The Mind Monster Solution

Author: Hazel Gale

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Self-Help

Page: 400

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This paperback edition was formerly published in hardback under the title Fight. 'Life-changing. One of the best books I've ever read!' - Dr Michelle Braude, author of The Food Effect Diet 'Incredibly well-researched, practical and relatable. Clearly written by a true professional expert as well as an expert by experience. An excellent resource not only for those who want to address challenges and self-limiting patterns such as self-sabotage but also gain a comprehensive understanding of why they occur. Highly recommend.' - Shahroo Izadi, author of best-selling The Kindness Method Whenever elite fighter Hazel Gale entered the ring, she felt fear. Not just the rational fear of being knocked out. But something deeper as well. The fear that she didn't deserve success, and that she would let everyone - especially herself - down. While others saw a confident world champion athlete, Hazel was plagued by anxiety, self-doubt and depression. It was these things - the monsters of her mind - that she felt were her most dangerous opponents, and she waged a war. It was that hard-fought internal battle that ultimately led her to burn out. Now a sought-after London therapist, Hazel has created a revolutionary system for overcoming fear, underperformance and self-sabotage. In The Mind Monster Solution, she uses personal anecdotes, practical exercises and innovative therapeutic tools to help you create a balanced life, rich with meaning, confidence and positivity. Written with humility and humour, this book will help you emerge victorious from your own battles, whatever they may be.

Rules of the Mind

Author: John R. Anderson

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 336

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Related to the earlier well-known ACT production system theory, this book's basic goal is to present evidence for the psychological reality of a production system model of mind. Distinguished from the original theory in three ways, this volume uses the rational analyses of Anderson (1990) to improve upon that theory and extend its scope. It also relates the theory to a great deal of new data on the performance and acquisition of cognitive skills. The new theory -- ACT-R -- involves a neurally plausible implementation of a production system architecture. Rational analysis is used to structure and parameterize the system to yield optimal information processing. The theory is applicable to a wide variety of research disciplines, including memory, problem solving, and skill acquisition. Using intelligent tutors, much of the data is concerned with the acquisition of cognitive skills. The book provides analyses of data sets describing the extended course of the acquisition of mathematical and computer programming skills.

What Doesn't Kill You

Author: Elitsa Dermendzhiyska

Publisher: Unbound Publishing


Category: Psychology


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‘A stellar cast of writers and thinkers’ Nathan Filer An explorer spends a decade preparing for an expedition to the South Pole; what happens when you live for a goal, but once it’s been accomplished, you discover it’s not enough? A successful broadcast journalist ends up broke, drunk and sleeping rough; what makes alcohol so hard to resist despite its ruinous consequences? A teenage girl tries to disappear by starving herself; what is this force that compels so many women to reduce their size so drastically? In this essay collection, writers share the struggles that have shaped their lives – loss, depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, identity and others. But as they take you on a journey to the darkest recesses of their mind, the authors grapple with challenges that haunt us all.
Health & Fitness


Author: Paul Olima

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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'Paul Olima is undoubtedly my favourite discovery on social media. Paul’s incredible attitude, ethos and positivity is reflected in all lines of his work.' James Smith 'When it comes to hitting goals and kicking ass? Don’t look any further than Paul Olima. Positivity, energy consistency are just three of the words that describe this guy. I’d have no hesitation in recommending his book to anyone looking to change their body, their outlook and their life.' Paul Mort 'Paul Olima is guaranteed to help you smash all of your fitness goals and have loads of fun on the journey.' Jay Morton Are you looking to start your fitness journey, or is it time to take your workouts to the next level? Regardless of your goals, this is a straightforward guide to serious results – from how to start to how to stick with it, and keep progressing. Paul Olima, former professional football and rugby player, uses his expertise, humour and, sometimes, plain common sense to help you find your way in fitness. You will get past excuses and fear of failure and gain confidence by finding workouts and creating routines that you enjoy. Because being fit is a lifestyle. It’s about having a positive mindset, healthy habits and fuelling your body with the right nutrition. Paul busts common fitness myths and doesn’t offer any quick fixes, but a sustainable and holistic approach. Whether you are interested in bodybuilding, CrossFit, running, boxing, yoga or power lifting, Paul will guide you to the right way to train for you. Learn to: Set realistic goals. Create a workout plan. Use the right techniques and equipment. Find the right form of exercise for the results you want. This book holds all you need to know about how to show up and smash your goals, and how to be active, healthy and fit – for life. It’s about finding what is right for you, and doing fitness your way. Ready? Let’s get it!
Business & Economics

