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Student's Quick Study Guide for Engineering Economic Analysis

Author: Donald G. Newnan

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 320

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This 320-page book is available separately from the main text, Engineering Economic Analysis, 8/e. It contains a 32-page summary of engineering economy, followed by 386 problems, each with a detailed solution.
Technology & Engineering

Essentials of Engineering Economic Analysis

Author: Donald G. Newnan

Publisher: Taylor & Francis US


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 665

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Essentials of Engineering Economic Analysis, Second Edition, includes the first twelve chapters of the best-selling textbook Engineering Economic Analysis, Eighth Edition, (0-19-515152-6) by Donald G. Newnan, Jerome P. Lavelle, and Ted G. Eschenbach. This compact version introduces the fundamental concepts of engineering economics and covers essential time value of money principles for engineering projects. It isolates the problems and decisions engineers commonly face and examines the necessary tools for analyzing and solving those problems. Revised in 2001, the second edition focuses on the use of spreadsheets, teaching students to use the enormous capabilities of modern software. The majority of the chapters conclude with sections designed to help students create spreadsheets based on the material covered in each chapter. (The book's organization allows omission of spreadsheet instruction without loss of continuity.) This emphasis on spreadsheet computations provides excellent preparation for real-life engineering economic analysis problems. New Features · Over sixty-five new homework problems added to the ends of chapters · Improved content and readability · Greater emphasis on the use of spreadsheets in real-life situations · Chapter 2, Engineering Costs and Cost Estimating--an entirely new chapter suggested by adopters--answers the question, "Where do the numbers come from?" · An increased focus on the MACRS depreciation method with a new section on recaptured depreciation and asset disposal · An updated section on after-tax replacement efforts in Chapter 12, Replacement Analysis Supplements · Solutions Manual for Engineering Economic Analysis. This 350-page manual has been revised and checked by the authors for accuracy; all end-of-chapter problems are fully solved by the authors. Available free to adopting professors. (ISBN 1-57645-052-X) · Compound Interest Tables. A separate 32-page pamphlet with the compound interest tables from the textbook. Classroom quantities are free to adopting professors. (ISBN 0-910554-08-0) · Exam Files. Fourteen quizzes prepared by the authors test student knowledge of chapter content. Available free in electronic format to adopting professors. Call 1-800-280-0280 or send an email to [email protected] · Instructor Lecture Notes and Overhead Transparencies. Available free in electronic format to adopting professors. Call 1-800-280-0280 or send an email to [email protected] · Student's Quick Study Guide: Engineering Economic Analysis. This 320-page book features a 32-page summary of engineering economy, followed by 386 problems, each with detailed solutions. Available for purchase only. (ISBN 1-57645-050-3)
Life cycle costing

Engineering Economic Analysis Practices for Highway Investment

Author: Michael J. Markow

Publisher: Transportation Research Board


Category: Life cycle costing

Page: 118

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TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 424: Engineering Economic Analysis Practices for Highway Investment explores how U.S. transportation agencies have applied engineering economics--benefit–cost analyses and similar procedures--to decisions on highway investments.
Technology & Engineering

Engineering Economics Analysis for Evaluation of Alternatives

Author: Ira H. Kleinfeld

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 448

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The engineer's guide to economical decision-making Engineering economics is an important subject for both aspiring and practicing engineers. As global competition increases, engineers are increasingly asked to analyze and monitor their processes and products, not only to ascertain their level of quality but their cost-effectiveness as well. It is imperative to know the scientific and engineering principles of design work and decision-making in a world where technology is constantly evolving. Kleinfeld's Engineering Economics: Analysis for Evaluation of Alternatives offers students, professors, and professionals guidance for making smart, economical decisions when it comes to design and manufacturing.
Engineering economy

Engineering Economic Analysis Guidebook

Author: Anthony J. Pansini

Publisher: The Fairmont Press, Inc.


Category: Engineering economy

Page: 186

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Covering every aspect of engineering economic analysis, this reference is designed to guide you in making key decisions which are often critical to the success of engineering and construction projects. The author shows you with clear explanations and examples the best methods to handle data, evaluate capital, and assess operating and maintenance expenditures. You'll learn how the time value of money impacts the overall analysis, how to perform life-cycle cost analysis, how to decide whether to lease or purchase equipment, and how to utilize methods which will result in the most reliable estimate of the true costs involved in a project.

A Concise Introduction to Engineering Economics

Author: P. Cassimatis

Publisher: Spon Press


Category: Architecture

Page: 404

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An accessible guide to the principles and practical applications of computer integrated systems in the field of construction management, this book provides an understanding of the potential of computer systems as information integration increases in the construction industry. Case studies offer examples of successful practice in this field. 60 illus.