The Badly Behaved Bible

Author: Nick Page

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Religion

Page: 272

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We're told that the Bible is beautiful, uplifting and a joy to read - but, while we know this is how we're supposed to feel about it, in reality many of us find the very opposite. On opening the Bible, we are faced with a multitude of problems; from its form and historical content to its sheer size and often distasteful stories, we can be left feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. But the problem is not with the Bible - and it's not with us either. The problem is we've been misinformed. And so, we end up believing things about the Bible that the Bible never claims for itself. But the Bible won't politely sign up to the neat categories and terms we force on it. That's why it's badly behaved. We want to control the Bible and tame it so that we can ride it into battle; but the Bible bucks and rears and throws us off. We want to pin the Bible down so that it proves our theology; but the Bible evades capture and plays hide and seek. We want answers; but the Bible keeps firing questions. We want it to tell us what to do; but the Bible keeps telling us to think. We want to make the Bible dance to our tune: but the Bible has music of its own. The Bible is an invitation and a call. The breath of God lifts its pages, and they rise and fall with his breathing. In his honest and accessible style, Nick Page urges us to re-discover a fresh look at the Bible as the scriptural bedrock of the Christian faith, to learn how we can undo unhelpful ways of reading it and demystifying its purpose and scope. Nick tackles what the Bible is and what it isn't, how we can critically read this inspired text and how we approach the difficulties in its content. Alongside helpful analysis and practical advice - including kickstarting his one-man campaign to ban "Bible study" - Nick helps us re-discover how to rediscover the Bible as Holy Ground, as a place where we meet and encounter God.

The Bible on Silent Film

Author: David J. Shepherd

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Religion


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Between the advent of motion pictures in the 1890s and the close of the 'silent' era at the end of the 1920s, many of the longest, most expensive and most watched films on both sides of the Atlantic drew upon biblical traditions. David J. Shepherd traces the evolution of the biblical film through the silent era, asking why the Bible attracted early film makers, how biblical films were indebted to other interpretive traditions, and how these films were received. Drawing upon rarely seen archival footage and early landmark films of directors such as Louis Feuillade, D. W. Griffith, Michael Curtis and Cecil B. DeMille, this history treats well-known biblical subjects including Joseph, Moses, David and Jesus, along with lesser-known biblical stars such as Jael, Judith and Jephthah's daughter. This book will be of great interest to students of Biblical studies, Jewish studies and film studies.

PC Upgrade and Repair Bible

Author: Barry Press

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


Category: Computers

Page: 1383

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Photographs, examples, and reference materials explain how to build a computer from scratch, evaluate systems in preparation for upgrade, fine tune for optimal performance, and diagnose system components
Bible stories, English

Nelson's Picture Bible

Author: J. F. Allen

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers


Category: Bible stories, English

Page: 415

View: 700

More than one hundred eighty-five stories from the Old and New Testaments.

MCSE Consulting Bible

Author: Harry M. Brelsford

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Computers

Page: 900

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According to the 1999 Salary Survey conducted by MCP Magazine, the average MCSE has 6.8 years of experience. The average self-employed MCSE consultant with 6 - 9 years of experience earns $85,000 - that's over $8,000 more than the average salary +bonus and benefits package of other MCSEs. There is ademand for MCSEs who can offer a variety of technical expertise and services, and this book will show readers how to create a successful consulting business. MCSE Consuling Bible walks readers through the issues to consider when making the decision to start their own consulting business and then offers key advice on each aspect of the business from deciding what services to offer, to marketing, to maintaining customer relationships.

366 Bible Stories


Publisher: Better Homes & Gardens Books


Category: Religion

Page: 191

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Presents Bible stories for each day of the year.

Jesus Behaving Badly

Author: Mark L. Strauss

Publisher: InterVarsity Press


Category: Religion

Page: 223

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Everybody likes Jesus. Don't they? We overlook that Jesus was Judgmental—preaching hellfire far more than the apostle Paul Uncompromising—telling people to hate their families Chauvinistic—excluding women from leadership Racist—insulting people from other ethnic groups Anti-environmental—cursing a fig tree and affirming animal sacrifice Angry—overturning tables and chasing moneychangers in the temple He demanded moral perfection, told people to cut off body parts, made prophecies that haven't come true, and defied religious and political authorities. While we tend to ignore this troubling behavior, the people around Jesus didn't. Some believed him so dangerous that they found a way to have him killed. The Jesus everybody likes, says Mark Strauss, is not the Jesus found in the Gospels. He's a figure we've created in our own minds. Strauss believes that when we unpack the puzzling paradoxes of the man from Galilee, we find greater insight into his countercultural message and mission than we could ever have imagined.
Actor (Film and stage)

Behaving Badly

Author: Cliff Goodwin

Publisher: Virgin Books Limited


Category: Actor (Film and stage)

Page: 268

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Richard Harris has never been an easy person to get along with. As a teenager he spent three years in bed, diagnosed by his doctor with tuberculosis, which he concealed from his parents. When he left home, his father told him, For God's sake, go. He arrived in London in 1953, to train as an actor, with just u21 in his pocket."
Literary Criticism

The Psychopath's Bible

Author: Christopher S. Hyatt

Publisher: New Falcon Publications


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

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"Second Edition, Expanded & Revised"--cover.
Juvenile Nonfiction

The Bible Story Begins

Author: Nelson Publishers Tommy

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Incorporated


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


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