The Cube Is Coming

Author: Jerry Irvan Smith

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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A landslide of books and movies have given us a long drama of scary, doomsday, Armageddon, destruction, and “barely survive,” stories. We even hear about post Christian days and “life after life!” Civilization apparently doesn’t know much about what the good God of Creation truly has in store for those who love Him. The CUBE is a serious look at His future plans. Love, music and patriotism are interests that always stir our emotions. But the greatest of life’s expectations is an experience that should arouse us like nothing else – our reign with Christ in the millennium and our eternal future.

Coming Back to Me

Author: Caroline Leavitt

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 363

It can take a long time to build up a life, and only moments to destroy it. Gary and Molly met in the way couples do: after a long haul of being single, quickly becoming soulmates and rejoicing in that fact. Beautiful, red-haired Molly ignites a fire in Gary and he eases the pain she feels about her past. Starting a family is something they both want badly to do, and with great joy, Molly finds herself pregnant. It is when she leaves for the hospital that things start to go wrong. Only a few weeks later, alone with a newborn and a mountain of medical bills he has no means to pay for, Gary must call on Molly's long estranged sister Suzanne to help. Many authors have tackled the challenges of love and marriage. Caroline Leavitt claims the turf in her own exciting way, twisting and turning a medical nightmare into an opportunity for redemption and hope, in Coming Back to Me.
Crafts & Hobbies

Cube Bead Stitching

Author: Virginia Jensen

Publisher: Kalmbach Books


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 96

View: 818

Making jewelry with cube beads requires no special training or classes. This book explains it all. With clear instructions and hundreds of color photographs, expert Virginia Jensen shows how to make stunning jewelry using many of the most popular off-loom stitches. Chapters are divided by project type, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and decorative items. Beginners learn the fundamentals of many popular stitches as they create the projects, while more experienced crafters enjoy the challenge of weaving an uncommon shape into a knockout piece.

The Cube

Author: Nat Karody

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Fiction

Page: 346

View: 455

This cutting edge science fiction novel reconfigures the laws of nature and transforms the conventions of love. Read The Cube to find out if love triumphs over control and if democracy vanquishes an evil dictatorship. What drives this story is the relationship of the two main characters: a girl escaping from a classified weapons facility with terrible secrets she refuses to share, and a rural boy who literally catches her when she leaps over the edge and soon learns he is the target of international espionage. The novel is organized around a series of revelations regarding the girl s secrets culminating with an answer to the ultimate question: who is Celeste?"
Biography & Autobiography

A Second Coming

Author: David Swartz

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 172

A terrifying descent into madness, the first fearful steps on the path to recovery, this uncompromising memoir captures all the urgent and hypnotic tension of a commercial thriller. A Second Coming-the companion volume to Swartz's great long-poem "The Will to Christ"-is a probing investigation of the unconscious and metaphysical wellsprings of a singular poetic gift. And yet it is more. This story is without question the most accurate portrayal to date of the largely uncharted regions of schizophrenia, a compelling and solitary journey into yogic meditation and a massive abuse of cannabis non-indica. Swartz's manic delusion was the very overthrow of God and cleansing of the evolutionary process. After a twelve-day descent into terror, strapped to a hospital gurney, he emerges to an uncertain future and the realization that his whole experience was neither reality, nor, even more strangely, anything approaching fantasy.

Useful Rules and Tables

Author: William John Macquorn Rankine



Category: Engineering

Page: 384

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R.M. Ahmose Presents Tales You Never Saw Coming

Author: R.M. Ahmose

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 627

R.M. Ahmoses extensive background in psychology plays a key role in the three short stories presented in R.M. Ahmose Presents Tales You Never Saw Coming. Add this element to the keen observations taken from life in the inner city of Baltimore, and a plethora of knowledge gained from university classes, and the result is an imaginative, quirky collection of stories that elicit deep thought and expansive thinking. R.M. Ahmose Presents Tales You Never Saw Coming is a collection of three stories, each of which is meant to delight with its imaginativeness, quirkiness, and sometimes eyebrow-raising social commentary. While robots are the stated central characters in the lead story Better Design, this tale actually highlights features of human society. Saved blends religion, devoutness, doubt, agnosticism, and ill fortune. The final story, Psychotherapy and Desserts, presents a tale of intrigue based on an experience at a community mental health center. A suspenseful collection of stories, R.M. Ahmose Presents Tales You Never Saw Coming pays heed to the idea that nothing is as it seems.

Getting to the Common Core

Author: Sharon L. Spencer

Publisher: IAP


Category: Education

Page: 595

View: 816

The Common Core Standards have recently been adopted in most states across the nation and teachers are in the process of getting to the core of these standards. Teaching to standards is not a new concept; teachers have adapted to new standards every few years for quite some time. And teachers are adaptable, as can be seen in this book. We are writing this book to demonstrate how teachers use researchbased strategies to meet Common Core Standards while still focusing on students. Our goal is to help teachers visualize students in action as other teachers describe the implementation of researchbased strategies in their own classrooms, show student work samples, and provide reflections of student success in achieving the standards. Many Common Core Standards books focus on the standards, but our approach focuses on strategies that engage the students in the classroomshowing how different teachers at varying grade levels have used the strategies to meet the standards. With this focus, we believe that teachers gain a new and positive perspective on approaching the new standards and see the flexibility of strategies for meeting standards across subject areas. We have examined research on the strategies with the purpose of giving teachers a brief description of why these strategies work before giving actual examples from classrooms. We also work closely with teachers in the public schools and have our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the public schools—one of the current stressors being unpacking the Common Core Standards This book actually focuses on practice. We begin by laying out a rationale in our first chapterThe Core Value(s) of Education. Then, each chapter focuses on a strategy, including 1) a brief description about the research supporting each strategy and 2) several examples from different grade levels, which include a description of how the strategy was used, student work samples, and a reflection on the use of the strategy. The research descriptions are fairly short because, while we believe professional educators (aka teachers, in this case) should know the research that supports practice, we know they are not typically interested in long diatribes about the research.

