Children of gay parents

The Lesbian Parenting Book

Author: D. Merilee Clunis

Publisher: Seal Press (CA)


Category: Children of gay parents

Page: 378

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"Drawing on the real-life experiences of lesbian families and the latest information from family specialists, the authors present detailed, chapter-by-chapter information on each stage of parenthood and child development. Filled with wisdom and humor, The Lesbian Parenting Book is essential reading for every lesbian who is involved in - or considering - raising a family."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Lesbian Parenting

Author: Katherine Arnup

Publisher: Charlottetown, P.E.I. : Gynergy Books



Page: 418

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Lesbian Parenting is an indispensable collection of articles examining the multi-faceted experience of being a lesbian parent. It offers information, inspiration, and support to lesbians considering parenthood, to women involved with lesbian mothers, and to lesbians with children.
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It's a Family Affair

Author: Lisa Saffron

Publisher: Millivres Books


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 331

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Lisa Saffron is the acknowledged UK expert on self-insemination, runs parenting workshops and writes a column in "Diva" magazine about lesbian families. Now, in one unique volume, Saffron uses new interviews with lesbian parents and with their kids to bring alive the issues. Gay donors and fathers are also interviewed to find out how they fit in to the lesbian family. "It's a Family Affair" combines everything that was great about Saffron's previous work with the results of new research on how children fare in non-conventional families.

Gay and Lesbian Parenting

Author: Jack Drescher

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Medical

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Find sources of support for raising a nontraditional family in a straight world! The experience of parenting is commonly overlooked in psychological theory, and lesbians and gay men are not typically considered as parents or parents to be. Gay and Lesbian Parenting examines the psychological issues related to developing family and becoming parents for gay men and lesbians. Instead of pathologizing gay and lesbian families, it explores the emotional growth and development issues inherent in child-rearing. Traditionally, coming out as gay or lesbian meant abandoning any hope of becoming a parent or keeping your children if you already had them. But with the “gayby boom” in full swing, more and more gay and lesbian couples are having new babies, adopting children, and continuing to raise the offspring of previous heterosexual relationships. Although gay and lesbian parents still face unique challenges in building and rearing a family, as well as the usual problems heterosexual couples encounter, Gay and Lesbian Parenting unflinchingly examines these concerns and offers positive suggestions and ideas for dealing with the difficulties. This life-affirming book takes a look at the practical and emotional realities of raising children in nontraditional family structures, including: issues of kinship, shared motherhood, and possessiveness in lesbian couples legal issues entailed by the lack of marriage and legal kinship parenthood as a powerful force for personal growth and development fatherhood as a process of creating connectedness in the family, community, and place of worship original empirical research on the mental health of lesbians’children the history of the gay and lesbian movement as it relates to child-rearing Gay and Lesbian Parenting affirms the power of gay and lesbian couples to raise healthy, happy children and to change and grow through their experience of parenting. This book is also essential for mental health professionals from psychiatric nurses to psychiatrists who are working with the gay and lesbian community.
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The Lesbian and Gay Parenting Handbook

Author: April Martin

Publisher: Perennial


Category: Social Science

Page: 395

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A guide to lesbian and gay parenting by a well-known psychotherapist and lesbian parent covers this sensitive issue from a professional perspective. Original. 20,000 first printing. National ad/promo. Tour.
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Parenting in Planned Lesbian Families

Author: Henny Bos

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press


Category: Family & Relationships

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Annotation. This thesis reports on a study on lesbian families in which the children were born to the lesbian relationship (planned lesbian families). How strong is the desire of lesbian mothers to have a child, and what are their motivations? How do lesbian mothers experience parenthood? What do they strive for in child rearing? How do they experience the relationship with their partner, and do they feel supported by others? What is the quality of the parent-child relationship in lesbian families? Do lesbian mothers feel rejected, and if so, does this have a negative impact on their role as a parent, and does it negatively influence child adjustment? All these questions are examined in 'Parenting in Planned Lesbian Families', this by studying 100 two-mother families and compare them with 100 heterosexual families. It is the largest study on planned lesbian families to date. This title can be previewed in Google Books -
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Gay and Lesbian Parenting

Author: Fiona Tasker

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 524

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Over the past 30 years, research on gay and lesbian parents has produced findings that challenge deeply rooted beliefs in child psychology about the processes through which parents influence the development of their children. Gay and Lesbian Parenting: New Directions builds on this important research with a detailed multidisciplinary examination of established knowledge and emerging information. In addition to evaluating already substantiated findings, this innovative collection marks a turning point in the field by showcasing a new wave of research that examines the dynamics of same-sex parenting and addresses questions about newly emerging concerns such as the consequences of different routes to same-sex parenthood and the effects of social perceptions on gay and lesbian family life.
Lesbian mothers

