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The Naked Truth about Breast Implants

Author: Susan Kolb

Publisher: Lone Oak Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 330

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Kolb has treated thousands of women with complications from breast implant surgery. She routinely incorporates state of the art surgical technology with holistic medicine and spiritual healing.
Health & Fitness

Revealing the Skin I'm In

Author: Dr Sanjay Parashar

Publisher: Partridge Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 108

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Being in the field of medicine and plastic surgery, I have realised just having knowledge and skills are not enough to be a successful plastic surgeon; you need to be a general surgeon, a doctor, and most importantly, a compassionate human being to be successful. You also need to be a good administrator, leader, businessman, and politician. You need to be a good teacher to continue the legacy. This is what I am striving to accomplish. My wish is that I will be able to follow my profession with dignity, sincerity, ethically and legally, and to teach the youngsters to do the same. This book is about a great discipline that is called plastic surgery. It is an intensely personal subject that causes a great deal of debate, often very emotional. More than any other branch of medicine, it is also surrounded by a dense, almost impenetrable fog of rumor, myths, and misconceptions. This book will educate you to understand what goes behind the scene. Not only that, but everything you need to know about the plastic and cosmetic surgery from choosing the right surgeon to avoiding disasters and getting the treatment you really need is here in the book.
Family & Relationships

WDF: The Naked Truth

Author: Timna Augustine



Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 242

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This is a book about my bipolar - biracial 20-year marriage. It reveals the reality of a modern day love story that starts from the beginning which takes you on an unbelievable, unexpected ride through the ups and downs of a marriage. The message of the book is that things can happen in one's relationship but we must ask the question we stay or leave based on circumstances. Nevertheless, sometimes we say ""What Da Fck?"" through this roller coaster we call life.

The Naked Truth

Author: Erin McCarthy

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Four fabulous authors deliver the whole truth and nothing but the truth about men, women, and the delicious games they play when it comes to love. Is he into me? Is he just playing games? Falling in love is never easy, but there’s nothing like it to keep you on your toes. There are no rules to romance—and usually the only way to get a little is to take the plunge. Here are four new stories about four bold women who risk it all to win at the unpredictable game of love.
Juvenile Nonfiction

The Naked Truth

Author: Lakita Garth

Publisher: Revell


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 176

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In a world where it seems like "everybody's doing it" how do you help students say no to premarital sex? Lakita Garth tells you how! As an internationally known abstinence advocate and sought-after speaker, she talks to more than 500,000 students a year about abstinence and sexuality. Here, she frankly, humorously, and passionately shares her principles with teens for staying pure until marriage, while equipping them with the life skills necessary to be responsible and successful. Through her four-phase Decision-Making Model, young people will understand the principles of self-control, self-discipline, delayed gratification, and achieving their dreams. They'll be ready to establish healthy dating relationships and clearly defined boundaries for physical intimacy, while understanding and valuing marriage. The eight-session companion DVD, a leader's guide and student guides will make this resource perfect for small-group use.
Business & Economics

Corporate Disasters:

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning

Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 129

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Corporate Disasters: What Went Wrong and Why profiles the biggest corporate mistakes or misdeeds throughout history -- covering the people, the times, the decisions made. This volume covers Health, Safety and Environment in Peril. Each essay puts the business and its operators in the context of its own time, explaining the market, social, and technology forces at play, and each explores the key make-or-break decisions that led to disaster.
Biography & Autobiography

Silicone Injury

Author: Hermitra Elan*tra Vedenetra

Publisher: Author House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 186

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In this memoir of courageous survival and endurance, author Hermitra Elan*tra Vedentra recounts her harrowing journey through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Connective Tissue Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, as a consequence of chemical poisoning from her silicone breast implants. For her, breasts implants were supposed to be the solution to a problem. Instead a much bigger problem ensued, and she was sent careening down a precipice she never could have foreseen. Her body was destroyed by silicone and so was her life. Her task then became one of survival. Her story begins in a small town in Italy, unfolds in New Jersey, New York City and Dallas, Texas and ends in the high mountain desert of Arizona, where she had to escape to save her life.
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Your Toxic Enemy

