The Doomsday Prophecy (Ben Hope, Book 3)

Author: Scott Mariani

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 482

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FROM THE #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR ‘Deadly conspiracies, bone-crunching action and a tormented hero with a heart . . . packs a real punch’ Andy McDermott


Author: Richard Wenk

Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment


Category: Fiction

Page: 119

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Batman is back! Swing into action with the new blockbuster movie "Batman IV" and the Archway novel "Batman: The Doomsday Prophecy"! The Caped Crusader is up against the craftiest criminals ever to try and foil the crimefighter. But readers can help Batman outwit his arch-enemies in this "Super Powers Which Way" book--they're in charge of the action! The movie releases nationwide on June 20th.
Social Science

Millennium Rage

Author: P. Lamy

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 295

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. When a leading presidential candidate feels comfortable proclaiming he'll destroy "the New World Order"--A code word for the supposed minority-led, worldwide conspiracy - it cannot be a moment too soon to learn the truth about the covert symbols, spreading zealotry, and deadly machinations of the armies of millennium rage.

The Doomsday Clock

Author: Dr. Jimmie L. Chapman



Category: Religion

Page: 225

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This book is timely, bold and provocative. It is the news the world needs to hear now. Dr. Jimmie Chapman tells it like it is and how it's going to be. He explains the significance of Israel in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies for the end of the world. He also explains how the current events in the Middle East and Far East fit into Bible prophecies. He explains the antichrist, the Beast and the Mark of the Beast in frightening detail. He explains many Bible prophecies and how they relate to many items of world news we hear and read about each day. This book should shock us into a reality check and cause us to reexamine our thoughts about what is happening in the world right now. If you are interested in what the Bible says about our near future, you really should read this book.

The Mayan Prophecy

Author: Steve Alten

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 672

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On 21 December 2012 the ancient Mayan calendar will complete its thirteenth cycle. Archaeologist Julius Gabriel dies certain of one fact: that, on this date, the human race will cease to exist. Mankind's salvation lies in a millennia-old code. Ancient legacies - from the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt to the Nazca desert drawings - are key to preventing the imminent global holocaust. Only Julius's son, Michael Gabriel, can decipher this puzzle. Michael is incapable of action, locked in an asylum where he has been wrongly incarcerated for the past eleven years. But now he has been assigned a new psychiatrist, Dominique Vazquez, upon whose actions the fate of the world will soon rest.

How Prophecy Lives

Author: Diana Tumminia

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 204

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Occasioned by reflections on the 50th anniversary of the publication of Festinger et al.'s When Prophecy Fails, this book examines social scientific prophecy research in the second half of the twentieth century, with particular attention to the question of the dynamics that inspired people to engage actively in such end-time activities.

Introduction to New and Alternative Religions in America: African diaspora traditions and other American innovations

Author: Eugene V. Gallagher

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Cults

Page: 5

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Annotation. Most new or alternative religious are gravely misunderstood by members of the religious mainstream. Labeled cults or sects, groups and their members are often ridiculed or otherwise disregarded as weird and potentially dangerous by the populace at large. Despite their efforts at educating the general public, the various anti- and counter-cult activists have in fact promoted much more mis-understanding than accurate understanding of the religious lives of some of their fellow citizens. Consequently, they have helped to create a very hostile environment for anyone whose religious practices do not fit within a so-called mainstream. This set rectifies the situation by presenting accurate, comprehensive, authoritative and accessible accounts of various new and alternative religious movements that have been and are active in American society, and it addresses ways of understanding new and alternative religions within a broader context. Determining what actually constitutes a new or alternative religion is a subject of constant debate. Questions arise as to a new faith's legitimacy, beliefs, methods of conversion, and other facets of a religious movement's viability and place in a given culture. How a religion gains recognition by the mainstream, which often labels such new movements as cults, is fraught with difficulty, tension, and fear. Here, experts delineate the boundaries and examine the various groups, beliefs, movements, and other issues related to new faiths and alternative beliefs. Readers will come away with a fuller understanding of the religious landscape in America today. Volume 1: History and Controversies discusses the foundations of new and alternative religions in the United States and addresses the controversies that surround them. This volume helps readers better understand what makes a new or alternative belief system a religion and the issues involved. Volume 2: Jewish and Christian Traditions explores the various new religions that have grown out of these two Abrahamic faiths. Groups such as the Shakers, the People's Temple, the Branch Davidians, Jehovah's Witnesses and others are examined. Volume 3: Metaphysical, New Age, and Neopagan Movements looks at Shamanism, Spiritualism, Wicca, and Paganism, among other movements, as they have developed and grown in the U.S. These faiths have found new and devoted followers yet are often misunderstood. Volume 4: Asian Traditions focuses on those new and alternative religions that have been inspired by Asian religious traditions. From Baha'i to Soka Gakkai, from Adidam to the Vedanta Society, contributors look at a full range of groups practicing and worshiping in the U.S. today. Volume 5: African Diaspora Traditions and Other American Innovations examines the various traditions linked to the African diaspora such as Rastafarianism, Santeria, and the Nation of Islam, alongside traditions that are truly American incarnations like Scientology, UFO religions, and Heaven's Gate. Some of the new and alternative religions covered in these pages include: ; Shamanism ; Wicca ; Black Israelites ; Santeria ; Scientology ; Elan Vital ; Hare Krishna ; Soka Gakkai ; and many more
Young adult fiction

The Biosphere Prophecy and the Doomsday Scenario

Author: Tamsin Orr-Walker



Category: Young adult fiction


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The Biosphere, the zone of life on Earth, is sickening and dying – because of us.The Biosphere Prophecy says life on Earth will be saved by a secret alliance, bound together by a common goal - to end suffering, abuse and injury to all forms of life on our planet. This group will be led by three young guardians with the aid of a creature not of this world . . .What would you do if you found out the world as you knew it was going to end?What would you do if you discovered a way to stop it? Would you sit back and do nothing, hope that someone else would save the day? Or would you try to help as best you could - and tell others so they could help too?Find out what three extraordinary friends and their very unusual companion chose to do when faced with just such a scenario . . . the Doomsday Scenario.
Body, Mind & Spirit

2012: Extinction or Utopia

Author: J. Allan Danelek

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 216

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Is 2012 the end of the world as we know it? From 2012 to global warming to worldwide pandemics, doomsday scenarios play an increasingly large role in our lives. Do any of these apocalyptic scenarios pose a real, urgent risk? Why does our modern culture continue to embrace these bleak beliefs, and how are they affecting our world? Separating hype from truth, J. Allan Danelek scrutinizes the ancient Mayan calendar's end date of 2012 and takes a hard look at whether it spells the end of the world—or a new beginning. Danelek also delves into other doomsday beliefs past and present, from biblical end-times prophecies to biological warfare, and discusses the predictions of world-famous prophets such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. With piercing logic, Danelek objectively explores the apocalyptic threats that have captured our imagination . . . and reveals startling insights about what kind of future—dire or dazzling—awaits humanity.

Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse

Author: Jason Boyett

Publisher: Relevant Media Group


Category: Humor

Page: 144

View: 396

A humorous look at our culture's ongoing obsession with the "End Times", features chapters such as "Apocalyptionary: A Glossary of the End Times" and "Fun with Eschatology." Original.