Life of Fly

Author: Magnus Muhr

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Category: Humor

Page: 72

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When they're not buzzing in our ears or ruining our picnics, flies have lives of their own. Until now, their tiny world has remained completely unknown to humankind. In this engaging study, photographer Magnus Muhr carefully documents the world of the common housefly and reveals that when we re not around, flies behave pretty much like we do. Playing golf or soccer, sunbathing, partying, dating, singing, and even fly fishing anything s possible in the fascinating (if brief) Life of Fly. Featuring the best of Muhr s spooky yet surprisingly sweet creations, this macabre collection is sure to captivate humans like no fly has done before.

The Secret Life of Flies

Author: Erica McAlister



Category: Diptera

Page: 248

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Enter a hidden world of snail killers, silly names and crazy sex lives in The Secret Life of Flies. In The Secret Life of Flies entomologist Erica McAlister gets under the wings of these crucial creatures as she ventures into the land of the fly. From hungry herbivores and precocious pollinators to robber flies, danceflies and the much maligned mosquito, she describes the different types of fly, their unique and often unusual characteristics, and the unpredictable nature of their daily life. Erica travels from the drawers of wonder at the Natural History Museum, London to the mountains of Peru, via underground caves, smelly latrines and the English country garden. She discovers flies without wings, eyes on stalks, rotating genitalia and the terrible hairy fly, while pausing along the way to consider today's key issues of conservation, taxonomy, forensic entomology and climate change. Combining her deep knowledge and love of flies with a wonderful knack for storytelling, Erica McAlister allows us to peer - amazed and captivated - into the secret life of flies.

A Life of Flight

Author: Vincent D. Reilly

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Travel

Page: 160

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SUMMARY FORTY FLIGHTS AND FORTY NIGHTS FROM AN AIRLINE PILOT'S CAREER IN DC-3s TO B-747s. SKETCH ARTIST BIO Peggy La Vake is a professional musician, a professional health care worker and a flight instructor who likes to amuse her friends with folk artist sketches.
Sports & Recreation

Zipping My Fly

Author: Rich Tosches

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 256

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Imagine A River Runs Through It seen through the eyes of Dave Barry and you'll get an idea of Rich Tosches' sharp-eyed reflections on the art, hobby, and obsession of fly fishing. Armed with a rod, a pen, and an eccentric sense of humor, Pulitzer Prize-nominated sportswriter Rich Tosches headed for the Grand Teton Mountains, site of the World Fly Fishing Championship, and cast a keen eye on his fellow trollers from all over the globe. This encounter-and many others during a lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of fly fishing -are captured in a side-splitting collection of observations on every angle-and angler-of one of America's favorite pastimes.
Biography & Autobiography

Neil Armstrong

Author: Jay Barbree

Publisher: Macmillan


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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Much has been written about Neil Armstrong, America's modern hero and history's most famous space traveler. Yet shy of fame and never one to steal the spotlight Armstrong was always reluctant to discuss his personal side of events. Here for the first time is the definitive story of Neil's life of flight he shared for five decades with a trusted friend – Jay Barbree. Working from 50 years of conversations he had with Neil, from notes, interviews, NASA spaceflight transcripts, and remembrances of those Armstrong trusted, Barbree writes about Neil's three passions – flight, family, and friends. This is the inside story of Neil Armstrong from the time he flew combat missions in the Korean War and then flew a rocket plane called the X-15 to the edge of space, to when he saved his Gemini 8 by flying the first emergency return from Earth orbit and then flew Apollo-Eleven to the moon's Sea of Tranquility. Together Neil and Jay discussed everything, from his love of flying, to the war years, and of course his time in space. The book is full of never-before-seen photos and personal details written down for the first time, including what Armstrong really felt when he took that first step on the moon, what life in NASA was like, his relationships with the other astronauts, and what he felt the future of space exploration should be. As the only reporter to have covered all 166 American astronaut flights and moon landings Jay knows these events intimately. Neil Armstrong himself said, "Barbree is history's most experienced space journalist. He is exceptionally well qualified to recall and write the events and emotions of our time." Through his friendship with Neil and his dedicated research, Barbree brings us the most accurate account of his friend's life of flight, the book he planned for twenty years.
Fly fishing

The River Within

Author: William Brown Currie



Category: Fly fishing

Page: 157

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Cavalry horses

Fly Like the Wind

Author: Bridgette Z. Savage

Publisher: Buckbeech Studios


Category: Cavalry horses

Page: 112

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What keeps a story alive for over 100 years? Good stories have a life of their own. They take hold of something inside us and grow until they must be shared. In her new book, Fly Like the Wind, Bridgette Z. Savage shares the amazing story of Fly. Based on the true tale of the horse and her rider in the American Civil War, Fly Like the Wind recounts the adventures of two life-long friends from Posey County, Indiana. A young man, George M. Barrett, and his treasured mare, Fly, join the Union Army?s Indiana 1st Calvary, 28th Regiment and travel with the rest of Company B into the deep South during the American Civil War. Their friendship and faithfulness carry them through unimaginable events. Strength of character and sense of purpose are important elements in this historic adventure. The richly illustrated book contains vintage photographs of Fly and George Barrett, as well as, thirty original illustrations by the author. Readers also learn where Fly may be found today, memorialized for future generations as only a few other courageous Civil War horses have been, such as ?Stonewall? Jackson?s Little Sorrell, Confederate General Lee?s Traveler and Union General Sheridan?s Rienzi, Woven around stories that have been told and retold for more than one hundred years, Fly Like the Wind brings Fly to life in the hearts and minds of readers of all ages.
Sports & Recreation

At the River's Edge

Author: Jerry Kustich

Publisher: West River Publishing


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 215

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This collection of tales is from a man who lives a life dedicated to fly fishing. Told with passion and an obvious love of both fish and fishing, Jerry Kustich's stories feel like spnding time with an old friend.
Biography & Autobiography

A Life of Flight

Author: Robert "Bob" Gartshore



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 172

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Bob Gartshore's 44-year flying career spanned a period of rapid aviation development - from fabric-covered Piper Cubs to Boeing 747s. He logged more than 21,000 hours flying to six continents for the RCAF and three airlines. Bob was an instructor on numerous aircraft, Link Trainers and simulators. As captain, he progressed from the Harvard T-6, to the Dakota DC-3; C-119 Flying Boxcar; Douglas DC-6; Boeing 727, 707 and 747; and Airbus A310 before a final stint as a relief pilot in war-torn Angola flying a Beechcraft King Air 100. Read about landing at a cloud-shrouded, Greenland airstrip with both primary aids inoperable; exercising penguins on the tarmac; his son as co-pilot on both 747 and A310; Mecca-bound pilgrims kindling fires in the aisle to cook their meal; grazing the tail on a hillside during a cloudy high-Arctic landing; flying beside a UFO; and balls of St. Elmo's Fire rolling inside the cockpit - all while raising a family of five kids with his dynamic wife, Joy. About the author: Robert "Bob" Gartshore was born in Calgary in 1931, earned his pilot's licence in 1949 and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force the following year when the Korean Conflict broke out. Six years later he switched to civilian aviation, first as a flying school instructor, then as a pilot for Canadian Pacific, Wardair and Canadian Airlines. Following his retirement, Bob and his wife Joy continued living in Victoria, BC, close to their five children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren (another on the way).