The Forgotten Kingdom

Author: Signe Pike

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 496

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From the author of The Lost Queen, hailed as “Outlander meets Camelot” (Kirsty Logan, the author of The Gloaming) and “The Mists of Avalon for a new generation” (Linnea Hartsuyker, the author of The Golden Wolf), a “rich, immersive” (Kirkus Reviews) new novel in which a forgotten queen of 6th-century Scotland claims her throne as war looms and her family is scattered to the winds. AD 573. Imprisoned in her chamber, Languoreth awaits news in torment. Her husband and son have ridden off to war against her brother, Lailoken. She doesn’t yet know that her young daughter, Angharad, who was training with Lailoken to become a Wisdom Keeper, has been lost in the chaos. As one of the bloodiest battles of early medieval Scottish history abandons its survivors to the wilds of Scotland, Lailoken and his men must flee to exile in the mountains of the Lowlands, while nine-year-old Angharad must summon all Lailoken has taught her to follow her own destiny through the mysterious, mystical land of the Picts. In the aftermath of the battle, old political alliances unravel, opening the way for the ambitious adherents of the new religion: Christianity. Lailoken is half-mad with battle sickness, and Languoreth must hide her allegiance to the Old Way to survive her marriage to the next Christian king of Strathclyde. Worst yet, the new King of the Angles is bent on expanding his kingdom at any cost. Now the exiled Lailoken, with the help of a young warrior named Artur, may be the only man who can bring the warring groups together to defeat the encroaching Angles. But to do so, he must claim the role that will forever transform him. He must become the man known to history as “Myrddin.” “Intrigue, rivalry, and magic among the mists of old Britain—The Forgotten Kingdom is an enchantment of a read” (Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Alice Network).

The Forgotten Kingdom

Author: Nicole Ciacchella

Publisher: Sweenix Rising Books


Category: Fiction


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The first book in a new series of epic romantic fantasy novellas. With her dying breath, Morgan’s mother cast a desperate spell to save her son from Duke Arnost, successfully wiping Morgan’s and his kingdom’s existence from the world’s collective memory. Morgan has been paying the price ever since, as he struggles to free his people from an obscurity he has begun to despair of ever escaping. Princess Caya has spent the past ten years living in isolation. Cut off from her father and her throne, she has watched her realm fall deeply under Arnost’s sway. When her father dies, she faces the impossible task of returning to a court in which she has no allies and somehow finding a way to prove Arnost is a danger to the kingdom. Before she can return, Morgan abducts her and takes her to his forgotten lands in the hopes of persuading her to help him bring Arnost to justice. Yet how can he hope to convince someone who has no memory of him, nor of the friendship they once shared? But Caya does remember him—though that doesn’t mean she trusts him. An alliance may be just what she needs to expose Arnost and save both their kingdoms, but how can she trust that Morgan doesn’t intend to use her for his own ends?
Young Adult Fiction

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom: Volume 2

Author: Dojyomaru

Publisher: J-Novel Club


Category: Young Adult Fiction


View: 303

When Souma Kazuya was summoned to another world to become a hero, he didn't go on an adventure, he became the king of Elfrieden and took to governing instead. Using knowledge from his old world, Souma began to push forward reforms every day, but eventually there came a time when he would have to face the general of the army, Georg Carmine, who refused to soften his rebellious stance. When the plans of the neighboring Principality of Amidonia get involved, things move from the political arena to the military one. "Now, let the subjugation war begin!" Will Souma be able to safely bring this war to a conclusion?! This amazing transferred-to-another-world internal-politics fantasy series is on its second volume!
Social Science

Middle Kingdom

Author: Williams

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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First published in 2009. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Scoundrel's Tale

Author: Sam Brannan

Publisher: Arthur H. Clark Company


Category: History

Page: 476

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Rising from the waters of the Pacific off the southern California Coast, Santa Cruz Island captures the imagination. Once home to a large Chumash population, in the nineteenth century it became a self-sufficient island rancho. As with all islands of beauty and size, it attracted people from the coastline. But as author John Gherini tells us in his prologue: The attractions of the island, however, routinely led people into conflict, wrapping it in a shroud like its morning fog. The modern history of the island would witness the passion to own it, to protect it, to use it and to fight over it. For the first time a thorough history of Santa Cruz Island's tumultuous past is provided. In pre-Columbian times it was a source of wealth to the indigenous peoples--the place where they made their shell bead money. During the Spanish-Mexican period it was a smuggler's haven, where fur hunters avoided the customs officials. As a land grant, it passed through the hands of Andres Castillero, William E. Barron, and eventually was purchased by Justinian Caire. The island flourished under the direction of Caire and his family. It was a secluded paradise off the Santa Barbara Coast, with extensive sheep and cattle holdings, as well as an esteemed winery. Seeds of conflict were sown by Justinian Caire's will when the island was divided between family members. The Stantons, Rossis, Gherinis, the National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy all were involved over time. The tortured legal and family disputes are recounted for the first time in this important new work. Island ranching, hunting and recreation, and environmental challenges are described in detail. Recent historical events involving the establishment of the Channel Islands National Park are explored, as well. A handsome volume with notes, appendix, bibliography and index. Embellished with thirty-six photographs and maps from the author's family archives.

Colonialism in Orissa, Resisting Colonialism

Author: Subash Chandra Padhi



Category: Nationalism

Page: 288

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This book deals with various political movements that have taken place in southern part of Orissa during colonial rule i.e. from the second half of Eighteenth Century to the first half of tweintieth century.
Himalaya Mountains

Mustang, the Forbidden Kingdom

Author: Michel Peissel



Category: Himalaya Mountains

Page: 318

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Recounts a French explorer's visit to the remote Himalayan kingdom of Mustang in 1964.

Epigraphia Indica




Category: India


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A list of the inscriptions of Northern India in Brahmi and its derivative scripts, from about 200 A. C., by D. R. Bhandarkar, issued as appendix to v. 19-23.