The Persian Empire

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A still-present cultural and linguistic group, the Persians are the founders of today's modern-day nation of Iran. They trace their roots back to the Aryans of Northern Europe, but over the course of time, they managed to assert a distinct identity that led to the formation of some of the world's most powerful empires.

A history of Persia

Author: Percy Molesworth Skyes

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A History of Persia

Author: Percy M. Sykes

Publisher: Psychology Press


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This is a facsimile of a classic history first published by Macmillan in 1915 and issued in two further editions by Routledge and Kegan Paul. Sir Percy Sykes was an explorer, consul, soldier and a spy who lived and travelled in Persia over a period of twenty-five years. This two-volume collection provides a comprehensive history of Persia from Alexander the Great, through British, French and Russian colonialism, to the early twentieth century oil industry. With a new introduction by Sykes' biographer, Antony Wynn, this comprehensive history provides essential background reading to students and academics of Persia.

The History of Iran

Author: Elton L. Daniel

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


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Discusses the political and economic aspects of each period as well as the social and cultural milieu, and includes a timeline, brief biographical notes on key players, and a bibliographic essay.