Politics of the Heart

Author: Sandra Pollack



Category: Lesbian mothers

Page: 358

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More than 60 contributors probe the complexities of lesbian parenting.
Gay couples

Becoming Parent

Author: Damien W. Riggs



Category: Gay couples

Page: 148

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Damien invites us to find different ways of responding to myths about lesbian and gay parenting. Damien shows us how myths, and psychologists' responses to them, function to uphold dominant values about parenting and families. He provides us with tools to take these myths apart and challenge the fears that drive many public (and private) discussions about our parenting. In this book, most importantly, he offers a language with which to change the conversation about lesbian and gay parenting. Damien, like most psychologists who write about and research lesbian and gay parenting, is concerned with creating a better world, but he asks us to pause and reflect on the strategies we use to bring about a better world and to question what exactly that world might look like. Clearly there are still many lesbians and gay men whose fitness to parent is called into question and some are likely to be helped by interventions that aim to counter myths and misconceptions about lesbian and gay parenting.
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Rainbow Family Collections: Selecting and Using Children's Books with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Content

Author: Jamie Campbell Naidoo

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 260

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As one of the only highly praised resources on this important topic, this thoughtfully compiled book examines and suggests picture books and chapter books presenting LGBTQ content to children under the age of 12. • A foreword by K.T. Horning of the Cooperative Children's Book Center • An extensive bibliography of picture books, easy chapter books, nonfiction books and nonprint materials with LGBTQ content for children ages 12 and under • An index of key terms for each title provides easy access to titles representing a specific aspect of LGBTQ culture

On Being a Gay Parent

Author: Brett Webb-Mitchell

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 167

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From running a household to handling a parent-teacher conference, and with an extensive resource section at the back, On Being a Gay Parent will answer the questions you haven't even thought to ask.
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Gay & Lesbian Parenting Choices

Author: Brette McWhorter Sember

Publisher: Career PressInc


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 223

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Helps prospective gay and lesbian parents determine the best path to parenthood, explaining the different types of adoptions, legal considerations, and concerns specific to gay individuals.
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The Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health

Author: Harvey J. Makadon

Publisher: ACP Press


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 526

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The Fenway Guide provides guidance, practical guidelines, and discussions of clinical issues pertinent to the LGBT patient and community. It also focuses on helping healthcare professionals gain a better understanding of the LGBT population, the LGBT life continuum, health promotion and disease prevention, transgender health, and patient communication and the office environment, The Fenway Guide is truly a one-of-a kind comprehensive resource!The healthcare issues surrounding sexual minorities is an area in which little research and few studies have been conducted. Written in conjunction with the world renowned Fenway Community Clinic, The Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health is an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals seeking further knowledge and guidance on sexual minority health care.
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Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals Becoming Parents or Remaining Childfree

Author: Cara Bergstrom-Lynch

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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This book recognizes that intense public battles are being waged in the U.S. over the rights of LGB people to form legally and culturally recognized families. Their families are under a kind of sociopolitical scrutiny at this historical moment that compels us all to take stock of our strategies of family-building and, more broadly, the meaning of family in the U.S. today. Through in-depth, open-ended, qualitative interviews with 61 self-identified lesbian, gay, and bisexual people regarding how they came to have children or remain childless/childfree, this book reveals the challenges posed by homophobia and discrimination and showcases the creative strategies, resilience, and resourcefulness of lesbians, bisexuals, and gays as they build families (with or without children) after coming out. From descriptions of how the early process of coming out affected the desire to parent or remain childfree, to stories about the impact of homophobia and discrimination on the decision-making process, to the dynamics within couples that lead to becoming parents or remaining childfree, to examining how cultural notions of the strength of biology are employed when having children, to accounts of how the closet can be used strategically when bringing children into a family, their voices form the heart of this book. In a sociopolitical context in which gay, lesbian, and bisexual people often have to struggle to access the array of rights and opportunities that are afforded to most heterosexual people without question, addressing the questions raised in this book is an urgent and necessary endeavor.
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Gay and Lesbian Parents