The Climate Solution

Author: Mridula Ramesh

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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From fatal heatwaves and cruel droughts to devastating floods and fast-depleting water tables, climate change is the greatest disruptor of our time – and it can no longer be ignored. For most of us the odds seem overwhelming and solutions seem out of reach. Yet, in this forcefully argued book, climate change practitioner, teacher and investor Mridula Ramesh emphasizes that while the situation is grim, it is not without hope. Drawing on her extensive practical and investing experience, she explores myriad facets of this raging issue: why women are peculiarly affected by a warming climate; how climate change poses a security threat to the Indian state; why just focussing on green sources of power is an incomplete solution for India; how managing waste can create hundreds of thousands of urban jobs and how households can cope in a ‘Day Zero’ water situation. In doing so, she shows how climate warriors, from the cotton fields of Punjab and thriving eco start-ups in Bengaluru, to a forest guardian in Assam and the johads of Rajasthan, have employed ingenuity and initiative to adapt to the changing conditions – and sometimes reverse their shattering effects. Timely, urgent and thought-provoking, this book is an urgent call to action – and an essential manifesto for every Indian citizen to follow.
Health & Fitness

The Thyroid Solution

Author: Ridha Arem



Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 399

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Written by a leading authority on the subject, the first comprehensive guide to thyroid disorder explains the illness and its physical and emotional effects and offers a practical program for restoring one's thyroid to health and maintaining it.
Health & Fitness

The Alpha Solution for Permanent Weight Loss

Author: Ronald J. Glassman

Publisher: Broadway


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 249

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Examines the subconscious programming that causes overeating, cravings, and unnecessary snacking, and explains how to recondition the subconscious mind to promote a healthy attitude toward food and eating.
Literary Criticism

The Mystery to a Solution

Author: John T. Irwin



Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 482

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When Poe invented the analytic detective genre in the 1840s with the three Dupin stories, his underlying project was to examine the very nature of self-consciousness. But the tradition of detective fiction these stories inspired would draw on only the most superficial aspects of his work. One hundred years after Poe, however, Borges would reinterpret the genre with three detective stories of his own and revive Poe's original, ambitious intention to analyze "the analytic power". In The Mystery to a Solution, John Irwin brilliantly examines the deeper significance of the genre Poe created and the meaning of Borges's efforts to "double" its origin. Using a methodology that combines history, literary history, and practical and speculative criticism, Irwin pursues the issues underlying the detective genre into areas as various as the history of mathematics, classical mythology, the double-mirror structure of self-consciousness, handedness, the anthropology of Evans and Frazer, the structure of chess, automata, the mind-body problem, the etymology of labyrinth, and scores of other topics. Irwin honors the aesthetic impact of the genre he discusses by mirroring in his study the dynamics of a detective story - the uncovering of mysteries, the accumulation of evidence, the tracing of clues, and the final solution that ties it all together.
Political Science

In the Mind of a Monster

Author: Bernie Ward

Publisher: Boca Raton, Fla. : Cool Hand Communications


Category: Political Science

Page: 432

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A human monster stalked the streets of Florida's Suncoast for six months, leaving in his wake a trail of mutilated corpses. This book examines the compelling and disturbing question: What made Bobby Joe tick?

Art, mind, and brain

Author: Howard Gardner



Category: Art

Page: 380

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"In a provocative discussion of the sources of human creativity, Gardner explores all aspects of the subject, from the young child's ability to learn a new song through Mozart's conceiving a complete s"

The Transportation Solution

Author: Richard Jablin

Publisher: Wheatmark Incorporated


Category: Transportation

Page: 231

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The oil crisis is upon us. Shell reports that its reserves have been overstated by 20 percent, while the Saudis say they are already producing as much as they can. In the meantime, automobile use in China and India is rising rapidly, and 95 percent of U.S. transportation runs on petroleum. Though improved fuel economy, hybrids, bio-fuels, and alternate fuels will help meet ever-rising demand, they will not be enough. "The Transportation Solution: Kicking Gasoline Dependency" proposes an innovative, alternative solution: a system of high-speed electric trains that links with a system of urban electric vehicles. These consumer-friendly vehicles ease traffic, reduce the need for parking, greatly diminish air pollution, and provide an effective means of shifting our reliance from petroleum to electricity. If you care at all about the health of our environment and our economy, you must read "The Transportation Solution,"

Maths in the Mind

Author: Ann Baker



Category: Mathematics

Page: 120

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Resource book for primary school mathematics teachers focusing on the development of mental skills and strategies. Suggested activities encourage children to use their knowledge to independently solve mathematical problems. Includes a bibliography and an index. The authors have extensive experience in the field of mathematics education. Companion volume to TMathematics in Process' and TCounting on a Small Planet'.