American literature

Texts and Events

Author: Alastair Henry



Category: American literature

Page: 472

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This book provides beginning undergraduate students with a basic introduction to British and American literature by weaving it into a context of contemporary historical events. The authors have created learning material that includes a carefully chosen selection of literary texts, followed by thought-provoking 'in-text' questions designed to contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between literature and history.
Literary Criticism

Postcolonial Comics

Author: Binita Mehta

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

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This collection examines new comic-book cultures, graphic writing, and bande dessinée texts as they relate to postcolonialism in contemporary Anglophone and Francophone settings. The individual chapters are framed within a larger enquiry that considers definitive aspects of the postcolonial condition in twenty-first-century (con)texts. The authors demonstrate that the fields of comic-book production and circulation in various regional histories introduce new postcolonial vocabularies, reconstitute conventional "image-functions" in established social texts and political systems, and present competing narratives of resistance and rights. In this sense, postcolonial comic cultures are of particular significance in the context of a newly global and politically recomposed landscape. This volume introduces a timely intervention within current comic-book-area studies that remain firmly situated within the "U.S.-European and Japanese manga paradigms" and their reading publics. It will be of great interest to a wide variety of disciplines including postcolonial studies, comics-area studies, cultural studies, and gender studies.

Semantic Processing of Legal Texts

Author: Enrico Francesconi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Computers

Page: 249

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Recent years have seen much new research on the interface between artificial intelligence and law, looking at issues such as automated legal reasoning. This collection of papers represents the state of the art in this fascinating and highly topical field.
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

One Event, One Observer, Two Texts

Author: Paul E. Little



Category: United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

Page: 32

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Social Science

Media Texts, Authors and Readers

Author: David Graddol

Publisher: Multilingual Matters


Category: Social Science

Page: 282

View: 922

A collection of 18 articles, most previously published, illustrating some recent applications of linguistics and literary criticism to the electronic mass media. They cover texts and linguistic theory, the structure of texts, the problem of authorship, and the role of the reader/viewer. One of four readers for use in an Open University course. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Revelatory Events

Author: Ann Taves

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 384

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Unseen presences. Apparitions. Hearing voices. Although some people would find such experiences to be distressing and seek clinical help, others perceive them as transformative. Occasionally, these unusual phenomena give rise to new spiritual paths or religious movements. Revelatory Events provides fresh insights into what is perhaps the bedrock of all religious belief—the claim that otherworldly powers are active in human affairs. Ann Taves looks at Mormonism, Alcoholics Anonymous, and A Course in Miracles—three cases in which insiders claimed that a spiritual presence guided the emergence of a new spiritual path. In the 1820s, Joseph Smith, Jr., reportedly translated the Book of Mormon from ancient gold plates unearthed with the help of an angel. Bill Wilson cofounded AA after having an ecstatic experience while hospitalized for alcoholism in 1934. Helen Schucman scribed the words of an inner voice that she attributed to Jesus, which formed the basis of her 1976 best-selling self-study course. In each case, Taves argues, the sense of a guiding presence emerged through a complex, creative interaction between a founding figure with unusual mental abilities and an initial set of collaborators who were drawn into the process by diverse motives of their own. A major work of scholarship, this compelling and accessible book traces the very human processes behind such events.

Leveled Texts for Mathematics: Data Analysis and Probability

Author: Stephanie Paris

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials


Category: Education

Page: 144

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With a focus on data analysis and probability, a guide to using leveled texts to differentiate instruction in mathematics offers fifteen different topics with high-interest text written at four different reading levels, accompanied by matching visuals and practice problems.
English language

English Texts & Contexts 1

Author: F. Pollock

Publisher: Pascal Press


Category: English language

Page: 274

View: 265

This book includes chapters dealing with the relationships between composers and responders, how to use technology to make texts, and how to effectively compose and respond to different types of text. There is a wide range of texts presented, including film, visual and electronic texts. Students will learn how to increase their understanding of language features, structures, the perspectives of composers and responders, and the way that context can affect a text.

Text/events in Early Modern England

Author: Sandra Logan

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.


Category: History

Page: 360

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Engaging with the mutually constitutive conjunctions of experience and inscription in Elizabethan England-what Sandra Logan calls the 'text/event'-this study considers multiple accounts of four historical events: Elizabeth's 1558 coronation entry; the 1575 Kenilworth entertainments; the reign of Richard II; and the 1601 Essex trial. The book traces an emergent trend in representational practice, whereby popular accounts produce a sense of immediate experience that is richer and more intimate than the event itself.