

Author: Edward R. Shaw

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand


Category: Fiction

Page: 80

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Reproduction of the original: Discoverers and Explorers by Edward R. Shaw
Sports & Recreation

Pacific Lady

Author: Sharon Sites Adams

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 234

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It was an age without GPS and the Internet, without high-tech monitoring and instantaneous reporting. And it was a time when women simply didn t do such things. None of this deterred Sharon Sites Adams. In June 1965 Adams made history as the first woman to sail solo from the mainland United States to Hawaii. Four years later, just as Neil Armstrong very publicly stepped onto the moon, the diminutive Adams, alone and unobserved, finally sighted Point Arguello, California, after seventy-four days sailing a thirty-one-foot ketch from Japan, across the violent and unpredictable Pacific. She was the first woman to do so, setting another world record. Inspiring and exciting, Adams s memoir recounts the personal path leading to her historic achievements: a tomboy childhood in the Oregon high desert, an early marriage and painful divorce, and a second marriage that ended when her husband died of cancer. In the wake of his death and almost by accident, Adams discovered sailing. Six weeks after her first sailing lesson she bought a boat, and within eight months she set out to achieve her first world record. Pacific Lady recounts the inward journey that paralleled her sailing feats, as Adams drew on every scrap of courage and navigational skill she could muster to overcome the seasickness, exhaustion, and loneliness that marked her harrowing crossings.
Biography & Autobiography

Building a Billion

Author: Charlie Berridge

Publisher: Harriman House Limited


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 265

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John McCarthy MBE, of McCarthy & Stone, is a self-made multimillionaire. He and his family have been long-term members of The Times Rich List. One of the best examples of the self-made man, John started working life at fifteen as a "chippy". Every venture he has embarked on, he has achieved with drive and success. His legendary reputation is as the most successful builder of retirement homes across Europe. He has also built and skippered winning ocean-racing yachts. He has owned and run a top polo team. He became a big game hunter and avid game bird shooter, underwater diver, skier and squash player. He makes other septuagenarians look really old. In this book John McCarthy recounts his fascinating life story so far. But these are not just the interesting memoirs of a successful man. John's tussles with bankers and lawyers, planners and politicians, Government red tape and political autocracy, competitors and recalcitrant employees tell a story that has real relevance to all aspiring entrepreneurs in whatever field of endeavour. John McCarthy's rules of engagement and how to build a billion pound company are as topical now as they were when he did it.

The Great Clippers

Author: Jane D. Lyon

Publisher: New Word City


Category: History

Page: 155

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Against great odds, a small group of patriots built a fleet that proved one of the decisive factors in the American Revolution and the War of 1812. These wealthy men had founded the first banks in the United States and built its first railroads, factories, and steamships. Now, they were to cap their achievements by making their young country equally superior in size, and in the process, producing the greatest, swiftest, and most beautiful craft the world had ever seen - the clipper ship. This book not only traces the origins and achievements of the clipper but enlivens the dry bones of historic fact with the flesh and blood of clipper captains and crews. A great era comes to life with their courageous, tenacious stories.