Business & Economics

The First Mile

Author: Scott D. Anthony

Publisher: Harvard Business Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 242

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Offers lessons for overcoming the challenges and navigating the hidden traps associated with moving an idea to market and provides stories and data from companies and people who have successfully managed the process. 15,000 first printing.
Technology & Engineering

First Mile Access Networks and Enabling Technologies

Author: Ashwin Gumaste

Publisher: Cisco Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 292

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Master optical First Mile technologies with this end-to-end solutions guide that incorporates the most current advances and features Understand the range of First Mile technologies available in the marketplace and the policies and technologies impacting future trends Review step-by-step guides to building end-to-end solutions for optical networking Master Free Space Optics, EPON, and PON design and concepts Learn technology options with coverage of the latest optical switching systems Named by an IEEE task force, the first mile refers to the connections between business/residential subscribers and the public networks central office or point of presence. This task force, of which Cisco is a member, is developing standards and products that use Ethernet as the Layer 2 protocol of choice for the economical and efficient delivery of broadband related services. "First Mile Advanced Access Technologies" reviews the standards, policies, products, features and services related to the growing delivery of broadband services. It provides an overview of all the protocols currently bringing services to the first mile, including DSL, cable modems, ISDN, satellite, and broadband wireless. The book then moves forward detailing the advancements and capabilities of optical networking. The book also provides end-to-end solution designs, incorporating the latest advancements in the technologies and reviewing the capabilities of some of the newest optical switching systems. A specific review of scalability keeps current design guides in tune with potential future needs. "First Mile Advanced Access Technologies" offers readers step-by-step, basic to advanced coverage of an end-to-end solution foroptical networking. Ashwin Gumaste is currently completing a PhD in Optical Networking and is also part of the Photonics Networking Laboratory with Fujitsu. He is the author of DWDM Network Design and Engineering Solutions from Cisco Press. , b>Tony Anthony, CCNP, CCIP, is a Technical Marketing Engineer with the Optical Networking Group at Cisco Systems. He is the author of DWDM Network Design and Engineering Solutions from Cisco Press.
Computer networks

Ethernet in the First Mile

Author: Michael Beck

Publisher: Information Gatekeepers Inc


Category: Computer networks

Page: 270

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Annotation IEEE standard 802.3, Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), approved this July, standardizes broadband Ethernet, allowing service providers to focus on providing critical broadband services without worrying about interoperability conflicts. This book will annotate and explain the dense language of the standard document, taking particular care how to explain how the EFM dovetails with other standards. For engineers struggling with the standard, this book will show clearly how each piece is supposed to work in the real world.

Ethernet in the First Mile

Author: Wael W. Diab

Publisher: Standards Information Network


Category: Computers

Page: 480

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IEEE Std 802.3ah-2004 is an outstanding resource for those building products compatible with the Ethernet in the First Mile standard. This book brings the standard to life by explaining the basic principles behind the standard, presenting the tradeoffs that led to the standardization of the specific technologies, and providing a guide to help you navigate through the formal prose. Presented in a concise and easy to read format, Ethernet in the First Mile: Access for Everyone, is a must have for end users, deployers, service providers, venture capitalists, IT professionals, and students. In order to give readers quick access to the information they need, each chapter begins with an overview, defines what the reader should expect to learn in that section, and ends with a summary of concepts, which gives readers quick access to the information they seek. Authors Wael Diab and Howard Frazier provide the story of Ethernet in the First Mile: why it happened, how it happened, what exactly happened, and what it will do for you. As the leaders of the standards project, these authors saw it all, from beginning to end. Facts are separated from fiction, giving you the straight scoop, and the inside story. This work is meant to serve as a companion to the IEEE standard; a Rosetta stone to help you decipher the hieroglyphics. Tutorial material not allowed in formal standards documents is provided, giving insights and illuminating the murky corners of the standard. The end result is a must-have resource for anyone interested in Ethernet in the First Mile technology.
Business & Economics

Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Author: TiE: The Indus Entrepreneurs

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 370

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A gold mine of advice and guidance from an international team of entrepreneurial all-stars From TiE, the world's largest not-for-profit entrepreneurial organization, this valuable handbook features chapters written by acknowledged experts in their respective fields. It covers all areas of vital concern to entrepreneurs-as well as the accountants, venture capitalists, and attorneys who work with them-including legal issues, venture funding, management teams, stock options, business planning, and much more. TiE is a worldwide organization founded in Silicon Valley over a decade ago and dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial ventures. Its members number 800 professionals in forty-one locations in eight countries.
Sports & Recreation

The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing

Author: Philip Maffetone

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 528

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“Welcome to what will undoubtedly be a whole new level of athleticperformance.”—Mark Allen, six-time winner of the Hawaii Ironman.