Author: Judie Dietzler

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 182

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YOUR TOXIC ENEMY is your first step to healing Do you feel that you have exhausted every medical avenue and you aren’t any closer to finding the cause of your health problems: Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? By now maybe everyone you know is telling you that it’s all in your head and you’re starting believe them.....and it could be close to the truth. I know because I’ve been there but before you throw in the towel you need to do two things: 1. Listen to your body and 2. Read this book. Toxic chemical facts: ? ADHD, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis are diseases of toxic chemical exposure. ? There has been a 54% increase in cancer among women that work from home due to exposure to household chemicals. ? The most vulnerable to household toxic chemicals are children, pets, people with compromised immune systems and the elderly. I had a mysterious illness for over twenty years - when simply removing the toxins in my life stopped the symptoms and the healing began. In this book you will learn: How do you recognize if your symptoms are due to toxic chemical exposure? What are the most common household chemicals and how do you find them? How do you eliminate and heal your body from toxins? How do you find the right doctor? “The healing power of even the most microscopic exchange with someone who knows in a flash precisely what you’re talking about because she experienced that thing too cannot be overestimated.” —Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar
Biography & Autobiography

Believe Me

Author: Yolanda Hadid

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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From the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes an emotional and eye opening behind-the-scenes look at her descent into uncovering the mystery of chronic Lyme disease. In early 2011, Yolanda was struck by mysterious symptoms including brain fog, severe exhaustion, migraines and more. Over the months and years that followed, she went from being an outspoken, multi-tasking, hands-on mother of three, reality TV star, and social butterfly, to a woman who spent most of her time in bed. Yolanda was turned inside out by some of the country’s top hospitals and doctors, but due to the lack of definitive diagnostic testing, she landed in a dark maze of conflicting medical opinions, where many were quick to treat her symptoms but could never provide clear answers to their possible causes. In this moving, behind the scenes memoir, Yolanda Hadid opens up in a way she has never been able to in the media before. Suffering from late stage Lyme, a disease that is an undeniable epidemic and more debilitating than anyone realizes, Yolanda had to fight with everything she had to hold onto her life. While her struggle was lived publicly, it impacted her privately in every aspect of her existence, affecting her family, friends and professional prospects. Her perfect marriage became strained and led to divorce. It was the strong bond with her children, Gigi, Bella and Anwar, that provided her greatest motivation to fight through the darkest days of her life. Hers is an emotional narrative and all-important read for anyone unseated by an unexpected catastrophe. With candor, authenticity and an unwavering inner strength, Yolanda reveals intimate details of her journey crisscrossing the world to find answers for herself and two of her children who suffer from Lyme and shares her tireless research into eastern and western medicine. Believe Me is an inspiring lesson in the importance of having courage and hope, even in those moments when you think you can’t go on.
Health & Fitness

Diet Failure...the Naked Truth: The Brain Chemistry Key to Losing Weight - And Keeping It Off!

Author: Phoenix Gilman

Publisher: Learn the Truth


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 265

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In her new book diet failure?the Naked Truth Nutritional/Medical Researcher Phoenix Gilman reveals why obesity is so alarmingly prevalent, as well as depression, ADD, even type 2 diabetes and heart disease. More importantly, she discloses a safe, highly effective solution to help overcome these health conditions without the use of deadly drugs! In her progressive book, Phoenix exposes the crucial Serotonin-Insulin Connection to long-term weight loss. Clinical studies substantiate that serotonin, a major neurotransmitter, plays a critical role in our ability to lose weight?and keep it off. However, serotonin also plays a critical role (directly or indirectly) in alleviating depression, insomnia, ADD, type 2 diabetes, even high blood pressure, heart disease, and suicidal behavior. But the key to all of this is understanding how to safely maintain this neurotransmitter. Phoenix says, ?Never before have I come across such compelling information that could so dramatically help millions of people. This research is absolutely vital to overcoming obesity?and many other serious health conditions.?

Naked Truth About Women

Author: George East

Publisher: la Puce Publications


Category: Philosophy

Page: 63

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Why do women always ask their man for an opinion of how a dress looks - and then ignore what he says? Why do they painstakingly inspect and try on dozens of shoes/dresses/handbags - and then buy the first one they looked at? Why do women say that love is more important than money, then judge how much a man loves her by the price of the engagement ring he buys her?
Health & Fitness

You Can Beat Lung Cancer

Author: Carl O. Helvie

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 312

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Significantly increase your chances of long-term lung cancer survival by using holistic Alternative/Integrative interventions by physicians/ health practitioners.

