Supernatural (Television program : 2005- )

The Essential Supernatural

Author: Nicholas Knight

Publisher: Titan Books


Category: Supernatural (Television program : 2005- )

Page: 232

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A deluxe, full-colour coffee table book, that dissects the show (up to season 10) season by season, tracing the Winchester brothers as they travel across the US. It is illustrated with behind-the-scenes photos, exclusive production art, posters, maps, blueprints, and other elements.

The Natural and the Supernatural

Author: John Oman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 522

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This book provides a comprehensive discussion regarding the sacred aspects of human existence in their relationship with the material world.


Author: Bruno de Jésus-Marie (père, O.C.D.)



Category: Devil

Page: 506

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Based upon a volume of the series Collection de psychologie religieuse, Etudes carmelitaines.

God: The Author of Nature and the Supernatural: A Dogmatic Treatise

Author: Rev. Joseph Pohle Ph. D. D.

Publisher: Aeterna Press


Category: Religion

Page: 365

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God’s first and primal work is the Creation of the universe. Creation constitutes the fundamental and essential postulate of all being and operation in the natural order as well as of all supernatural institutions, such as the Incarnation, Grace, the Sacraments, etc. Hence, the dogmatic treatise De Deo Creante et Elevante, which forms the subject matter of this volume, views God as the Author of Nature and the Supernatural. A true idea of Creation is indispensable to deepen and perfect the conception of God gained from the two preceding treatises. Aeterna Press
Literary Criticism

Supernatural Enemies

Author: Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson



Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 226

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In view of the present fascination with the supernatural and with visitors from outer space, Supernatural Enemies offers a timely, wide-ranging study of supernatural enemies in artistic, literary and popular traditions. Its coverage ranges from beliefs of the Ancient World and the lore of the Middle Ages in Europe to modern traditions about killer clowns among Scottish children, sightings of the Black Dog in East Anglia, and beliefs in supernatural abduction. Supernatural Enemies contains sections on Gods, Demons and Ogres, Animals and Monsters, Witches and Deceivers, and Pursuers and Abductors. Davidson and Chaudhri do not seek to provide an exhaustive analysis or history of supernatural enemies in different societies and traditions. Supernatural Enemies presents, for the first time, a variety of approaches to the subject and gives access to some very rare material drawn from ancient iconography and from texts and literature in languages inaccessible to many readers. Archival materials, other records, and contemporary field work are also utilized. From this wealth of sources, the reader obtains vivid portraits of the hostile forces which have so inspired the imagination throughout the ages. The individual studies are scholarly and well-referenced, contributed by writers from a number of different disciplines: literature, mythology, the history of art, archaeology, psychology, and folklore. Such a multi-disciplined approach is an effective way to treat this rich subject which has never failed to arouse the imagination in past centuries and is still fascinating today.
College readers

The Essential Prose

Author: Dorothy Bendon Van Ghent



Category: College readers

Page: 1225

View: 283

This book has two general aims: to provide materials for the teaching of discursive writing, and to give students a broad, various acquaintance with their cultural heritage. Each of the ninety-three selections is followed by a set of analytical questions that explore both the substance of the piece and its rhetorical strategies, for discussion or written exercises.
American literature

The Essential Black Literature Guide

Author: Roger M. Valade



Category: American literature

Page: 446

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Lists 450 authors, works, and movements that together reflect the diversity and significance of Black literature
Literary Criticism

The Supernatural in Short Fiction of the Americas

Author: Dana Del George

Publisher: Praeger


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 154

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The continuing cultural encounters of the Americas, between European and indigenous cultures, and between scientific materialism and premodern supernaturalism, have originated new narrative forms. While supernatural short fiction of the Americas belongs to the broad category of the fantastic, which is generally approached synchronically, reading audiences of the past 200 years have shifted their beliefs about the supernatural several times. This book examines supernatural short fiction of the Americas in terms of its shifting cultural and epistemological contexts. Included are discussions of such forms as the sacred story, the neofantastic story, the folktale, and the local-color ghost story.