Stoats and Weasels

Author: Kitty Ray

Publisher: Little Brown



Page: 417

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Five disparate students come together at art school in the 1960s. Jay, a sardonic loner, is in love with Emma, but she is in love with Ricky. Alison, meanwhile, pursues a married tutor. Twenty five years later, Emma is happily married but the past returns to unsettle her cosy life.

Stoats and Weasels

Author: Robbie A. McDonald

Publisher: Mammal Society Species Series


Category: Ermine

Page: 32

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Presents an account of these predatory mammals from their characteristics, status and distribution to conservation and management.

The Natural History of Weasels and Stoats

Author: Carolyn M. King

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Nature

Page: 446

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Both kinds of knowledge are brought together - observations for the traditional naturalist and rigorous measurements and interpretations for modern scientists, integrated into a single, readable account. This edition provides a comprehensive summary of the extensive advances over the last 15 years.
Predation (Biology)

Analysis of vertebrate predator-prey community

Author: Vadim Sidorovich

Publisher: Tesey


Category: Predation (Biology)

Page: 736

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This monograph is about predation in vertebrate animal community. The studies were done in the seminatural terrains with transitional mixed forest within the European forest zone in Belarus. The result part was organised as a top-down flow: First, the community characteristics related to predators were estimated. I presented data on predator species richness, population density and biomass with special attention paid to the changes in predator species diversity occurred during the last two centuries and particularly in connection with the American mink and raccoon dog naturalization. Then, the main features of predator food niches were given, and the structure of various predator guilds and size structure in predators were analysed. The next part of the monograph was devoted to examining of community-important factors acting in semi-natural terrains. Such factors affected either the whole community or its marked fragment. The last quite a large part of the monograph consisted of many chapters which present more or less essential results on different predator species, and stresses hot questions of their population ecology.

Field Guide to Mustelid Trapping

Author: David Blair



Category: Mustelidae

Page: 29

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Field guide to mustelid trapping which evolved out of the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust Mustelid workshop on Otago Peninsula in August 2000. Workshop aimed to bring together the people involved in trapping stoats, weasels and ferrets so they could share their information and experience. The aim of the field guide is to improve habitat protection work by having more efficient methods of mustelid control and an improved standardisation of data collection. Guide is well supplemented with diagrams, photographs, data sheets and data collection key points. Includes a check list of six easy steps for a mustelid trapping programme.

The Natural History of Weasels & Stoats

Author: Carolyn M. King

Publisher: Comstock Pub Assoc


Category: Science

Page: 253

View: 448

A comprehensive treatment of the fierce little predators: physical description, life cycle and span, evolution, hunting and reproduction behavior, population dynamics, the impact on their prey, diseases, and their relation to humans (mostly as pests, i.e. competitors). The color plates are informative, but the line drawing are marvelous. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR