A Successful Senior Year Job Search Begins in the Freshman Year

Author: Bob Roth

Publisher: Author House


Category: Self-Help

Page: 216

View: 329

All college students would like to graduate with good jobs in their fields of interest, jobs that pay well and effectively launch their careers with desirable employers. This book shows students how to achieve their employment goals. The What - What exactly can be done to ensure employment success? The How - How are the steps, actions and results achieved? The Why - Why are these steps, actions and results necessary? For most good jobs, grades alone are no longer enough. The best employers want students to demonstrate their capabilities in an array of environments and situations. Therefore, knowing what to do is important. However, students also need a system that lays out the steps that can be followed during each semester of college. When students perform the activities and produce the results that employers need, want, and expect of the best candidates, their employment possibilities will improve dramatically. That is what this book is all about. It will enable more students to compete effectively in the job market.

My Senior Year

Author: Michael Fitzgibbons

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 580

View: 271

Hey! I’m John Sullivan, a recent high school graduate who collected his thoughts and dreams and hopes and fears and all kinds of other stuff in a year-long diary through his senior year. When I finished on graduation day, I realized I had quite a collection, as a matter of fact, I had more than 400 pages! So I thought about it and realized that it had a beginning, a middle, and an end, so therefore it told a complete story, which I think might be a book if I remember my sophomore literature class correctly. I am NOT saying it is literature (ha-ha), but I do think it is a book. That is where you come in. I don’t think it is much of a book if I’m the only one who reads it. It is just a diary then, that will remain on the floppy disk in my computer desk in my bedroom. Instead, you could read it. And tell me what you think. And then I will know if I should have left it in that computer desk. Or not. If you do read it, you’ll find that I didn’t leave anything out, even the stuff that might embarrass me. I could even still get into some trouble about some of it, but I think I’m ok because I don’t think my parents will want to read it because they were there for almost all of it, so it would be a rerun for them. I don’t think reruns are bad, but they already lived through this once, so they probably don’t want to get all upset allover again. So, go ahead and click away. It was an adventure for me – come on along for the ride! John Sullivan is right. This is quite an undertaking for a senior in high school. But that is what it is – a diary, a coming of age novel, a satire, and, incredibly, a love story. It is a unique look at one of the most important developmental periods in a person’s life.
Crafts & Hobbies

Quilter's Academy Vol. 4 - Senior Year

Author: Harriet Hargrave

Publisher: C&T Publishing Inc


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 112

View: 483

In this fourth installment of the popular university-style series, Quilter’s Academy, expert quilters Harriet Hargrave and her daughter Carrie teach you how to make beautiful stars, as well as other more complex blocks, using piecing techniques such as Y-seams and partial seams. Build upon the skills you developed in the first three volumes and fill your creative toolbox with new techniques that allow you to enjoy the process of quiltmaking even more. Work through these senior-year lessons at your own pace and soon you will be making those really stunning quilts that you never thought you could make!
Social Science

Consensus Organizing: A Community Development Workbook

Author: Mary L. Ohmer

Publisher: SAGE Publications


Category: Social Science

Page: 432

View: 661

A person doesn't have to be a consensus organizer to think like one. Consensus Organizing: A Community Development Workbook—A Comprehensive Guide to Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Community Change Initiatives helps students and practitioners begin to think like consensus organizers and incorporate this way of strategic thinking into their lives and their work. Through a wide range of exercises, role-play activities, case scenarios, and discussion questions, this workbook presents the conceptual framework for consensus organizing and provides a practical and experiential approach to understanding and applying consensus organizing to address a range of issues. This workbook is designed to be used by itself or along with Mike Eichler's text Consensus Organizing: Building Communities of Mutual Self Interest (SAGE, 2007). Accompanying Website Instructors and students have access to the many activities and cases on the accompanying website at
College student orientation

So You Want to Go to Graduate School: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Accepted

Author: Hannah Litwiller

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company


Category: College student orientation


View: 739

Trying to score well on the GRE is hard enough, let alone choosing the schools you want to apply to. You are part of about 17 percent of college students that have decided to go on to grad school you want to make sure you get through all the stages of acceptance. Whether you are applying to graduate school to prepare for a profession, to get a specific job, to potentially earn more, or simply for personal achievement, this book will explain exactly what you need to know in simple, easy-to-understand terms. You will learn how to fill out the application form, how to write your personal statement, and how to conduct an effective on-site visit. You will learn tips and tricks to help you pass the GRE as well as practice tests to help you allocate your time well. Case studies from both students and professors fill this book. You will learn how to get the best letters of recommendation from your favorite professors as well as how to handle financial aid situations. By book s end, you will have increased your chances of receiving that crisp, white letter of acceptance, which puts you one step closer to achieving your academic goals.

