Art and society

The Human Snapshot

Author: Thomas Keenan

Publisher: Sternberg Press


Category: Art and society

Page: 319

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The 1955 exhibition The Family of Man, first shown at MoMA, used

Transactions on Edutainment VII

Author: Zhigeng Pan

Publisher: Springer


Category: Computers

Page: 284

View: 417

This journal subline serves as a forum for stimulating and disseminating innovative research ideas, theories, emerging technologies, empirical investigations, state-of-the-art methods, and tools in all different genres of edutainment, such as game-based learning and serious games, interactive storytelling, virtual learning environments, VR-based education, and related fields. It covers aspects from educational and game theories, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and systems design. The 27 papers of this volume deal with virtual humans; graphics rendering and 3D animation; games and 2D animation; and digital media and its applications.

The Human Side of New Manufacturing Technology

Author: Toby D. Wall

Publisher: Chichester [West Sussex] ; Toronto : J. Wiley


Category: Psychology

Page: 205

View: 620

The human implications of advanced manufacturing technology are critical both for the people and organizations concerned. This book covers human issues including the planning and implementation of AMT and work system design.
Family & Relationships

Snapshots of Autism

Author: Jennifer Overton

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

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Jennifer Overton uses the key calendar events in the year to discuss the roller coaster of emotions that accompany life with her autistic son Nicholas. This book is a powerful account of what it is like to mother an autistic child, which puts a human face to autism amid all the overwhelming myths and facts that surround it.

Photography: Theoretical Snapshots

Author: J.J. Long

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Art

Page: 192

View: 187

Over the past twenty-five years, photography has moved to centre-stage in the study of visual culture and has established itself in numerous disciplines. This trend has brought with it a diversification in approaches to the study of the photographic image. Photography: Theoretical Snapshots offers exciting perspectives on photography theory today from some of the world’s leading critics and theorists. It introduces new means of looking at photographs, with topics including: a community-based understanding of Spencer Tunick’s controversial installations the tactile and auditory dimensions of photographic viewing snapshot photography the use of photography in human rights discourse. Photography: Theoretical Snapshots also addresses the question of photography history, revisiting the work of some of the most influential theorists such as Roland Barthes, Walter Benjamin, and the October group, re-evaluating the neglected genre of the carte-de-visite photograph, and addressing photography’s wider role within the ideologies of modernity. The collection opens with an introduction by the editors, analyzing the trajectory of photography studies and theory over the past three decades and the ways in which the discipline has been constituted. Ranging from the most personal to the most dehumanized uses of photography, from the nineteenth century to the present day, from Latin America to Northern Europe, Photography: Theoretical Snapshots will be of value to all those interested in photography, visual culture, and cultural history.
Social Science

Snapshots Behind the Facade

Author: Harry Harner

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Social Science

Page: 92

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Snapshots Behind the Façade is an absorbing collection of observations, many of them profound, on various facets of life on planet Earth. In essence, the author takes a broad look at the fabricated social environment that we humans have created for ourselves and he highlights the curious and nonsensical nature of much of our surroundings. The critique of the war on Iraq will be of special interest to those looking for a definitive explanation of what that war is all about. The author also offers conclusions about the fundamental nature of matters of the ultimate importance: life, death, religion, and the future. After reading this engaging and entertaining book, you may look at a lot of things a lot differently.

Snapshot Versions of Life

Author: Richard Chalfen

Publisher: Popular Press


Category: Photography

Page: 213

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Snapshot Versions of Life is an important foray into the culture of photography and home life from an anthropologist's perspective. Examining what he calls "Home Mode" photography, Richard Chalfen explores snapshots, slide shows, family albums, home movies, and home videos, uncovering what people do with their photos as well as what their personal photos do for them. Chalfen's "Polaroid People" are recognizable--if ironically viewed--relatives, uncles, aunts, and All-American kids. As members of "Kodak Culture" they watch home movies, take pictures of newborn babies, and even, in their darker moments, scratch out the faces of disliked relatives in group photographs. He examines who shoots these photos and why, as well as how they think (or don't) of planning, editing, and exhibiting their shots. Chalfen's analysis reveals the culturally structured behavior underlying seemingly spontaneous photographic activities.
Water quality

Watershed Snapshot

Author: Pennsylvania. Citizens' Volunteer Monitoring Program



Category: Water quality


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Fighting Identity

Author: Michael Vlahos

Publisher: Praeger


Category: History

Page: 245

View: 616

"This work is about how deeply war is intertwined in what it means to be human - in belonging and in collective identity, in the shared rituals of society, in the ongoing negotiation that represents relationships between societies everywhere. Vlahos examines that idea in chapters that explore the following eight themes."--BOOK JACKET.


Author: Del Cogswell Brebner




Page: 214

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The Human Comedy

Author: William Saroyan



Category: Boys

Page: 246

View: 373

Working as a telegraph messenger in California during World War II, fourteen-year-old Homer Macauley gains an understanding of the world and an acceptance of his brother's death.
Medical personnel and patient.

The Human Patient

Author: Rachel Naomi Remen

Publisher: Anchor Books


Category: Medical personnel and patient.

Page: 238

View: 566

Draws on actual case studies and the results of five years of research by professionals in the humanistic health-care movement to present a practical program for solving problems that result from ignoring the human factor in medical treatment