Body, Mind & Spirit

The Government of Eden

Author: Joel S. Goldsmith



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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True freedom and lasting peace: is this not the good life that everyone wishes for their loved ones as well as for themselves? Is such a sublime existence even possible in this day and age? Where on earth are we to find liberty and justice for all? This latest compilation of excerpts from Joel S. Goldsmith's lectures reveals the truth that these qualities of life do not originate in the outer world, but in the consciousness of the individual. Here is an enlightening message of assurance, conviction, and practicality that is both timely and timeless based on Joel's actual experience as a renowned mystic, healer, and teacher of the twentieth century. In many of his classes over the years, Joel addressed that sacred place in consciousness, where we do indeed come to know and enjoy the realities of freedom and peace from the inside out. Joel called that high state of consciousness Eden, and to dwell at that level of consciousness is to be governed exclusively by grace and ruled completely by spiritual principle in our daily living. The Government of Eden is an extraordinary collection of Joel's teachings that focus sharply on the nature of that inner realm and on our responsibilities as spiritual citizens in the here-and-now. In this remarkable book, with clarity and authority, Joel details a spiritual approach to national and international affairs, governing, voting, politics, equality, tolerance, and other crucial issues that confront us on a regular basis. Throughout this work, Joel is not only calling us back to the garden of freedom and fulfillment within, but also guiding us to and through the gates of Eden, which have never been locked - except in belief. The Government of Eden, however, dispels that erroneous belief with the truth that sets us free in the face of every worldly challenge.
Young Adult Fiction

Elites of Eden

Author: Joey Graceffa

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 288

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Two young girls hold the fate of the world in their hands in the highly anticipated sequel to the instant #1 New York Times bestseller Children of Eden. Two girls, one destiny. Yarrow is an elite: rich, regal, destined for greatness. She’s the daughter of one of the most powerful women in Eden. At the exclusive Oaks boarding school, she makes life miserable for anyone foolish enough to cross her. Her life is one wild party after another…until she meets a fascinating, lilac-haired girl named Lark. Meanwhile, there is Rowan, who has been either hiding or running all her life. As an illegal second child in a strictly regulated world, her very existence is a threat to society, punishable by death…or worse. After her father betrayed his family, and after the government killed her mother, Rowan discovered a whole city of people like herself. Safe in an underground sanctuary that also protected the last living tree on Earth, Rowan found friendship, and maybe more, in a fearless hero named Lachlan. But when she was captured by the government, her fate was uncertain. When these two girls discover the thread that binds them together, the collision of memories means that their lives may change drastically—and that Eden may never be the same.
Great Britain

Anthony Eden

Author: Sidney Aster

Publisher: London : Weidenfeld and Nicolson ; New York: St. Martin's Press


Category: Great Britain

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Business & Economics

Industrial Eden

Author: Brett Sheehan

Publisher: Harvard University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 327

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This study of the evolution of Chinese capitalism chronicles the Song family of North China under five successive authoritarian governments. Brett Sheehan shows both foreign and Chinese influences on private business, which, although closely linked to the state, was neither a handmaiden to authoritarianism nor a natural ally of democracy.
Great Britain

Anthony Eden

Author: Robert Rhodes James

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson


Category: Great Britain

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Biografie van de Britse staatsman (1897-1977).
Biography & Autobiography


Author: Peter Wilby

Publisher: Haus Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 159

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Succeeded Churchill as Prime Minister, but worsened relations with USA during the Suez Crisis
Biography & Autobiography


Author: D R Thorpe

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 784

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Anthony Eden, who served as both Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister, was one of the central political figures of the twentieth century. He had good looks, charm, a Military Cross from the Great War, an Oxford first and a secure parliamentary constituency from his mid-twenties. He was Foreign Secretary at the age of 38, and the first British statesman to meet Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. Eden's dramatic resignation from Neville Chamberlain's Cabinet in 1938, outlined here in the fullest detail yet, made an international impact. This ground-breaking book examines his controversial life and tells the inside story of the Munich crisis (1938), the Geneva Conference (1954), Eden's battles with Churchill over the modernisation of the post-war Conservative Party and his rivalry with Butler and Macmillan in the early 1950s, culminating in a fascinating analysis of the Suez crisis.