Coming Home

Author: Jack McDevitt

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 987

Thousands of years ago, artifacts of the early space age were lost to rising oceans and widespread turmoil. Garnett Baylee devoted his life to finding them, only to give up hope. Then, in the wake of his death, one was found in his home, raising tantalizing questions. Had he succeeded after all? Why had he kept it a secret? And where is the rest of the Apollo cache? Antiquities dealer Alex Benedict and his pilot, Chase Kolpath, have gone to Earth to learn the truth. But the trail seems to have gone cold, so they head back home to be present when the Capella, the interstellar transport that vanished eleven years earlier in a time/space warp, is expected to reappear. With a window of only a few hours, rescuing it is of the utmost importance. Twenty-six hundred passengers—including Alex’s uncle, Gabriel Benedict, the man who raised him—are on board. Alex now finds his attention divided between finding the artifacts and anticipating the rescue of the Capella. But time won’t allow him to do both. As the deadline for the Capella’s reappearance draws near, Alex fears that the puzzle of the artifacts will be lost yet again. But Alex Benedict never forgets and never gives up—and another day will soon come around...

Would Jesus Really Do That?

Author: Cook David C

Publisher: David C Cook


Category: Religion

Page: 255

View: 366

Custom Curriculum allows you to address the issues that students face in today’s world in a way that can be fully customized to be a perfect fit for your group.

A Moscow Math Circle

Author: Sergey Dorichenko

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.


Category: Mathematics

Page: 240

View: 531

Moscow has a rich tradition of successful math circles, to the extent that many other circles are modeled on them. This book presents materials used during the course of one year in a math circle organized by mathematics faculty at Moscow State University, and also used at the mathematics magnet school known as Moscow School Number 57. Each problem set has a similar structure: it combines review material with a new topic, offering problems in a range of difficulty levels. This time-tested pattern has proved its effectiveness in engaging all students and helping them master new material while building on earlier knowledge. The introduction describes in detail how the math circles at Moscow State University are run. Dorichenko describes how the early sessions differ from later sessions, how to choose problems, and what sorts of difficulties may arise when running a circle. The book also includes a selection of problems used in the competition known as the Mathematical Maze, a mathematical story based on actual lessons with students, and an addendum on the San Jose Mathematical Circle, which is run in the Russian style. In the interest of fostering a greater awareness and appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and everyday life, MSRI and the AMS are publishing books in the Mathematical Circles Library series as a service to young people, their parents and teachers, and the mathematics profession.


Author: Rachelle G. Adamchuk

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 265

View: 978

What do you mean you can travel in time? That might be your first question if you were one of Darren Whalleys friends. Then again, if youre buddies with Darren youd be a traveling magician, so maybe nothing would seem strange. As the Initiate to the Keeper, Darren has been burdened with a cryptic, dangerous and seemingly unattainable quest to find artifacts that were concealed all over the world before his archenemy Marrion can. The quest most recently left off in Mexico City and now the clues have led Darren, his girlfriend Astrid, best friend Joe and the traveling magic show to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Will the trail go cold on the warm west coast of Canada? Rachelle G. Adamchuk turns up the heat in the third book of the Trickery and Honest Deception Chronicles. As part of the traveling magic show, Darren is preparing one of his greatest tricks transposing himself before a live audience. However, without even trying he finds himself at landmarks around Victoria, as well as an ancient Japanese ceremony, a bloody battle, and his own murder! How does it all connect to the third artifact and will Darren survive to continue his quest? Mrs. Adamchuk weaves a tale of suspense giving the reader a gritty account of the darkness and confusion Darren feels as he gropes his way towards his destiny.
Games & Activities

Speedsolving the Cube

Author: Dan Harris

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 166

View: 841

They call it speedcubing”a mind-bending blur of quick twists and turns that solves Rubik's Cube in times that have been clocked at less than 20 seconds! Today, thanks to the 2003 revival of the Rubik's World Championships, speedcubing is spreading like wildfire. Here, complete with detailed illustrations and basic as well as advanced solving techniques, is the ultimate speedcuber's guide. It not only gives the solution to the familiar 3x3x3 cube (which has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000that's 43 quintillionpossible positions), but also the 2x2x2, 4x4x4, and staggeringly difficult 5x5x5 puzzles. With millions of cubes out there and countless would-be champions looking for tips to improve their times, this is the definitive manual for this unique sport.
Fourth dimension

A New Era of Thought

Author: Charles Howard Hinton



Category: Fourth dimension

Page: 216

View: 188