The Diary of John Holt

Author: Peter N. Davies

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: History

Page: 222

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John Holt (1841-1915) was a successful British merchant who made several voyages to West Africa during his lifetime to establish business and trade in the era of British Imperialism. His diaries are presented in two accounts; the first, from 1862-1872, documents his life as a merchant on the West African island of Fernando Po, initially working for James Lynslager and eventually purchasing the trade company and expanding it significantly. Holt's own vessel, Maria, and his affiliation with the African Steam Ship Company, made his maritime trade activities particularly succssful. The second account records his voyage in the Maria from Liverpool to Fernando Po in 1869-1872, and documents his trade relationships across West Africa. The volume is rounded out by diary entries from the ten-day voyage of the Peep O'Day along the Krou coast, and concludes with John Holt's family tree. This volume presents a comprehensive account of Holt's life as a means of preserving history and adding to the field of study of mercantile livliehoods and shipping trade industries under British imperialism. It also seeks to celebrate the individual accomplishments made in John Holt's career.

Transatlantic Studies

Author: Cecilia Enjuto-Rangel



Category: History

Page: 448

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Transatlantic Studies: Latin America, Iberia, and Africa emerges from, and performs, an ongoing debate concerning the role of transatlantic approaches in the fields of Iberian, Latin American, African, and Luso-Brazilian studies. The innovative research and discussions contained in this volume's 35 essays by leading scholars in the field reframe the intertwined cultural histories of the diverse transnational spaces encompassed by the former Spanish and Portuguese empires. An emerging field, Transatlantic Studies seeks to provoke a discussion and a reconfiguration of the traditional academic notions of area studies, while critically engaging the concepts of national cultures and postcolonial relations among Spain, Portugal and their former colonies. Crucially, Transatlantic Studies transgresses national boundaries without dehistoricizing or decontextualizing the texts it seeks to incorporate within this new framework.

The Empire in One City?

Author: Sheryllynne Haggerty



Category: History

Page: 237

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A collection of essays that demonstrates that the imperial dimension deserves more prevalence in both academic and popular representations of Liverpool's past. It covers a wide range of economic, social, cultural and political themes within Liverpool's imperial history.

The Diary of a Mad Public School Teacher

Author: David A. Hancock MA

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Education

Page: 182

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Many are asking, what is wrong with teaching, learning, schooling, and education, and what can be done? You will get the answers (panacea) from the letters of a mad public school teacher: intrepid, irascible, cantankerous, provocative, passionate, thought-provoking, iconoclastic, and enhanced with vitriolic demagoguery. As a grad student / colleague said, Thanks for an enjoyable class on education issues in society. I also enjoyed your letters to the editor. Ive been told that I say what other people think. Well, you write and publish what were all thinking.
Africa, West

Sir Alfred Jones

Author: Peter N. Davies

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Africa, West

Page: 162

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Health & Fitness

Diary of an Eating Disorder

Author: Chelsea Smith

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 232

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In Diary of an Eating Disorder, Chelsea Smith bravely comes forward with a day-to-day account of her life with an eating disorder. This book provides enlightening insights into the mind of a person affected with anorexia and bulimia.

Portraiture & Photography in Africa

Author: John Peffer

Publisher: African Expressive Cultures


Category: Art

Page: 452

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Some essays originally presented at the conference ""Portrait Photography in African Worlds"" (February 3-4, 2006), University of California, Santa Cruz.