Senior Year

Author: Carole Goodwin

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press


Category: Religion

Page: 76

View: 132

Minicourse appropriate for grade 12 For most adolescents the final year of high school is filled with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, fear, and joy.Senior Year: Last Things and Lasting Thingsexplores the emotions and tasks that come with achieving the milestone of high school graduation. The young people focus on the various nests that have nurtured and supported them during their childhood: their family, friends, and parish community. They are invited to celebrate final events and occasions, that is, the "last things" that happen as part of senior year. They are also called to name, embrace, and ritualize the "lasting things"--the memories, learnings, and love they will take with them as they continue life's journey.
Sports & Recreation

Bring Your "A" Game

Author: Jennifer L. Etnier

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 216

View: 741

Mental training is just as important as physical training when it comes to success in sport. And like physical fitness, mental toughness is something that can be taught and learned. Yet many young athletes have not learned the psychological skills needed to develop their best game. This book was written specifically for young athletes interested in improving their performance and reaching their potential in sport. Bring Your "A" Game introduces key strategies for mental training, such as goal setting, pre-performance routines, confidence building, and imagery. Each of the seventeen chapters focuses on a single mental skill and offers key points and exercises designed to reinforce the concepts. The book encourages athletes to incorporate these mental skills into their daily lives and practice sessions so that they become second nature during competition. Whether used at home by student athletes or assigned by coaches as part of team development, Bring Your "A" Game will help young performers develop a plan for success and learn to deal with the challenges of pursuing excellence in sport.

The Applica-Phobia of College Admissions

Author: P. J. Finer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Education

Page: 184

View: 169

If you are preparing to apply to colleges and universities in the United Statesyou need this book! College is one of the most expensive investment students will make. Therefore, helping students find the right college for them not only makes for happy students, but helps parents feel more confident about the result. College is not only a big decision that students have to make, but it is also the foundation of their future success. Students and parents are discovering that schools that a few years ago were considered second- and even third-tier schools have elevated their standards significantly. With substantially more students applying, and in some cases fewer spots available, for the select colleges across the country, schools are demanding higher grades and have higher test score criteria, which seemingly place college out of reach. The applicant pool changes annually, thus nothing is carved in stone as to which students are accepted and which are not. However, the best chance of getting in to the school of your choice is to display your passion as to where you are headed in life, starting in 9th grade. High school seniors and college transfer students know how difficult it is to get into the top-tier colleges today. Creating a persuasive, eye-catching application requires creativity, foresight, and a marketable presentation as to what you can offer that will attract schools. That is why the process has to start with a resume. The student applying to college today must show schools why they are different from every other student applying. If you showcase your abilities through the development of a talented resume and a strong essay, admissions committees will have no choice but to fall in love with you! Students must figure out how best to present themselves to admissions committees; difficulties arise when students begin feeling anxiety, their parents begin applying real or perceived pressure, and the student crumbles. The Applica-phobia of College Admissions: Why Getting in Starts With Your Resume is a how-to guide for students navigating the Applica-phobia of the application process. Oftentimes students dont know where to start, and the entire experience becomes overwhelming. This book offers a program that assists students by mapping out the plan that will best suit them. The book addresses how to explore your talents, skills, and aspirationsto create a picture of who you are; how to identify the schools that are right for you; how to determine which type of application to submit (early action vs. early decision, binding vs. non-binding); exercises to help determine what you can bring to a college or university that will create interest; ideas for essay topics, a step-by-step guide to writing a college application essay, and sample essays to get your creative juices flowing; techniques you can use in the interview to convince admissions committees you are the right candidate for their schools; how to put your summers and out-of-school time to beneficial use (with internships, jobs and/or community service); and more. Students who fall under The DREAM Act and Student Adjustment Act will have an opportunity to understand this favorable bi-partisan legislation and the benefits it offers them and their communities. This section also includes a listing of various grants, loans, and scholarships for which students can apply. Colleges and universities across America have one goal: to get the best students that fit within their ideals, thoughts, and personality. Your job is to figure out what those components are and how you fit inand this book will help you.
Study Aids

Making It into a Top College

Author: Howard Greene

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Study Aids

Page: 512

View: 324

Let America's premier college consultants take the mystery out of admissions. As seen on PBS, this proven, ten-step program offers a comprehensive inside view of the state of college admissions today. Educational consultants Howard and Matthew Greene have mastered the science and art of college admissions, helping tens of thousands of students get into their schools of choice. This highly effective program is now available to all students who want to attend an outstanding college or university. The Greenes' cutting-edge approach will teach you to: Think like an admissions officer Plan a comprehensive admissions campaign Understand and take advantage of current trends Implement the best strategies for standing out Whether it's choosing the best college for you, writing a winning personal statement, or planning your college financing, this fully updated new edition gives you the latest in admissions secrets, statistics, tactics, and facts.

Career Pathways

Author: Elaine Makas Howard

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 336

View: 908

Help students be more focused and team-oriented and become the true drivers of their own learning by directing their learning and planning down one of several broad career avenues.

Harassment in the Workplace

Author: Hayden L. Hinton

Publisher: Author House


Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 498

Another fictional novel with the usual twists and turns with most every turn of the page as is the writing style of Hayden Lee Hinton. This smooth reading, exciting, and unusual story of a woman being harassed at work and the feeling of no one to turn to. There are several stories within the main story of the book. The mysterious and shocking events throughtout the story will bring tears of joy and saddness, as well as, horror filled emotions. A book you won't want to put down.