Don't Get Too Comfortable

Author: David Rakoff

Publisher: Anchor


Category: Humor

Page: 224

View: 601

A bitingly funny grand tour of our culture of excess from an award-winning humorist. Whether David Rakoff is contrasting the elegance of one of the last flights of the supersonic Concorde with the good-times-and-chicken-wings populism of Hooters Air; working as a cabana boy at a South Beach hotel; or traveling to a private island off the coast of Belize to watch a soft-core video shoot—where he is provided with his very own personal manservant—rarely have greed, vanity, selfishness, and vapidity been so mercilessly skewered. Somewhere along the line, our healthy self-regard has exploded into obliterating narcissism; our manic getting and spending have now become celebrated as moral virtues. Simultaneously a Wildean satire and a plea for a little human decency, Don’t Get Too Comfortable shows that far from being bobos in paradise, we’re in a special circle of gilded-age hell. This edition includes an excerpt from David Rakoff's Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish.

Naked Truth

Author: Judith Lynne Hanna

Publisher: University of Texas Press


Category: Religion

Page: 348

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Across America, strip clubs have come under attack by a politically aggressive segment of the Christian Right. Using plausible-sounding but factually untrue arguments about the harmful effects of strip clubs on their communities, the Christian Right has stoked public outrage and incited local and state governments to impose onerous restrictions on the clubs with the intent of dismantling the exotic dance industry. But an even larger agenda is at work, according to Judith Lynne Hanna. In Naked Truth, she builds a convincing case that the attack on exotic dance is part of the activist Christian Right’s “grand design” to supplant constitutional democracy in America with a Bible-based theocracy. Hanna takes readers onstage, backstage, and into the community and courts to reveal the conflicts, charges, and realities that are playing out at the intersection of erotic fantasy, religion, politics, and law. She explains why exotic dance is a legitimate form of artistic communication and debunks the many myths and untruths that the Christian Right uses to fight strip clubs. Hanna also demonstrates that while the fight happens at the local level, it is part of a national campaign to regulate sexuality and punish those who do not adhere to Scripture-based moral values. Ultimately, she argues, the naked truth is that the separation of church and state is under siege and our civil liberties—free speech, women’s rights, and free enterprise—are at stake.
Health & Fitness

Locker Room Diaries

Author: Leslie Goldman

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 264

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I wish my thighs were smaller. "If only I could lose ten pounds." A wake-up call for any woman who has engaged in the "if only" wishing game, Locker Room Diaries uses the unique lens of the locker room to reveal what, exactly, goes into "shaping" not just a woman's body but her body image. The locker room can be a wondrous retreat, a place to toss aside the worries of the day, but it is also where our flaws become most apparent-and where most of us can't help but wonder how we "measure up." Often dressed in no more than a towel, Leslie Goldman spent five years talking with women of all shapes and sizes about their body image, from taut twenty-somethings to heavyset seniors. Why is it, she asks, that almost no one seems satisfied with her physique? From compulsive workouts to daily dates with the scale, from bikini waxes to body fat measurements, American women are swept up in a constant quest for the "perfect" body. Thankfully, more than one woman reveals how she halted her cycle of self-loathing and learned to like her body as is. Blending expert opinion with wonderfully intimate, often laugh-outloud, confidences, Locker Room Diaries will inspire anyone who knows the highs of exercise to leave the lows of self-esteem behind-and, most especially, once and for all, to step off that scale!
Social Science

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast

Author: Merril D. Smith

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Social Science

Page: 300

View: 758

Boobs. Tits. Hooters. Knockers. Jugs. Breasts. We celebrate them; we revile them. They nourish us; they kill us. And regardless of what we call them, breasts have fascinated us since prehistoric times. This A-to-Z encyclopedia explores the historical magnitude and cultural significance of the breast over time and around the world. A team of international scholars from various disciplines provides key insights and information about the breast in art, history, fashion, social movements, medicine, sexuality, and more. Entries discuss depictions of breasts on ancient figurines, in Renaissance paintings, and in present-day advertisements. They examine how fashion has emphasized or de-emphasized the breast at various times. They tackle medical issues—such as breast augmentation and breast cancer—and controversies over breastfeeding. The breast as sexual object and even a site of smuggling are also covered. As a whole, the Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast takes an engaging and accessible look at this notable body part.
Body, Mind & Spirit