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Harrisburg

Author: Matt Willen

Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press


Category: Travel

Page: 256

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Although known predominantly for its Pennsylvania Dutch culture, the Gettysburg battlefield, and the cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York, south central Pennsylvania is home to many tracts of public lands that offer a diverse array of hiking experiences. From the gentle farm country of Lancaster and York Counties, to the steep-sided ravines along the Susquehanna River, to the rugged ridges north of Harrisburg, and the rolling hills of South Mountain, you'll find hikes to suit about any taste and interest. 60 Hikes within 60 Miles:Harrisburg provides the first comprehensive hiking guide to the region. Each hike description features: Key information on length, hiking time, difficulty, configuration, scenery, traffic, trail surface, and accessibility Information on the history and natural of history of the areas the hikes pass through A detailed trail map and elevation profile Clear directions to the trailhead and trailhead GPS data Tips on nearby activities Whether you are a local looking for new places to explore, or a visitor in the area for business or pleasure, 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Harrisburg will provide plenty of options for outings lasting a full day to a couple of hours,all within about an hour's drive of Harrisburg and the surrounding communities.
Biography & Autobiography


Author: Tom Jordan

Publisher: Rodale Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 176

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The story of America's greatest running legend. For five years, no American runner could beat him at any distance over a mile. But at the age of 24, with his best years still ahead, long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine finally lost. Driving alone at night after a party, Prefontaine crashed his sports car, putting a tragic, shocking end to the life and career of one of the most influential, accomplished runners of our time. More than 20 years later, Pre continues to influence the running world. From his humble origins in Coos Bay, Oregon, Pre became the first person to win four NCAA titles in one event. Year after year, he was virtually unbeatable. Instead of becoming one of the new breed of professional track athletes, Pre chose to stay amateur and fight for the adequate funding he felt American amateur athletes deserved. A man of incredible desire and energy, Pre trained relentlessly. In his drive to be the best, he spurred others to do their best. As one racer said, "He ran every race as if it were his last." But Pre not only touched runners; his exciting technique as well as his maverick lifestyle made him a favorite of the fans. A race with Prefontaine in it was automatically an event. His brief but brilliant life—documented by author Tom Jordan—is the tale of a true American hero. This is his story. "Some people create with words or with music or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say, 'I've never seen anyone run like that before.' It's more than just a race, it's style. It's doing something better than anyone else. It's being creative." —Steve Prefontaine *The e-book edition does not include photos
Alor (Nigeria)

The First Mile-stone

Author: E. R. Chadwick



Category: Alor (Nigeria)

Page: 9

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Biographies of some eminent Alor citizens.
Technology & Engineering

Broadband Last Mile

Author: Nikil Jayant

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 680

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Broadband Last Mile: Access Technologies for Multimedia Communications provides in-depth treatments of access technologies and the applications that rely upon them or support them. It examines innovations and enhancements along multiple dimensions in access, with the overarching goal of ensuring that the last mile is not the weak link in the broadband chain. Written by experts from the academic and commercial segments of the field, the book's self-contained sections address topics related to the disciplines of communications, networking, computing, and signal processing. The core of this treatment contains contemporary reviews of broadband pipes in the classes of copper, cable, fiber, wireless, and satellite. It emphasizes the coexistence of these classes within a network, the importance of optical communications for unprecedented bandwidth, and the flexibility and mobility provided by wireless. The book also includes perspective on the increasingly important topic of network management, providing insights that are true regardless of the nature of the pipe. The text concludes with a discussion of newly emerging applications and broadband services. This book offers an all-in-one treatment of the physical pipes and network architectures that make rich and increasingly personalized applications possible. It serves as a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners working in the increasingly pervasive field of broadband.
Business & Economics

Broadband Services, Applications, and Networks

Author: International Engineering Consortium

Publisher: Intl. Engineering Consortiu


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 632

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Focusing on the most promising broadband applications and services and the business strategies that are most viable to ensure favorable return on investment, this report is authored by industry professionals and examines the current and potential markets for a range of broadband applications and services and offers business strategies that providers can adopt to help ensure profitability. Detailed case studies from service providers around the world also provide invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities present in today's global broadband industry. This report is an important resource for any communications company that hopes to profit from the evolutions in broadband applications and services.
Sports & Recreation

The Competitive Runner's Handbook

Author: Bob Glover

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 688

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For both runners entering that first neighborhood race and elite marathoners, trainers Bob and Shelly-lynn Florence Glover's completely revised guide is the book on training to compete. A book that's already sold close to 200,000 copies, The Competitive Runner's Handbook will now offer all the latest information needed to design basic training programs; special workouts to increase strength, endurance, and power; schedules and worksheets to develop individual goals; and specifics on preparing for all kinds of races—with an emphasis on the 10K and the marathon. Informed by their over thirty years of coaching experience, the Glovers give winning tips on alternative training, footwear and diet, and common injuries and illnesses, as well as sensible advice on balancing running with work and home life.
Chicago (Ill.)





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Author: Michigan. Legislature. House of Representatives



Category: Michigan


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Includes extra sessions.
Health & Fitness

Run Your First Marathon

Author: Grete Waitz

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 176

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Outlines a sixteen-week marathon training program that includes workout schedules and discusses topics such as nutrition and hydration, mental preparation, and stretching and strengthening exercises.
Broadband communication systems

Stories from the First Mile

Author: First Nations Innovation



Category: Broadband communication systems

Page: 114

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"This publication is a collection of the research and stories that capture and celebrate the innovation and creativity of the Indigenous people, their leaders, their communities, their representative organizations, and their work with partners to build broadband internet networks and services addressing basic needs and local priorities. The First Nations Innovation (FNI) research project (2006-2018) studied broadband internet activities with remote and rural First Nations. In 2013, the FNI partners and researchers launched the First Mile Connectivity Consortium (FMCC), a national non-profit organization to intervene in related policy and regulatory issues.--Page 3.