Author: Frederick W. Bozett

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 247

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This insightful new work deals with all of the contemporary issues concerning parenting by gay men and lesbians. It is designed to broaden readers' thinking on homosexuality and homosexuals in general; to include the dimension of children and parenting within the context of the homosexual family; and to provide specific information about it. The book also includes data on the children of gay and lesbian parents, as well as a discussion of alternative forms of parenthood such as adoptive and foster parenthood, stepparent families, and gay men and lesbians in heterosexual family unions. Because of their special significance, there are separate chapters on legal issues, counseling needs, and social psychological concerns for gays and lesbians considering parenthood.
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How It Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent

Author: Judith E. Snow

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Social Science

Page: 132

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Sometimes I fantasize about having a magic wand. How awesome it would be to wave it and completely eliminate prejudice, hate, and ignorance. Just imagine what it would be like to live in a world like that. How It Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent: A Book by Kids for Kids of All Ages gives voice to the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of children, adolescents, and young adults who have a gay or lesbian parent. In their own words, they talk openly and candidly about how and when they learned of their parent’s sexual orientation and the effect it had on them—and their families. Their stories echo themes of prejudice and harassment, conflict and confusion, adaptation and adjustment, and hope for tolerance and a family that can exist in harmony. “Because it’s an issue for other people, it becomes an issue for me. I’m angry about the way it works against me.” The stories told in How It Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent not only reflect the day-to-day struggle of children with a GLBT parent, they also reveal the pain inherent in high-conflict divorce and child custody cases. Children of gay/lesbian parents ranging in age from seven to 31 recall the confusion and grief created when the disclosure of their parent’s true sexual orientation ended a marriage and divided a family. The “straight” parent’s resentment can lead to angry remarks that—intentionally or unintentionally—disparage the gay/lesbian parent and threaten the natural love and affection the child feels for both. “I guess the hardest part about having a gay dad is that no matter how okay you are with it, there’s always going to be someone who will dislike you because of it.” The one-on-one interviews presented in How It Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent document first-hand the effects of homophobia on family life. Children struggle with the choice between living in a closet, shamed by peers and family members, or dealing with discrimination as a parent’s sexual orientation is used against them. Taken together, these stories make a statement for acceptance, understanding, and tolerance as children do their best to make the transition from a traditional family to a nontraditional lifestyle. “My mom is a normal person just like everyone else. The only thing that’s different about her is that she’s gay and if you can’t deal with it, you’re just going to have to live with it.” How It Feels to Have a Gay or Lesbian Parent: A Book by Kids for Kids of All Ages offers comfort and support to children from those who share their journey. The book is a valuable aid for practitioners working with children of GLBT parents and an educational tool for GLBT adults considering children.
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Lesbians Raising Sons

Author: Jess Wells

Publisher: Alyson Publications


Category: Social Science

Page: 220

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A powerful collection of writings on the subject of lesbian motherhood and raising sons with contributions from Audre Lorde, Dorothy Allison, Jennifer Levin, Robin Morgan, and many others.
Social Science

Lesbian Mothers

Author: Ellen Lewin

Publisher: Cornell University Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 233

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Within a society that long considered "lesbian motherhood" a contradiction in terms, what are the experiences of lesbian mothers today? In this illuminating book, lesbian mothers tell their stories in their own words--how they became mothers; how they see their relationships with their children, relatives, lovers and friends; and how they deal with threats to custody.
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Lesbian Step Families

Author: Ellen Cole

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 262

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Lesbian Step Families: An Ethnography of Love explores five lesbian step families’definitions of the step parent role and how they accomplish parenting tasks, cope with homophobia, and define and interpret their experiences. An intensive feminist qualitative study, the book offers guidelines for counselors and lesbian step families for creating healthy, functioning family structures and environments. It is the first book to concentrate exclusively on lesbian step families rather than on lesbian mothering in general. In Lesbian Step Families: An Ethnography of Love, you’ll explore in detail the different kinds of step relationships that are developed and what factors may lead to the different types of step mothering in lesbian step families. The book helps you understand these relationships and parent roles through in-depth discussions of: how a step mother and legal mother who live together negotiate and organize parenting and homemaking tasks how members of lesbian step families define and create the step mother role strategies family members use to define and cope with oppression how sexism is transmitted within the family and how mothering may limit and/or contribute to female liberation the opinions and viewpoints of the children of these families The findings in Lesbian Step Families: An Ethnography of Love challenge traditional views of mothering and fathering as gender and biologically based activities; they indicate that lesbian step families model gender flexibility and that the mothers and step mothers share parenting--both traditional mothering and fathering--tasks. This allows the biological mother some freedom from motherhood as well as support in it. With insight such as this, you will be prepared to help a client, a loved one, or yourself develop and maintain healthy family relationships.