Social Science

The Good People

Author: Peter Narv‡ez

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky


Category: Social Science

Page: 530

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" Whether called "the good people," "the little people," or simply "them," fairies are familiar from their appearances in Shakespeare's plays, Disney's films, and points in between. In many cultures, however, fairies are not just the stuff of distant legend or literature: they are real creatures with supernatural powers. The Good People presents nineteen essays that focus on the actual fairies of folklore -- fairies of past and living traditions who affected, and still affect, people's lives in myriad ways.
Juvenile Fiction

The Good People

Author: Steve Cockayne

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

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Deep in the English countryside, Kenneth Storey and his older brother have discovered the land of Arboria - a kingdom of adventure waiting for them through a gate in the garden wall. As the world outside plunges deeper into global conflict, the Arborians wage their own war against the Barbarians - an ancient foe seemingly as old as the forest itself. But for Kenneth, Arboria is more than a world of make-believe and the Barbarians more than a figment of his imagination. For Kenneth, Arboria is more important than the real world ... and perhaps, in some ways, he may be right. THE GOOD PEOPLE is Steve Cockayne's first novel for younger readers. It is both a spellbinding adventure story and an extraordinarily original novel of growing up. Disturbing, compelling and beautifully written, it is an unforgettable fantasy from one of Britain's most exciting new writers.

The Good People Of New York

Author: Thisbe Nissen

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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From a thrillingly talented 28-year-old newcomer - the Anne Tyler for a new generation, yet with a distinctive voice and quirky sensibility all of her own - comes a contemporary novel that brings to life a few of the 'good people of New York' and renders them in all their neurotic glory. When Roz Rosenzweig, self-described spitfire and loud n' proud New York Jew, meets Edwin Anderson at a party in the 1970s in her friend's Manhatten apartment, she has trouble believing that the earnest and soft-spoken Nebraskan is for real. But Roz is quickly attracted to Edwin and is more happy than stunned when their improbable courtship results in marriage. The unexpected good fortune of Roz and Edwin is punctuated with the birth of their daughter Miranda; and yet, as Miranda grows, it becomes clear that Roz's love for her is so fierce, so protective and so singularly focused that it might crowd out anything else in her life - including her marriage. The ties that bind Roz and her daughter together threaten to strangle Miranda as she enters her teenage years, and yet the eccentric group of friends they attract, their powerful love for one another, and the brilliant sense of humour that runs in the family, allow Roz and Miranda - along with Edwin, who remains in their lives - to somehow stay sane, even as they fight one another for room to grow. In this luminous first novel from the author of an acclaimed short story collection (Out Of the Girls' Room and Into the Night) Thisbe Nissen proves that hers is one of the most genuinely charming, witty and accomplished literary voices to emerge in quite some time.

Where did all the good people go?

Author: Eric Pitt

Publisher: Author House


Category: History

Page: 66

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Would it not put fear in your heart to know you could only talk to your mother or father through an interpreter? Wrong is wrong, and right is right! Most of us are guilty of wrong, but our story is not over. Some can walk upright and praise his name but still be sick in the spirit. I can only imagine the fear of knowing you can only talk to the Creator through an interpreter. I could not bring myself to bear witness to such an atrocity. Though I must admit, if that is what helps you to understand the blessings of heaven, then so be it. Love is love, no matter the language, and so shall hate be the same. No. It's truly hard for them to see tomorrow's sun shining through. They know at any moment the raft of Christ shall return. They must get as many soldiers as possible to fight for these times. They are strong enough to say it is a brighter tomorrow, but we are reaching because we live in dark times. They are quick to tell those they seek to bring to Christ that you must remain steadfast; we can only help you by doing things our way, with prayer. We all know they weren't always at this point where Christ's soldiers worship them and bless them with cars and expensive jewelry. It took time and work for them to receive all these gifts from people. What reason does a man of God have to give the blessings he or she receives back to the people of God? They earned those treasures by speaking God's word. No; we all get it and accept it. The silence has nuzzled its way in with torture that can only be described from aggregated accounts, such as the sodomy of a child, blatant discriminatory acts, as well as the need to legally facilitate poverty in the streets of God-blessed America. We do understand the need for pertinent obligations overseas; for a senator's pay increase, not to mention vacation; for prior commitments; or even for good old-fashioned threats to the solvency of our nation.