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Author: Charles Frederick Tweney



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Able Minds and Practiced Hands

Author: SallyM. Foster

Publisher: Routledge


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One hundred years on from J Romilly Allen and Joseph Anderson's 1903 landmark publication, The Early Christian Monuments of Scotland, twenty six essays explore the current state of knowledge of early medieval sculpture in Scotland. They demonstrate the unique value of this material in contributing to our understanding of the society and people that created it between 1000 to 1500 years ago. Today's approaches and techniques offer new insights, as well as great hope, for what might be learnt from future study of 'familiar' and new material alike. The essays exemplify the ever-diversifying, interdisciplinary approaches that are being taken to the study of early medieval sculpture. Key themes that emerge include: the interdependence of conservation, research and access; the need for a 21st-century inventory of the sculpture; the breadth and value of the wide range of the research tools that now exist; conservation issues, including the politics of how and where sculpture should be protected, and the pressing need to identify priorities for action; and, what is probably the most important development over the last 100 years, the increase in awareness of the range of values and significances that attaches to early medieval sculpture, including appreciation of context.
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Author: Frank Karslake



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A priced and annotated annual record of international book auctions.

Pastoral Care Before the Parish

Author: John Blair

Publisher: Burns & Oates


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"This book examines the pastoral and sacramental work of the early medieval church in the British Isles. It provides a synthesis of recent scholarship which has uncovered new evidence about the organisation and structure of the early church and the close relations between monks and clergy and between the 'Roman' and 'Celtic' churches." "It shows how theological ideals were translated into pastoral work and demonstrates the short comings of the 'national church' approach to the history of early British and Irish Christianity. It will become the foundation for most future work on this central field of early medieval history."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Shadow-walkers

Author: T. A. Shippey

Publisher: Brepols Pub


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Elves and dwarves, trolls and giants, talking dragons, valkyries and werewolves: all these are familiar in modern movies and commercial fantasy. But where did the concepts come from? Who invented them? Almost two centuries ago, Jacob Grimm assembled what was known about such creatures in his work on 'Teutonic Mythology', which brought together ancient texts such as Beowulf and the Elder Edda with the material found in Grimm's own famous collection of fairy-tales. This collection of essays now updates Grimm, adding much material not known in his time, and also challenges his monolithic interpretations, pointing out the diversity of cultural traditions as well as the continuity of ancient myth.
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Bibliotheca Lindesiana ...

Author: James Ludovic Lindsay Earl of Crawford



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