Eden Mine

Author: S. M. Hulse

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Winner of the Christianity Today Book Award, Fiction In Eden Mine, the award-winning author of Black River examines the aftershocks of an act of domestic terrorism rooted in a small Montana town on the brink of abandonment, as it tears apart a family, tests the faith of a pastor and the loyalty of a sister, and mines the deep rifts that come when the reach of the government clashes with individual freedom If I stay here, Jo, I know you could find me. If you wanted to, you could find me. For generations, the Fabers have lived near Eden Mine, scraping by to keep ahold of their family's piece of Montana. Jo and her brother, Samuel, will be the last. Despite a long battle, their property has been seized by the state through eminent domain—something Samuel deems a government theft. As Jo packs, she hears news of a bombing. Samuel went off to find work in Wyoming that morning, but soon enough, it's clear that he's not gone but missing, last seen by a security camera near the district courthouse?now a crime scene?in Elk Fork. And the nine-year-old daughter of a pastor at a nearby church lies in critical condition. Can the person Jo loves and trusts most have done this terrible thing? Can she have missed the signs? The last time their family met violence, Jo lost her ability to walk. Samuel took care of her, outfitted their barn with special rigging so she could still ride their mule. What secrets has he been keeping? As Jo watches the pastor fight for his daughter, watches the authorities hunt down a criminal, she wrestles with an impossible choice: Must she tell them where Samuel might be? Must she choose between loyalty and justice? Between the brother she knows and the man he has become? A timely story of the tensions splintering families and communities all over this country, S.M. Hulse's Eden Mine is also a steady-eyed gaze into the ideals of the West and the legacies of violence, a moving account of faith in the face of evil, and a heartrending reckoning of the terrible choices we make for the ones we love.

Northern Eden

Author: Leslie Treseder

Publisher: Canadian Circumpolar Institute


Category: Nature

Page: 92

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This report consists of a series of essays on various aspects of community based wildlife management in Canada, with a focus on co-management of terrestrial mammals in Canada's northern territories. (preface)
Independent churches

Eden Revival

Author: David M. Beckmann

Publisher: St. Louis : Concordia Publishing House


Category: Independent churches

Page: 144

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Biography & Autobiography

Anthony Eden

Author: Victor Howard Rothwell

Publisher: Manchester University Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 298

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Eden's name became inextricably linked to Suez, and Rothwell provides an important reassessment of Eden's role in this pivotal crisis. He gives overdue attention to the wider Middle East situation, and explains Eden's failure to manage the Anglo-American relationship in the crisis in terms of his life-long lack of warmth for the United States, which verged at times on anti-Americanism. Eden remains a central figure in twentieth century international politics, and all those interested in international history as well students of international relations, will find Rothwell's new political biography compelling reading.
Eden-Monaro (N.S.W. : Electoral District)

Politics in Eden-Monaro

Author: Donald William Rawson

Publisher: London, Heinemann


Category: Eden-Monaro (N.S.W. : Electoral District)

Page: 159

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Squandering Eden

Author: Mort Rosenblum

Publisher: Vintage


Category: Africa

Page: 326

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Beschrijving van het continent Afrika waarbij de problemen van elk land afzonderlijk aan de orde komen.
Jewish-Arab relations

Herzl to Eden

Author: Chaim Simons



Category: Jewish-Arab relations

Page: 442

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Eden Valley

Author: Susan H. McCoy

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 337

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Young Nellie Cranford is determined to settle in Eden Valley, Illinois, in 1821 with her new husband and his two motherless children, despite their many hardships
Social Science

Relocating Eden

Author: Alan R. Marcus

Publisher: Dartmouth College Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 272

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Addresses lingering questions about government resettlement of Native Canadians and its impact on their lives.