From Lockbourne to Heaven in a B-47


Publisher: Chris Jenner



Page: 113

View: 191

The story of a B-47 crash that took the lives of four 26-year-old USAF pilots, and how their children and others touched by the crash connected 55 years later to place a monument at the crash site.

It's a Mitzvah!

Author: Bradley Shavit Artson

Publisher: Behrman House, Inc


Category: Religion

Page: 244

View: 692

With photos.
Business & Economics

What It Takes: Speak Up, Step Up, Move Up

Author: Amy Henry

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 855

Amy Henry, a formidable businesswoman and the last woman standing on NBC's hit reality show The Apprentice, shares her experiences, tips, and in-your-face advice for moving up in today's workplace. Yes, men have written the rules for a long time---in What It Takes, Amy Henry shows young businesswomen how to make those rules work for them. With a ten-year career in business, Amy has shown she has what it takes---determination, brains, creativity, professionalism, and charm---to thrive in today's business world. What It Takes is an in-depth look at the strategies and tactics Amy uses to make the workplace work for her. With examples from Amy's and other businesswomen's real-life experiences, as well as advice from experts, What It Takes is the most honest guide for women in the workplace available today. Hip, frank, and controversial, What It Takes is the ultimate guide to the reality of today's business world---and Amy Henry is the new model for young businesswomen.
Young Adult Fiction

Step To This: A So For Real Novel

Author: Nikki Carter

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 240

View: 558

Fifteen-year-old Gia Stokes knows exactly what she needs to make her life fantabulous: • Get her mother Gwendolyn to let her relax her hair • Find a boy to ask her out • Get on the Hi-Steppers dance squad Gia doesn't have the hair or the clothes, but she's got the moves and the attitude to make her sophomore year at Longfellow High unforgettable. But not everyone agrees, so Gia decides it's time for a makeover. With her stylish new look, she scores a date with hottie football player, Romeo, snags a spot on the Hi-Steppers dance squad, and makes a ton of new friends. Gia's on top of the world?until things go horribly wrong. Now Gia feels like all she has left is her mom and her faith. That's not going to stop Gia, she's just got to convince the Hi-Steppers and everyone else at school, to follow her lead and step to her beat. "Step to This is hot, it's new, it's now. . .with characters that leap from the pages, it's absolutely a must-read." --Monica McKayhan, Essence bestselling author of Indigo Summer "Filled with smart and witty characters, Step to This is a fun, fast-paced read teens will love." --Ni-Ni Simone, author of A Girl Like Me "Nikki Carter steps up and delivers a home run with her debut novel, Step to This. It's a real winner." --Chandra Sparks Taylor, author of Spin It Like That and The Pledge "Nikki Carter is a fresh, new voice in teen fiction! Step to This has it all--drama, humor, and a lesson that everyone can learn from. Full of fun-loving, unforgettable characters that readers will love, Nikki has written a page-turner that will leave the reader wanting more!" --ReShonda Tate Billingsley, author of The Good Girlz series "Gia Stokes might be a Hi-Stepper, but this teen role model has both feet on the ground as she meets life's challenges with style and grace. Kudos to Nikki Carter for a great start in this fun and relevant teen series!" --Melody Carlson, author of The Carter House Girls, Diary of a Teenage Girl, TrueColors and The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor series "Step to This is a wonderful, witty tale that is full of laugh-out-loud moments and great lessons." --Victoria Christopher Murray, National bestselling author of The Divine Divas series "Fun, honest, and so for real . . . I loved Gia and cheered for her as she struggled to find where she fits with friends, family, and faith. Debut author Nikki Carter is now on my must-read list!" --Shelley Adina, author of the All About Us series "Step to This has alluring characters, wonderful scenes, and a fascinating premise. Nikki Carter has a real talent for writing stories that deal with real issues, but are gripping to read by teens and adults alike." --Jacquelin Thomas, author of The Divine Series
Biography & Autobiography

The Passage of Time

Author: Ann Williams

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 508

View: 549

In her first book, We Are Surely Blessed, Ann Williams focused on her parents, Leslie and Esther Johnson. They watch as their five older children grow to adulthood, marry and start their own familys while the two younger children continue their education. They pulled together during the Great Depression, WW I, and saw two of their sons serve in the army during WW II. It is now 1949. In The Passage of Time you will see their dream of having a large family, materialize. Each of the families has settled in the farming area around Guss, Iowa. Follow them as they prosper with their own dreams and watch their children go forward. Share with them the beginning of life and the loss of life, as sudden sadness engulfs them. Join Esther and Leslie as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary. They continue to share the love of the land, the pride in their family, and the country in which they were born. They continue to hold their faith in God. There is a feeling that someone is always watching over them and He will walk with them for the rest of their lives. Follow their youngest daughter as she and her husband and two sons leave the Iowa farm lands and settle in San Jose, California.