Biography & Autobiography

Václav Havel

Author: James F. Pontuso

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 175

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More than any other public figure, VOclav Havel has reflected on the opportunities and dilemmas facing humankind as a result of the collapse of Communism. In VOclav Havel: Civic Responsibility in the Postmodern Age, James F. Pontuso argues that Havel's life as a dissident and political leader, his political philosophy, and his plays must be understood as connected to one another. Pontuso skillfully explores these connections and explains Havel's prescriptions for political life.

The Political Thought of Václav Havel

Author: Daniel Brennan

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Philosophy

Page: 200

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This book explores the influences on the thought of Václav Havel and how Havel develops a unique political philosophy from these. This is informed from the phenomenological tradition. The book situates this philosophy among current debates in liberalism and agonism.

The Familiar Made Strange

Author: Brooke L. Blower

Publisher: Cornell University Press


Category: History

Page: 224

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In The Familiar Made Strange, twelve distinguished historians offer original and playful readings of American icons and artifacts that cut across rather than stop at the nation’s borders to model new interpretive approaches to studying United States history. These leading practitioners of the "transnational turn" pause to consider such famous icons as John Singleton Copley’s painting Watson and the Shark, Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photograph V-J Day, 1945, Times Square, and Alfred Kinsey’s reports on sexual behavior, as well as more surprising but revealing artifacts like Josephine Baker’s banana skirt and William Howard Taft’s underpants. Together, they present a road map to the varying scales, angles and methods of transnational analysis that shed light on American politics, empire, gender, and the operation of power in everyday life.
Literary Criticism

Katherine Mansfield's Fiction

Author: Patrick D. Morrow

Publisher: Popular Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 158

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This book attempts to analyze a major part of Mansfield's fiction, concentrating on an analysis of the various textures, themes, and issues, plus the point of view virtuosity that she accomplished in her short lifetime (34 years). Many of her most famous works, such as "Prelude" and "Bliss," are explicated, along with many of her less famous and unfinished stories.

Orpheus X and other plays

Author: Rinde Eckert



Category: Fiction

Page: 214

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Four plays for music-theatre and performance by accomplished multi-disciplinary playwright-poet-lyricist-composer-storyteller Rinde Eckert. This volume includes his Pulitzer Prize nominated play ORPHEUS X as well as the plays HORIZON, AND GOD CREATED GREAT WHALES and THE GARDENING OF THOMAS D. With an introduction by scholar Jonathan Chambers, this is an exciting and daring collection by an eminent experimental theatre artist.

The Lost World and Other Plays

Author: Jim D'Aniello

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Drama

Page: 244

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In ISOBELLA, two male lovers in the Victorian England countryside become torn by the unjust desires of a beautiful young woman. In THE GARDEN OF EDEN, four friends discover the sexual exchanges and desires they share while having a picnic in a beautiful botanical garden. In THE VINEYARD OF GOOD AND EVIL, a woman and a former lover race against time to cover a murder of man at an engagement party. In AUTUMN AFTERNOON, three friends discover how much they can truly share when dormant passions erupt. In SCORNFUL HEARTS, a daughter is torn by her mother¡_s dark confessions of love for her half-brother. And in THE LOST WORLD, a man and a woman discover a dangerous erotic game that soon consumes their lives after a menage a trois goes terribly wrong. Here are six of Jim D¡_Aniello¡_s most romantically driven melodramas. This brilliant young American dramatist creates a sensual landscape in each one of his works featuring central themes of lost love, secret passions, forbidden desires, and sexual mind games. Full of imagination and realistic characters, THE LOST WORLD and Other Plays is a unique theatrical experience that captures our innermost fantasies and unimaginable sexual fears.