Author: Donna Smith-Moncrieffe



Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 338

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Humankind has always been in search of new ways to harness inner powers to ensure that our full potential can be reached. In "Medium9," Smith-Moncrieffe unlocks the secrets of consciousness by taking readers on a fascinating adventure. Experience the power of spiritual energy as ordinary people are reunited with loved ones who materialize and return from the spirit world to communicate during physical mediumship seances. Learn about the extraordinary benefits each of us can achieve during out-of-body experiences and astral travel. Gain insight into the secrets of energy healing with authentic healers who manipulate energy to produce healing beyond the capabilities of traditional medicine. Examine how ordinary people learn about their past lives, subsequently change behaviors, and transform their lives through hypnosis. Gain insight into how extraterrestrial races facilitate instrumental transcommunication, energy healing and mediumship. When you enlighten yourself with this important knowledge, you can make stunning transformations in your life. Donna Smith-Moncrieffe continues gathering evidence for the afterlife, this time going where few have gone, into the world of dark seances. Using her finely honed critical skills she makes the reader aware that, far from having died out or being totally fraudulent, genuine physical mediumship still exists. She systematically describes the evidence she personally gathered in a series of paradigm shifting seances held in the United States. Ever the thorough researcher, she conducts fascinating follow-up interviews with witnesses and experts in the field. Her conclusions will stun you. Dr. Victor Zammit and Wendy Zammit, Co-authors of "A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife" and "The Friday Afterlife Report" Medium9 explores the fascinating phenomena of physical mediumship from interviews with participants as well as from the viewpoint of the author's experience. For those readers who wish to understand the nature of our third dimensional reality as well as what lies beyond and how our world can interact with higher dimensional realities, Medium9 is a unique study of consciousness. Dr. Susan Kolb, MD, FACS, author of the "The Naked Truth about Breast Implants: From Harm to Healing""

A Good Night Out for the Girls

Author: Elaine Aston

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


Category: Art

Page: 218

View: 447

Innovative and engaging, A Good Night Out for the Girls looks beyond the confines of the political theatre paradigm that has been the mainstay of feminist theatre interests and theorising. In a departure from the many feminist theorists and philosophers in the last two to three decades who have sought to define and describe the sort of ideal, utopian feminism 'we need', this book looks to the field of theatre and performance to investigate the sort of flawed, sometimes confused and contradictory, but nonetheless lived feminisms that a significant number of women have actually got. Moving across the boundaries of mainstream and experimental circuits, from the affective pleasures of commercially successful shows such as Calendar Girls and Mamma Mia! to the feminist possibilities of new burlesque and stand-up, the book offers a lucid and accessible account of popular feminisms in contemporary theatre and performance.
Biography & Autobiography

Hoover I Spy PI

Author: Investigator Hoover

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 168

View: 570

The memoir of a professional private investigator (Mel Hoover Jr.) who has skills in surveillance, intelligence, and "hard-to-get" info. Hoover does it all, no case too small nor too large!

The Italian Teacher

Author: Tom Rachman

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 926

***SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA NOVEL AWARD*** 'Wickedly funny, deeply touching . . . I confess this was the first of Rachman's novels I'd read but I was so swept away by it that I raced out to buy the other three' PATRICK GALE 'Relentlessly entertaining' Daily Mail Rome, 1955 The artists are gathering together for a photograph. In one of Rome's historic villas, a party glitters with socialites and patrons. Bear Bavinsky, creator of vast, masculine, meaty canvases, is their god. He is at the centre of the picture. His wife, Natalie, edges out of the shot. From the side of the room watches little Pinch - their son. At five years old he loves Bear almost as much as he fears him. After Bear abandons their family, Pinch will still worship him, while Natalie faces her own wars with the art world. Trying to live up to his father's name - one of the twentieth century's fiercest and most controversial painters - Pinch never quite succeeds. Yet by the end of a career of twists and compromises, he enacts an unexpected rebellion that will leave forever his mark upon the Bear Bavinsky legacy. What makes an artist? In The Italian Teacher, Tom Rachman displays a nuanced understanding of art and its demons. Moreover, in Pinch he achieves a portrait of vulnerability and frustrated talent that - with his signature humour and humanity - challenges the very idea of greatness.