The Final Days

Author: Bob Woodward

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: History

Page: 480

View: 337

"An extraordinary work of reportage on the epic political story of our time." —Newsweek The Final Days is the #1 New York Times bestselling, classic, behind-the-scenes account of Richard Nixon’s dramatic last months as president. Moment by moment, Bernstein and Woodward portray the taut, post-Watergate White House as Nixon, his family, his staff, and many members of Congress strained desperately to prevent his inevitable resignation. This brilliant book reveals the ordeal of Nixon’s fall from office—one of the gravest crises in presidential history.

Jesus, the Final Days

Author: Craig A. Evans

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press


Category: Religion

Page: 116

View: 237

What do history and archaeology have to say about Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection? In this superb general-reader book, two of the world's most celebrated writers on the historical Jesus share their greatest findings. Together, Craig A. Evans and N. T. Wright concisely and compellingly convey the drama and the world-shattering significance of Jesus' final days on earth. Certain to be a best seller during the Lent/Easter season and beyond!

Countdown to Partition

Author: Ajit Bhattacharjea

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers


Category: India

Page: 112

View: 674

On the 1947 partition of India.
Political Science

The Final Days

Author: Barbara Olson

Publisher: Regnery Publishing


Category: Political Science

Page: 258

View: 751

Here is the last work of Barbara Olson, tragically killed in the Terrorist attacks of September 11. This book reveals the Clintons' shocking excesses in their final days of office.

The Final Days

Author: Alex Chance

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 361

Karen Wiley, recently qualified San Francisco psychologist, thought she understood moral dilemma. Then an anonymous child cries to her for help. No one Karen knows is in trouble. But the letters keep coming. Then something far, far worse. Until the horror in the Trueblood trailer, Ella McCullers, police chief of Canaan, Utah, believed she knew crises of faith. Abruptly promoted to senior investigator in the state's most high-profile kidnapping case, her only leads are a decaying tombstone, a missing cat, and a little mute girl with ghastly, formless nightmares. In truth, it began with The Cult of the Final Days, and a long-buried history of murder. Now Karen Wiley must cross the desert wilderness to play a deadly game disguised as a righteous quest for the truth. Powerful, hypnotic and terrifying, The Final Days is the stunning debut by a chillingly brilliant new voice in thriller writing.
Biography & Autobiography

The Final Days of Alastair Nicholson

Author: William John Stapleton

Publisher: eBookIt.com


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 83

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Refusing to hide, Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia Alastair Nicholson, scheduled to appear before an inquiry into family law and child support, entered Australia's Parliament House in Canberra via the front door on the 10th October 2003. As Chief Justice of one of the most unpopular courts in the country, Nicholson had become a key figure fuelling discontent with Australia's political, bureaucratic and judicial wings of government. With millions of Australians having gone through the shredder of the country's divorce regime, he had become a focus for community discontent. So heightened had the debate around Nicholson become that politicians rightly feared the general public were losing faith in the country's governance. Nicholson was arguably the single most outspoken, certainly the most controversial judge ever to serve in the Australian court system; deeply hated by some, admired by others. Politicians from both sides of politics had reason to fear his ever ready tongue. The appearance before the Inquiry of the one man who had done more to shape the nature of Australian family law than any other individual had been looked forward to by his critics with a kind of wonder and anticipation, a fascination for the grotesque. Despite a plethora of Inquiries, including a devastating critique from the government's chief adviser on legal matters the Australian Law Reform Commission, doubt was not a trait Nicholson ever displayed in public. Was this the inquiry which would finally nail him to the wall? To the chagrin of his critics, Nicholson showed not a sliver of regret or self-doubt. He has continued to be outspoken since his retirement from the bench and move into academic life.

The Final Days of Socrates

Author: Plato

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.


Category: Philosophy

Page: 138

View: 544

The Final Days of Socrates is a book of four dialogues by Plato-Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Phaedo-centering, as most of Plato's dialogues do, around Socrates. These four dialogues cover the time leading up to Socrates' trial and through his death and depiction of the afterlife. Euthyphro concerns Socrates and Euthyphro, a known so-called religious expert, as they try to determine a definition for piety. Apology is Plato's version of Socrates' speech as he defends himself against the criminal charges of corrupting the youth and not believing in the same deities as the state. The Crito is a dialogue between Socrates and a friend about justice, injustice, and the reaction to injustice. Finally Phaedo, one of Plato's most famous Socratic dialogues, depicts the death of Socrates and his argument for the existence of an afterlife. All four works are also included in the Cosimo omnibus editions of The Works of Plato. One of the greatest Western philosophers who ever lived, PLATO (c. 428-347 B.C.) was a student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. Plato was greatly influenced by Socrates' teachings, often using him as a character in scripts and plays (Socratic dialogues), which he used to demonstrate philosophical ideas. Plato's dialogues were and still are used to teach a wide range of subjects, including politics, mathematics, rhetoric, logic, and, naturally, philosophy.
True Crime

The Final Days of Howard Hughes

Author: Christopher John Jenner

Publisher: Christopher Jenner


Category: True Crime

Page: 216

View: 603

This stunning expose attempts to blow the lid off the decades old case of the death of Howard Hughes, playboy movie-maker, aviator and businessman, alleging a murder and takeover conspiracy orchestrated by the very company designated to care for an aging Hughes The Final Days of Howard Hughes exposes Summa Corp. Syndicate's efforts to siphon off the wealth of The Man, and cover up their neglect, malfeasance and murder with a very detailed Plan of action, all exposed within.

France, the Final Days

Author: Denise Thatcher

Publisher: Carlton Books Limited


Category: Humor

Page: 159

View: 139

We've known it for years, but every now and then the French remind us why we dislike them so much. Our Gallic chums are the butt of humor on both sides of the Atlantic and the phrase 'cheese-eating surrendering monkeys' has entered the national psyche. Despite stunning success at soccer (all of it paid for by foreign money) and the odd decent movie idea, the only good thing to come out of France in the last decade is a return flight. Even lowering prices and changing the name of Euro-Disney couldn't get more people to visit the world's garlic-chewing capital. France the Final Days offers an insightful and alternative look at our odorous cousins from mainland Europe and, quite simply, laughs at them. Napoleon's secret Cognac bar, the Navy's glorious history, French 'Aristocracy' and the bidet are the subjects of just a few of the cheap laughs that authors Denise Thatcher and Malcolm Scott elicit.

The Final Days of Jesus

Author: Shimon Gibson

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 557

“No one knows more about the history and archaeology of ancient Jerusalem than Shimon Gibson.... This book is destined to become the standard in the field.” — Prof. James D. Tabor, author of The Jesus Dynasty A world renowned archaeologist reveals the historic footprint of Jesus in Jerusalem and what really happened during the final days. Fans of Elaine Pagels and of John Dominic Crossan and Marcus J. Borg’s The Last Week will find a wealth of new information in The Final Days of Jesus, the first book of its kind to present a detailed archaeological footprint of Jesus.