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Vols. for 1964-v. 2, no. 1, 1965 include selected articles translated from geochemical papers from other languages, but primarily from Russian, German, French and Japanese.

Arabian Plate and Surroundings: Geology, Sedimentary Basins and Georesources

Author: Sami Khomsi

Publisher: Springer Nature


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This book focuses on the evolution of sedimentary basins of the Arabian Plate and its surroundings. Because these sedimentary basins developed in various tectonic settings, from extensional or transtensional to flexural, transpressional or compressional, their sedimentary sequences provide unique records of the regional geology. Georesources of the Arabian Plate are also described here, including petroleum potential, reservoirs, water resources, fresh water and deep saline aquifers, as well as materials and ore deposits. The book is made by a set of papers authored by geoscientists working in both academia and industry. Numerous chapters describe some regional important geologic features and selected sedimentary basins from the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula domains. Other chapters focus on georesources. A particular focus is given to the geology of Saudi Arabia. This book is an important contribution to the geology of the Arabian Peninsula and its surroundings. In view of the strategic and economic importance of the regional geology and georesources of the Arabian Plate and Surroundings, this volume will constitute an important reference for a wide range of geoscientists interested in the geology of this region, especially those active in petroleum geosciences and related industry. Ultimately, readers will discover important thematic maps in this book.

State of the Environment of England and Wales

Author: Great Britain. Environment Agency



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Presents detailed assessments of the state of the environment of England and Wales. The book brings together and analyzes information on the coastal environment from various points of view: resources, biodiversity, quality, ecological health and aesthetic quality.
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Minerals Yearbook

Author: United States. Bureau of Mines



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